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For the Woman Entrepreneur, For the Woman Executive, For the Woman Everyday, For Sharing Experiences, For Enhancing your Knowledge, For Celebrating your Excellence, BLC Bank presents the WE Initiative.

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Women Empowerment brochure.indd

  1. 1. W O M E N E M P O W E R M E N T I N I T I A T I V E
  2. 2. F O R T H E W O M A N E N T R E P R E N E U RF O R T H E W O M A N E X E C U T I V E F O R T H E W O M A N E V E R Y D A Y F O R S H A R I N G E X P E R I E N C E S F O R E N H A N C I N G Y O U R K N O W L E D G E F O R C E L E B R A T I N G Y O U R E X C E L L E N C E BLC Bank presents the We Initiative
  3. 3. Because we value you, we, at BLC Bank, have dedicated resources to learn and better understand your concerns, needs, challenges and aspirations, and to recognize your strengths and ambitions. We have designed the We Initiative to bring to you relevant and innovative products and services, and to enhance your financial and networking opportunities, as well as capacity building.As the first Bank in the region committed to women’s economic empowerment, BLC Bank has developed internaland external programs to become the bank of choice and the employer of choice for Lebanese women.We are the first Bank in the Middle East and North Africa region to be committed to the UN Women EmpowermentPrinciples, to be a member of the Global Banking Alliance for Women and to create a unit exclusively dedicated tosupporting and serving women. To further contribute to this endeavor, we present we-initiative.com, a unique and innovative platform allowing you to connect, interact and share experiences and contribute by writing articles and giving suggestions to other women. It is by bringing together the experiences and expertise of women like you and through this collective input that tangible improvements and opportunities will arise and result in developing your business, enhancing your career and achieving your personal and financial goals. The We Initiative puts you at the center stage as we strive to deliver what matters to you no matter who you are, what you do or who you bank with.
  4. 4. W O M A N E N T R E P R E N E U R As an entrepreneur you are facing daily challenges and planning for the future. Access www.we-initiative.com to benefit from articles related to money and finance, get inspired from success stories, take advantage of our business tools, consult our experts and mentors, exchange business cards with other prominent business women, post job openings in your company or even promote your business and get a chance to become a featured merchant. We offer you a comprehensive range of products and services to make your day-to-day banking hassle-free, insurance products to protect your business from unforseen risks as well as sound advice from our banking advisors, making sure we match the right product to your specific financial needs.
  5. 5. SOLUTIONS FOR YOURDAY-TO-DAY BANKING NEEDSPackaged AccountsSave time and money on your everyday businessbanking activities to have more time to focus on yourbusiness development. We present to you theSME packaged account, a special current accountwith a host of benefits at the exceptional price ofUSD 15 / month.Your Benefits: Free unlimited domiciliation of bills Reduced price on checkbooks Same value date for a variety of transactions No commission on deposits up to USD 3,000 Free debit, credit and internet cards Free SMS transaction notification Free Internet Banking and Mobile Banking services
  6. 6. SOLUTIONS TO MANAGE YOUR MONEYBLC Bank is committed to help you accessand manage your money efficiently. Banking on the move has never been easier; 24/7 banking through our internet and mobile banking solutions and soon Smart ATM network. Save time and cut down your overhead expenses through direct electronic fund transfers of your employees’ salaries through our Payroll Services. Offer your clients additional, safer and faster methods of payment by installing Point Of Sale (POS) machines allowing them to make payments using debit and credit cards.
  7. 7. S O L U T I O N S TO F I NA N C E A N D E X PA N D YO U R BU S I N E S S As a woman entrepreneur, you contribute to the economic growth in the country. Yet, you might lack the funding and support to help you succeed. We, at BLC Bank, value your contribution, understand your borrowing needs and are committed to support your growth plans. Whether your business is in agriculture, industry, handcraft, technology, trade, tourism, services or real estate, we provide you with a wide range of products and advisory services to help you make the right choices for your business.Your Benefits: Collateral-Free Loan Competitive fees and commissions If your business has already been established for at least 2 years, you can Grace period in line with your business needs benefit from flexible financing conditions to help you achieve your plans Flexible financing methods and long term repayment period to better without the hassle of securing a collateral. You can borrow to finance your manage your cash flow equipment, raw material, inventory, farming supplies and working capital while enjoying a long term repayment period up to 5 years. Assistance from our banking advisors to help you choose the program that best fits your needs Stay up to date by tracking your accounts through BLC Bank eSolutions.
