Student Information Center: WaveNet Central Training Guide


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  • Welcome to our first Training Session for WNC - Specialist. We appreciate all the hard work and commitment you all do to assist students in there registration needs here at HGTC.
  • How to access Live Chat http// live Chat is designed to help us monitor incoming questions that students and the community may need answered in a professional manner.
  • Each day you want to come in at least 10 – 15 minutes before your time to clock in, making sure that all computers are on and working. (any computersSign-In sheets are printed and pens are available for students.Students are limited to what documents can be printed in WNC. During Presentation or Orientations WNC is limited to several computer for usage. Once I get the new system set up we will know first hand if we need to re locate WNC due to scheduled events.At the end of the day, make sure all lights are turned off and sign-in sheets are collected, chairs are neatly pushed in desk station.
  • Student Information Center: WaveNet Central Training Guide

    1. 1. Enhancing Student Information Resources, Technology Training, and Road to Success
    2. 2. What we will cover?  The Student Information Center: WaveNet Central  Website –  WaveNet – Student Services Tab  Technology Resources Channel  WaveNet Live Chat – (WEBINAR TRAINING REQUIRED)  TRAC System – Training (WEBINAR TRAINING REQUIRED)  Always check the WaveNet Calendar AND the EVENTS calendar on the website to find out the EVENTS for the day!  Weekly Report  PolyCom  Rules and Regulations  Admissions  Orientation  Financial Aid  Testing Center Registration  Holds  Deferments  Direct Deposit  Bookstore  Directions
    3. 3. LiveChat  Get more acquainted with LiveChat and the system in which it operates, called LibAnswers. A brief training will be provided today.  A copy of the LibAnswers and LibChat/Live Chat instructions is also stored on the “WaveNet Central Staff Resources” folder on Dropbox – which we have shared with you via email (if you have not joined already, check your WaveNet email for an email invitation).  Please use that documentation for LibAnswers and LibChat/LiveChat to follow along and watch the webinar training here designed for SSTC staff and The Student Information Center: WaveNet Central staff:   Let Brianna Melton know when you have finished watching the webinar and let us know if you have any questions at all about this system.  Then, login to with the provided username and password sent via email. Answer questions professionally and wait for the student to close out of the conversation. Re-watch training webinar when needed.
    4. 4. Trac system  A Training will be provided to you today.  In addition to the training today, please watch the following training webinar during your next shift (you can pause during the video when needed, this webinar is approximately 26 minutes long):   As indicated in an earlier email, we will need for you to log in and out of the Kiosk just as our student users do, so that Eileen and/or I will be able to match your log in/out time with your time sheet.  Please still continue to fill out your time sheet on a computer with the file that has provided to you, then print and sign on your last day of work before giving to Brianna or sending through interoffice mail.  Please let Brianna or me know when you have finished viewing the webinar and if you have any questions about the webinar or the Trac system itself.
    5. 5. Events for the Day  Always check the WaveNet Calendar and the EVENTS calendar on the college website or in WaveNet, to find out the EVENTS for the day!; pass: wavenet#79  Do not share this email and login information with anyone who does not work in the Center  Do not answer or delete emails; do not delete events or add events without asking Eileen White or Jenifer Riddei  The EVENTS calendar located on the college homepage and in WaveNet, is maintained by Eileen, Jason, and Jenifer. Please let us know if you find an event to add or anything to fix.
    6. 6. Rules and Regulations  Opening  Sign-In Sheets (use for events/sessions, when more than 10 students are attending)  Printing policies  Accessing WaveNet during presentations  Provide pamphlets and directions on “How To’s” for students when necessary  Assist and train students in a way that allows the student to take control of their own course registration needs  Train them in registering for their first class  Leave the remaining classes to them to register  Closing
    7. 7. Familiarize Yourself With WaveNet
    8. 8. WaveNet Setup  Username/Password  Reset – OIT  New Password  Challenge Questions  Home Page  Gmail Sync – OIT  Change Email/ Address
    9. 9. Admissions  Add/Drop Classes  Advisors  New Student vs. Returning  MAP  Degree works  Grades  Advisor is listed here  Registration  Potential Errors  Pushes/Overrides  Brianna Melton  Jenifer Riddei  Shawn Wright  Registrar  Class Schedule  Normal  Week at a Glance
    10. 10. Orientation  Online vs. In-Person  Discuss the requirements for students entering DVS courses to attend online orientation before registering and paying for their classes  Student Services Tab  SSTC  Technology  Other Student Resources and a Financial Aid Center  Sessions  Intro  Advising
    11. 11. Financial Aid  Status  Requirements  Forms  Awards  Pell  Lotto  Loans  Entrance Counseling  MPN
    12. 12. FAFSA  PIN  Password  Data Retrieval Tool  Info Needed  Very Picky  IRS  Return Transcripts  Account Transcripts
    13. 13. Testing Center Registration  Setup Account  Compass  Online Test
    14. 14. Holds  See who it’s for.  Send them there.  Common Holds  Charges – Student Accounts  Orientation – Setup Time  Academic – Registrar
    15. 15. Deferments  Hold Classes  $25 Setup fee  Different % of tuition
    16. 16. Direct Deposit  Refunds  Information Needed  Bank Account Info
    17. 17. Online Bookstore  Bookstore credit  List of Books Online
    18. 18. Directions  Bookstore  Public Safety  Other Buildings