Adv.Solutions breakfast with Wayne Hodgins


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slides from Advanced Solutions breakfast meeting at Autodesk University in Las Vegas NV Dec.5, 2008 by Wayne Hodgins

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  • Wayne is regarded one of the most thought provoking visionaries and globally sought after keynote speakers and strategic consultants in areas such as future directions in information and data models, metadata, standards, learning and human performance Improvement. Known by many as "Mr. Metadata" and commonly referenced as the "father“ of Learning Objects, having conceived the conceptual model and term over 10 years ago, Mr. Hodgins serves on advisory boards for many industry and government groups, Commissions and associations worldwide. He was heavily recruited from Vancouver, B.C. Canada, to join Autodesk in 1988 after almost 15 years in secondary, post secondary and industry education where he held positions of teacher, lecturer, department head, trainer Counselor and principal in Canada and Europe. As a “Strategic Futurist” Mr. Hodgins sits on advisory boards for many industry and government groups, commissions and associations in Canada, USA, Latin America, Asia and Europe and is in great demand to lead major industry wide task forces. He is widely recognized as the global spokesman for the learning technology standards community and its many organizations including ISO, IEEE, IMS, ARIADNE, GEM, etc. He is currently the elected Chair of the IEEE P 1484 Standards Working Group for Learning Object Metadata, a key advisor and contributor to the Advanced Distributed Learning initiative from the US Dept. of Defense and asked to be the Special Advisor and Strategic Futurist for the Commission on Technology and Adult Learning. Recent interviews and articles from Wayne have appeared in: Forbes, PBS, CNN, C-NET, Training & Development, University Business, e-CFO (Chief Financial Officer), OnLine Learning, and InfoWeek.
  • Adv.Solutions breakfast with Wayne Hodgins

    1. 1. The Snowflake Effect: Readiness for the Age of Uniqueness Wayne Hodgins Snowflake, Autodesk Fellow Autodesk Strategic Futurist
    2. 2.
    3. 3. It’s ALL Yours! <ul><li>For Questions & Comments please contact: </li></ul><ul><li>[email_address] </li></ul><ul><li>For slides, blogs, podcasts and more: </li></ul><ul><li> </li></ul><ul><li>Slides @ </li></ul><ul><li>SnowFlake Effect@ </li></ul>
    4. 5. the Good Ship Learnativity Nov. 08, 2007 Wayne Hodgins
    5. 6. 13.15.795N  88.29.198W El Salvador
    6. 8. A new perspective is worth 80 IQ points - Alan Kay Prepare to get much smarter!
    7. 9. Disclaimer
    8. 10. WARNING: Time Warp Ahead!!
    9. 11. X
    10. 14. The Snowflake Effect
    11. 17. If this is so obvious If this always has and always will be Then why do we live in a world designed for the opposite?
    12. 18. Just the right CONTENT , to Just the right PERSON , at Just the right TIME , on Just the right DEVICE , in Just the right CONTEXT , in Just the right WAY ………
    13. 19. Mass Production Mass Personalization
    14. 23. Pandora and the Music Genome Project
    15. 26. Personalization via 3D Printing
    16. 27. Living in a World of Exponential Change Prepare to be humbled! See this podcast and posting on Off Course – On Target for more details, examples, exercises and explanation
    17. 28. Exponential Growth: Computing source:
    18. 29. Exponential Growth: Human Life Expectancy source:
    19. 30. Exponential Growth of Human Lifespan: * Centenarians = people over 100 years old * Current estimates for USA = 55,000 Japan = 30,000 as of 2005
    20. 31. Shift to the Right Logic Details Facts Order Analysis Logic Details Facts Order Analysis Automation + Design Story Symphony Empathy Play Meaning Abundance See Dan Pink’s book Whole New Mind for great coverage of this topic
    21. 32. Time for some quick questions and a short story
    22. 33. Flapping vs. Flying
    23. 36. Thank You! For Questions & Comments please contact me @ [email_address] For slides, blogs, podcasts and more see Off Course – On Target @ Slides @ SnowFlake Effect@