Spray applied roof waterproofing membrane

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Waterproofing Membranes Melbourne Victoria …

Waterproofing Membranes Melbourne Victoria
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F.E.W Waterproofing offer roof protective membranes suited to both new and remedial projects.
We offer a range of waterproofing solutions to help property management companies, architects, engineers and tradesmen who face the challenge of waterproofing a rooftop.
In line with current environmental standards and work safe practices, Liquid Rubber is made from environmental, stable non-toxic, odourless and non-flammable components. Liquid Rubber is non-hazardous onsite, in transport and under storage.

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  • Titan Waterproofing provide a range of durable, lasting outdoor waterproofing solutions, including torch on applied membranes, liquid membranes, sheet membranes, joint sealing, epoxy coatings, concrete repairs and remedial building works. www.titanwaterprofing.com.au
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  • 1.  www.waterproofingfew.com.au
  • 2. Application of Roof membranes require thorough Preparation
  • 3. Flat Roof Waterproofing A project recently completed by F.E.W Waterproofing Flat roofs are constantly exposed to the full effects of external weathering. Unfortunately flat roofs can also be inefficient in their ability to shed water and therefore can often accumulate water. This accelerates the deterioration of roof membranes and waterproofing systems. They can also harbour more dirt and debris, plus at joints and details around penetrations, such as service ducts or pipes. This emphasizes the importance of using experienced waterproofing applicators, products and methodology.
  • 4. Preparation for Waterproof Membrane Waterproofing sealant cannot be applied to concrete that has not been properly prepared. Preparing concrete for waterproofing is an important step in ensuring that the waterproofing sealer works properly
  • 5. F.E.W Waterproofing takes great care inspecting all surfaces to be coated. These must be thoroughly clean prior to installing a waterproofing membrane. Smooth, monolithic concrete surfaces are required for proper membrane adhesion. Surfaces must be free of voids, spalled areas, loose aggregates, and sharp protrusions, with no coarse aggregate visible. Clean surface (broom, vacuum cleaner or compressed air) to remove dust, loose stones, and debris.
  • 6. Our Team apply appropriate sealants to all joints, junctions and surface defects, penetrations.
  • 7. Concrete must be cured and dry before applications. Due to the surface being very porous we applied special environmentally friendly primer to reduce out gassing. This heavy-duty membrane is used wherever concrete needs to be protected from the effects of water, salt or chemical damage both above and below grade and will not degrade in sunlight. Importantly unlike bitumen roofing materials, they require no naked flames on site.
  • 8. When cured the Liquid Rubber membrane is highly elastic and will bridge small cracks , is seamless and fully adhered to the surface so no water gets behind the coating.
  • 9. F.E.W Waterproofing F.E.W WATERPROOFING use water based, environmentally safe - an alternative to conventional hot applied bitumen or solvent based protective coatings and easier to use than pre formed plastic sheeting. Importantly unlike bitumen roofing materials, they do not require heat or naked flames on site. Liquid Rubber provides excellent waterproofing and chemical resistance through a highly flexible seamless membrane that resists cracking and aging. Liquid Rubber is unaffected by a wide range of mild acids, alkalis, salts and other inorganic chemicals.
  • 10. Applications include poured concrete and block foundations, retaining walls, tunnel liners, parking deck structures, concrete water and wastewater containment tanks and ICF
  • 11. Liquid Rubber provides excellent waterproofing membranes for roofs. It is chemical resistance through a highly flexible seamless membrane that resists cracking and aging. Liquid Rubber is unaffected by a wide range of mild acids, alkalis, salts and other inorganic chemicals.
  • 12. Unlike adhesive traditional applied sheet membranes, Liquid Rubber becomes fully and completely bonded to the substrate. This prevents tracking of water underneath the membrane, providing superior protection. FREE OF FLAMMABLE SOLVENTS - NON- TOXIC - NO VOC'S - LOW ODOUR & WATER BASED
  • 13. Waterproofing concrete roofs is important to protect the surface from excessive moisture and any water ingress to structure below. When water seeps into concrete, the concrete expands and contracts due to cycles of freezing and thawing. Cracks and holes may form as a result. Waterproofing will help protect against this problem.
  • 14. We provide: Structural Waterproofing Remedial Waterproofing Concrete Repair Crack Injection Environmentally Friendly Protective Coatings
  • 15.  www.waterproofingfew.com.au