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Galigeo Company Presentation

  1. 1. Geo-Business Intelligence Architect<br />WHY PARTNERING WITH GALIGEO<br />January 2011<br />
  2. 2. GALIGEO Company Overview<br />Avantias Group<br />Private Company - 2001<br />Spin Off from France Telecom<br />Awards and recognition from the market<br />SAG Award in 2009<br />ESRI Corporate Foundation Partner of the year 2007<br />Awarded for outstanding growth achievement by Paris Region<br />Offices :<br />Headquarter in Paris <br />Offices in New York, London and Brussels<br />
  3. 3. GALIGEO Company Overview<br />More than 50,000 users in Europe and USA<br />Know-how recognized by our partners<br />Blue Chip Customer Base<br />
  4. 4. Geo BI Enables Enterprises To Make Better Decisions<br />Location Analysis<br /><ul><li>Model market potential and customer buying patterns
  5. 5. Analyze crime patterns based on location, type of crime and time of day
  6. 6. Discover the gaps in wireless coverage
  7. 7. Evaluate market potential and site potential
  8. 8. Determine risk exposure</li></ul>Trend : “MAPMANIA”<br />Why maps are the new interface<br />LocationAction<br /><ul><li>Plan market-driven network build-out
  9. 9. Open profitable new stores
  10. 10. Deploy police resources more effectively
  11. 11. Measure branch performance against benchmark
  12. 12. Optimize insurance portfolio management</li></li></ul><li>How to create value from technology silos<br />Business Intelligence <br />Spatial Data GIS<br />1. Query<br />2. Create reporting<br />3. Distribute<br />4. Analyze data<br />1. Localize and identify<br />2. Highlight<br />3. Explore spatially<br />
  13. 13. Discover the Iceberg<br />Do you really<br />Need this map?<br /><ul><li>Where are my customers? Distributors? Prospects?
  14. 14. Where are the gaps in my wireless coverage?
  15. 15. Is my network adapted to my customers’ needs?
  16. 16. Are my resources optimized for needs?
  17. 17. Where is the potential?
  18. 18. Where should a marketing campaign be targeted?
  19. 19. What are the risks associated with a concentration of insurance policies in a given area?</li></li></ul><li>Challenges of GIS<br />Time<br />Q1<br />Q3<br />Q2<br />Q4<br />Products<br />P1<br />P2<br />U.S.A<br />P3<br />Sum<br />Canada<br />Mexico<br />Country<br />Sum by Product<br />All<br />Perfect Fit<br />
  20. 20. Business <br />Intelligence<br />GIS<br />GALIGEO Platform<br />Multi- directional connector between BI and GIS tools<br />Strongly independent from BI and GIS engines<br />VERTICALS<br />APPLICATIONS<br />DASHBOARD<br />MODULE<br />GEODASHBOARD<br />REPORTING<br />MODULE<br />WEBIGEO<br />GALIGEOCORE LAYER <br />GALIGEO <br />PLATFORM<br />SQL <br />Direct<br />Metadata Mapping,<br /> Shared Administration,<br />Seamlessness Interface,<br />Security, <br />Geographic views<br />
  21. 21. Localize and Analyze<br /><ul><li>Explore and analyze data through Interactive Map Viewer
  22. 22. Spatial Drill down and Drill up
  23. 23. Make Spatial Query
  24. 24. Build reporting integrating multiple queries (multi DB)
  25. 25. Localize and identify your data in real time
  26. 26. Display data as aggregation, graphs, alerts
  27. 27. Build maps with rich thematic analysis: bar and pie charts, ranges, symbols…</li></ul>Business Intelligence <br /><ul><li>Multi sources Reporting
  28. 28. Aggregation,
  29. 29. Calculations…
  30. 30. Dynamic Filters</li></ul> GALIGEO « Mapping »<br /><ul><li>Spatial Distribution
  31. 31. Rich thematic Analysis
  32. 32. Spatial Query
  33. 33. Display Geo Data</li></li></ul><li>Filter, Navigate and Administrate<br />Spatial filters – select map layer features to filter the data in the current or other BI reports. Save these as geospatial reports to re-filter reports as new data is acquired.<br />Interactive map – a large scale map displayed in its own tab in the BI report allowing creation and selection of thematic, map layer selection, creation and application of spatial filters and full interactive control of the map including, <br />zoom in/out, <br />pan, <br />map tips,<br />layer information, <br />map layer object selection by position, circle, polygon, rectangle and line…<br />Administration module – manage the association of BI data with individual map layer features and who can create thematics.<br />Security – GALIGEO relies on BI security ensuring BI data access controls are honored.<br />
  34. 34. Real Time Geo BI: Real-time or Near Real-time<br />Why Real Time Geo BI?<br /><ul><li>Business users need to access production applications that run the business
  35. 35. Users need to access two different systems:
  36. 36. DW for historical picture of what happened in the past
  37. 37. Real Time Geo BI for what is happening today</li></ul>Source: Gartner Survey of 540 organizations<br />
  38. 38. Bi-directional Link between extended BI and GIS<br />NEED:Replace information within its spatial context to improve analysis, enhance decisions reliability, optimize operations and improve customer services<br />Indicators<br />Structured<br /> Time + <br />Location<br />Customers, Channels, Products…<br />Unstructured<br />SOLUTION:Give a new Dimension to your BI, turning corporate data into geo-related multi-dimensional information for online geo-analysis<br />
  39. 39. Geo-relationships Modeling<br />GALIGEO Administration<br /><ul><li>Defines geo-relationships between dimensions coming from BI and geographic data in a global repository
  40. 40. Proposes automatically to users map models, compatible with BI data to map
  41. 41. Meta data: Define and Manage of a geo-relation model
  42. 42. Architecture: Rely on Service Oriented Architecture
  43. 43. Administration: Share components with BI and GIS platforms
  44. 44. Business: Complement BI features with GIS services
  45. 45. Ease of use : Unify GIS and BI into a single portal</li>