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Crimson Hexagon Leadership Press Examples
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Crimson Hexagon Leadership Press Examples


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The Crimson Hexagon social media analysis platform has been lauded and leveraged by the world's most respected media outlets.

The Crimson Hexagon social media analysis platform has been lauded and leveraged by the world's most respected media outlets.

Published in: Business, News & Politics
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  • 1. Crimson Hexagon Thought Leadership
    class-leading social media analysis
    Know More. Know Why. Know How.
  • 2. Covered by the Most Respected Media Outlets
  • 3. Crimson Hexagon on Bloomberg
    Click on imageabove for streaming video
  • 4. Number 7 Most Innovative Web Company
    Fast Company’s 10 Most Innovative Web Companies
    By Austin Carr - March 14, 2011
    01 / Twitter
    02 / Google
    03 / Zynga
    04 / Netflix
    05 / Foursquare
    06 / Tumblr
    07 / Crimson Hexagon
    Crimson Hexagon began at Harvard's Institute for Quantitative Social Science but has flourished into the prime analytics tool for HP, Microsoft, and CNN, which use the tech to gauge public perception
    08 / Stocktwits
    09 / Microsoft
    10 / ConacoProductions
    Click on imageto linkto live web site
  • 5. 5
    Dynamic Media Coverage of Breaking News Powered by Crimson Hexagon
    Click on images aboveto link to live web sites
  • 6. 6
    Delivering the Online Pulse to Media
    Click on images to link to live web sites
  • 7. CNN: On-Air Use of Social Media Analysis to Take the Political Pulse of America
  • 8. Case Study: CNN – Social Media Analysis of Voter Issues During Mid-term Elections
    Overview: CNN has an ongoing need to create dynamic, engaging content to capture, retain and interact with viewers – both on-air and online. This need intensifies during periods of election and political coverage.
    Using Crimson Hexagon, CNN analyzes the nature of online conversations about breaking political news and policy issues:
    • What issues mattered most to mid-term election voters?
    • 9. How much is the online conversation influencing election outcomes?
    • 10. What’s the state-by-state trend in support for one party or another?
    • 11. What’s the local and global reaction to new legislation?
    • 12. CNN used Crimson Hexagon to take the country’s political pulse, on-air, with real-time analysis of hundreds of thousands of online conversations
    • 13. CNN leveraged Crimson Hexagon political analysis to hold the attention of more “two-screen” viewers (TV/Web) during mid-term elections
    "Twitter is all noise, but to be able to harness it and group it and actually intelligently cluster it and derive moods and opinions from it is very interesting."
    “The most attractive part about the system has been its ability to monitor the conversations that are taking place independently, rather than having to frame the issues by asking direct questions. We’re waiting to see what they’re going to say.”
    David Bohrman, Washington bureau chief, CNN
  • 14. Live TV: Social Media Analysis for Real-time Understanding of Voter Trends/Issues
    Click on any of the images for streaming video.
    Click on image above for steaming video
  • 15. Crimson Hexagon Thought Leadership
    Know More. Know Why. Know How.