90 Minds Vendor Member Opportunities


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Membership options for vendors who primarily provide products or services to the Sage channel.

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90 Minds Vendor Member Opportunities

  1. 1. 90 Minds Vendor Member Packages Overview The 90 Minds would like to offer you an opportunity to join us as a 90 Minds Vendor Member. This is a new classification of Member that we have established to allow for tighter integration between our traditional reseller members and the makers of third-party add-ons and services. Our goal is to create a successful collaboration for the benefit of the reseller members, the third-party vendors, and, most importantly, the end user customers. If you have any questions about this offering, please contact Peter Wolf at pwolf@azamba.com or 312.513.9333. What is 90 Minds? 90 Minds is a dynamic group of individual resellers banded together to collaborate and support each other in servicing their customers. We currently are approaching 150 individual members representing 80 reseller practices and are actively expanding our ranks. The group is primarily focused on Sage 100 ERP (MAS 90 / 200) with a small, but growing interest, in other Sage product lines. Our primary method of collaboration is through daily interactions via electronic forums, our annual face-to-face Meeting of the Minds conference, technical and business workshops, organized get-togethers at Sage Summit, and regular webinars. At the 2014 Meeting of the Minds, we had roughly 70 attendees and two separate session tracks focused on business and technical topics. What is a 90 Minds Vendor Member? We are currently accepting a new classification of member for third-party providers of products and services related to Sage 100 ERP.
  2. 2. Why should you become a 90 Minds Vendor Member? Among the many reasons to join 90 Minds, you will find:  Amazing networking opportunities with face-to-face and virtual get-togethers. These will give you the opportunity to let people get to know, like, and trust you and will help you establish deeper, long-term relationships.  Traditional marketing opportunities to get in front of a growing number of Sage partners … and their customers. You will be able to participate in webinars, newsletters, blog articles, 90 Minds website ads and link backs, and more. Package Options Platinum Gold Silver A la carte GROUP MEETINGS Group meeting attendance Yes (4 incl) Yes (2 incl) Yes (1 incl) Group meeting dinners and networking events Yes Yes Yes Meeting of the Minds session Yes Yes Fee 2000 per Meeting of the Minds tabletop Yes Yes Yes Sage Summit Meet and Greet Yes Yes Yes Sage Summit Expo Crawl Yes Yes Fee 500 TRADITIONAL MARKETING Member webinars 2 1 Fee 1000 per Member and customer webinars 1 Fee Fee 2000 per Weekly newsletter advertisement Twice per month Monthly Fee 200 per week WEBSITE Sponsor page Individual page Shared page Link Calendar listing Included Included Fee 200 per Blog post Quarterly Twice per year Fee 800 per Image advertisement Full year 6 months Fee 600 per month Top banner rotation Included Fee Fee 800 per month FEES (NOV 1 – OCT 31) Before May 1st 12,000 7,500 4,500 After May 1st 6,000 3,750 2,250
  3. 3. Notes about the offerings 1. A la carte offerings. These are only available for Platinum, Gold, or Silver Vendor Members. In other words, you cannot buy something a la carte without being a Vendor Member. 2. Group meeting attendance. You can send additional people from your company for the cost of a standard ticket price. Standard ticket price is typically between $250 - $600 but is subject to change per event. 3. Meeting of the Minds session. Standard session formats in the past have been one hour, face-to-face. 4. Sage Summit Meet and Greet. This is a get together for 90 Minds members and interested parties typically held within a suite at the hotel. This may change as the group grows and we need more space. 5. Sage Summit Expo Crawl. This is something that we are trying for the first time at Sage Summit 2014. The intention is for the 90 Minds members to have a scheduled crawl through the tradeshow floor on opening night to stop by each Platinum and Gold Vendor Member booth. The goal is to drive excitement around the Vendor Member booth and offerings by creating a crowd. 6. Member webinars. Webinars are limited to 26 per year and will be first come, first serve with any conflicts being decide solely by the discretion of the 90 Minds Admin Board. 7. Member and customer webinars. Customer webinars are currently being discussed as a possible offering. There are none currently scheduled and they may not occur unless members are in agreement to the offerings. It should be assumed that there will be no customer webinars. 8. Calendar listing. The 90 Minds website offers a calendar of upcoming events and you will be eligible to share information about your upcoming webinars, tradeshows, or other significant events as you see fit. 9. Fees. Fees are annual dues from November 1st to October 31st . 10. Some benefits and offerings are time sensitive and depend on the date of sign-up. For example, Meeting of the Minds is typically in February so sign-ups after that date will not include those benefits. Other benefits will be pro-rated based on the discretion of the 90 Minds Admin Board. 11. All Vendor Member blogs, ads, webinar topics, calendar listings, images, and other submissions are subject to acceptance review by the 90 Minds Admin Board. The 90 Minds Admin Board reserves final say as to what is published and can reject items at their discretion. 12. 90 Minds has no control over the Sage conference regarding fees or scheduling. Sage may modify this at any time and any Vendor Member benefits may no longer exist. 13. Vendor Members will not be provided access to the Socialcast forums at this time. 14. A la carte packages are subject to availability and Platinum and Gold Vendor Members will be given first allocation before a la carte offerings are open. 15. Vendor Member packages will evolve over time and benefits are subject to the 90 Minds Admin Board annual review.
  4. 4. How do you join? If you are interested in joining 90 Minds as a Vendor Member, please fill out the form (found below) and fax it to 1.866.923.9444 or email to pwolf@azamba.com. The 90 Minds Admin Board will review your application for eligibility and you should expect to hear a response in five business days. Concerned about your investment? We offer a money back guarantee on your membership. If you feel that you are not getting the value of what you are paying for, please contact Peter Wolf at pwolf@azamba.com or 1.866.923.9444 to rectify the situation or to request a refund for the amount that you feel is warranted. Yes, I am interested in becoming a 90 Minds Vendor Member. Please accept my request to join! Circle One: Platinum Gold Silver Company Signature Title Name Date NOTE At this time, Platinum and Gold memberships are limited to 5 positions each and Silver are limited to 10 positions. Spots will be filled on first come, first serve basis.