Greytower identity Overview


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Grey Tower Identity Overview

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Greytower identity Overview

  1. 1. OEM MuleSoft Tools Greytower Identity “On Premises” built on proven SOA foundation Business Driven Identity Management Addresses key Nexus of Forces IT problems with a Flexible Hybrid Identity Ecosystem Directory Services, Inc. Founded 2001 Specializing in Identity Management Consulting 2013 Greytower Advanced SSO “Shape Key” technology One SSO client for both consumer / enterprise interoperability. Built Open Source JMS Connector For Net IQ Identity Manager A Company Brief History Greytower Cloud Identity Deliver Hybrid IAM with Integration capabilities Became Greytower Technologies in 2013 for Brand continuity.
  2. 2. The Identity Crisis The Problem With Identity … is the solution itself Cost Proprietary Skillsets Required Hard to Integrate Too Static Not ready for future needs in addressing identity driven business process management in the Cloud Point to Point Connectors on Proprietary Foundation Promotes Customization and Expensive Consultants Installation and Maintenance Requires skills using specialized tools. Drives up consulting costs. Installation and operations costs for IAM are up to 3x the cost of the software licensing alone, mostly due to labor related activities.
  3. 3. -- Gartner Gartner’s Nexus of Forces The traditional identity management suites were not built for the converging technology world we have today. Gartner calls this convergence “The Nexus of Forces”.
  4. 4. The Result of using old IDM Methods? Long implementation times and constant reliance on expensive consultants. Inflexible identity platform requiring forklift upgrades to implement new technologies Total project implementation costs of up 3x the cost of software licensing alone.
  5. 5. Proprietary Identity Vault Email System CRM ERP System HR System Traditional Hub and Spoke Model
  6. 6. Proprietary Identity Vault Email System CRM ERP System HR System Problems with the Hub and Spoke Model Changes to any one connector may break any other connector
  7. 7. -- Bill Brant, Chief Identity Architect, Directory Services, Inc. Future of Identity Automation Identity management’s role in delivering cloud services will become more prominent than simple security and business process support role, it will become more of a primary business process automation technology.
  8. 8. Identity Vision The Solution For Identity … Event Driven IAM Make Identity Services Dynamic Hybrid Identity Services Standards Based Identity Services Support Business Process Emphasis on supporting business processes that support business goals Identity Services must be able to communicate with other services regardless of vendor. Identity Services should be consumed easily by any system both on premises or in the cloud. Empower granular management of policies allowing for less political standoffs
  9. 9. Identity Management’s Role… …it will become more of a primary business process automation technology! Not Just Edge Security
  10. 10. What Does That Mean?
  11. 11. The Greytower Identity Ecosystem Mobile Access Governance Supports SCIM Standard Biz Driven ID AutomationCloud or On Premises
  12. 12. The Flow of Identity Information Identity Based Web Services – SCIM APIs Cloud / On Prem / Hybrid – Identity Driven Automation Orpheus Mobile Cloud or On Premises
  13. 13. Architectural View
  14. 14. Architecture View Central Identity Services Email System CRM ERP System HR System On Prem. ID Services
  15. 15. Unlimited Flexibility In Design • The SOA based Identity Integration used in Greytower means flexibility and scalability • Tiered Identity systems are possible allowing for Top tier control by central IT, and departmental control by business group.
  16. 16. -- 2013: A Strategic Look at Cloud Identity Driven Business Process Automation – ebook by Directory services Flexibility Factor “If the identity suite installed is built on proprietary identity architecture, it may be subject to forklift upgrades, where as an identity architecture built on standards such as SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) is less subject to the same level of disruption.”
  17. 17. -- 2013: A Strategic Look at Cloud Identity Driven Business Process Automation – ebook by Directory services Scalability Factor “Having a solution that can properly address scalability to the cloud and between separate cloud providers will be crucial.”
  18. 18. Idea: Identity Orchestration Dept. IT Central IT Dept. IT Dept. IT Centralized Identity Policies for Entire Organization Biz Unit Policies Biz Unit Policies Biz Unit Policies Federation between Bus Units
  19. 19. Empowers Enterprise Integration
  20. 20. Idea: Identity Orchestration with Integration System like MuleSoft Dept. IT Central IT Centralized Identity Policies for Entire Organization Biz Unit Integrations Biz Unit Integrations Biz Unit Integrations Identity Federation between Bus Units “Enterprise Identity Services built by Identity Specialists, centralized, but seamless to the SOA Integration Fabric, promotes Business Driven Identity Automation.” Dept. IT Dept. IT
  21. 21. Greytower UI / UX Promotes End User Adoption
  22. 22. Greytower Exclusive Benefits Seamless Integration with MuleSoft's Enterprise Integration for advanced Business Driven Identity Management Services Backed Developer API’s, based on the SCIM standard allows for a platform to built enterprise identity services into any website and across clouds. “Orpheus Mobile for Greytower” brings Geometric PIN SSO and Enterprise Access Governance, and “Geolocation Autologin” to mobile devices for great “end user experience” Seamless Integration with Athena Secure Document Vault, allowing for pre employment identity provisioning and contractor identity management / contracts execution.
  23. 23. Automatically Manage Changing passwords Client SSO Definitions Retrieved Through Smart Devices Geometric PIN “Shape Key” technology One SSO client for both consumer / enterprise interoperability Orpheus Mobile for Greytower • SAML SSO • Access Governance • Integrate with RDP sessions • Unlock Windows Workstations SSO Scripts Including Auto IT Can use Named Username Password Pairs Enables independent Consumer & Enterprise clients supporting BYOD. Enables Smart devices to use Geo Location Based Auto login (GPS Proximity)
  24. 24. -- 2013: A Strategic Look at Cloud Identity Driven Business Process Automation – ebook by Directory services Greytower Business Extensions Greytower Identity has extensions to purpose built business automation systems such as Greytower’s Athena Secure Document Vault enabling identity driven document management services such as - Pre employment document management - Contract execution and document signing - Contractor secure document share.
  25. 25. Athena Secure Document Library Integration Athena Secure Document Library With electronic Signature Capture
  26. 26. Architecture View On Prem. ID Services Central Identity Services Example HR System External Candidate / Contractor Identity Managed Secure Document or Contract
  27. 27. Greytower Identity’s Vision to provide the industry with: • Enterprise proven, highly scalable, flexible platform • “Mobile first” and fully function Access Governance and SSO Identity Client • Business Driven Identity Automation enabled Allows companies to: • Increase productivity and Revenue • Decrease cost to roll out and maintain • Minimize risk of obsolescence