  8. 8. W O M A N E X E C U T I V EYou are or about to become a working woman, you are an active member in the community, earning a living and embarking on a journey of professional fulfillment. Visit www.we-initiative.com to find a mentor, exchange tips about writing CVs, organizing your work, enhancing your career and balancing your professional and personal life. Are you looking for a change? View job offers, post your CV and review different articles. You also have access to a comprehensive range of products and services addressing your evolving banking needs.
  9. 9. SOLUTIONS FOR YOUR SOLUTIONS FORDAY-TO-DAY BANKING NEEDS YOUR FINANCING NEEDSWe provide you with a comprehensive range of Whenever you decide to make a major purchase,accounts for all your day-to-day banking needs, continue your education, buy a car, renovate or purchasedesigned to simplify your financial challenges. the house of your dreams, we have carefully designed special loans to accompany you during all the stagesSigma Account of your life at advantageous costs:A packaged account with an attractive interest ratecombined with several benefits such as free debit Education loanscard, free internet card, free bills domiciliation, free Personal Loanscheckbook and much more at a fixed low monthly fee Car Loansof only USD 4. Housing Loans Credit CardseSolutionsBLC Bank also gives you the convenience of securelyaccessing and managing your accounts anytime,anywhere through internet and mobile bankingaccess and soon Smart ATM network.
  10. 10. W O M A N E V E R Y D A Y As a woman, you have multiple responsibilities in your daily life, caring for your family, your friends and the people around you.Understanding a women’s lifecycle, BLC Bank provides you with solutions to open an account for your child, to protect your and your family’s future, as well as make your life simpler and more practical by accessing www.we-initiative.com.
  11. 11. SOLUTIONS TO A SECURE FUTURE BLC Bank presents a full array of insurance products designed to SOLUTION TO OPEN AN secure an income for you and your family in case of unforeseen ACCOUNT FOR YOUR CHILD events. We also provide you with long-term savings plans such as the child plan to help achieve the goals you have set for yourUnderstanding your maternal instinct of protecting your children child, and the retirement plan to provide you financial security toand ensuring a safe future for them, BLC Bank was a pioneer in maintain your standard of living upon retirement.establishing the Mother Fiduciary Account giving you the powerto open and operate independently accounts for your minorchildren, without having to refer to the children’s legal guardian.You may also choose to open a joint fiduciary account for your child.Your Benefits: Convenience of opening the account with as low as USD 500 Competitive interest rates No file fees and no bank commission
  12. 12. W O M A N E X P E R I E N C E SBeing engaged in the community helps develop communication,decision-making and problem-solving skills crucial for personal andprofessional development. Visit the forum on www.we-initiative.com toconnect, interact and share experiences and expertise with other women likeyou. Building a network is essential, it gives you an opportunity to talk aboutyour ideas and aspirations and get insights on how to develop them. It alsogives you the opportunity to build experiences and benchmark against bestpractices. Become an active member, engage in the forum discussions, writearticles, participate in the polls and boost your networking opportunities.
  13. 13. W O M A N E V O L U T I O NHow can you evolve, enhance your personal skills and know-how, and meetpeople in business? Trainings, conferences, networking events and exhibitionsconstitute an important tool that widens your horizons. Access the events sectionon we-initiative.com to discover all upcoming events, be it local or international,whether organized by BLC Bank or other leading institutions.
  14. 14. W O M A N E X C E L L E N C EWe Initiative believes in highlighting and rewarding outstanding achievements done by womenentrepreneurs. As such, we have launched the “BLC Bank WIN Award for Women Entrepreneurs”to honor and acknowledge your achievements. Visit this section on www.we-initiative.com to getmore details on the award, the jury members and how you can get enrolled.
  15. 15. Whatever your profile, we are trying our best to understand you and design products and services that suit your needs. For financial advice or detailed information about our products,contact the We Initiative Ambassador or Champion in your region on www.we-initiative.com or visit the Women universe on www.blcbank.com. Join and contribute to www.we-initiative.com Contact us: we@blcbank.com we@we-initiative.com
  16. 16. Join we-initiative.com