Retail Mobile Marketing Lookbook


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The Waterfall Quick6 LookBook provides an insider’s perspective into how mobile fits into a retail communication strategy so that companies can execute successfully.

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Retail Mobile Marketing Lookbook

  1. 1. Brought to you by Waterfall MobileRetailThis Waterfall Quick6 LookBook provides an insider’s perspective into how mobile fits intoa retail communication strategy so that companies can execute successfully.
  2. 2. OverviewHow retailers should approach mobileCase in pointExample retail mobile campaigns with positive and negative lessons learnedSummaryHow retailers can best launch an effective mobile and digital communication strategy
  3. 3. “overview Which best describes your mobileIt’s about limitless possibility. strategy? Don’t have a strategyWhen it comes to figuring out a retail mobilemarketing program, the good news is the bad news: Have a strategy, currently 9% refiningthere’s practically an unlimited number of waysretailers can use mobile to augment their customer 29%communication strategy. “Good” because limitlesspossibility means well thought out and executed Early stage,strategies will return significant value. “Bad” because developing a 34%settling on a starting point can be difficult. strategyConsider data from the Forrester report The State ofRetailing Online 2011: Marketing, Social and Mobile, 19%which analyzed the state of U.S. retailers’ mobile anddigital marketing strategies. Note that 71% of retailers 9% Have a strategy, starting to refinefall under the umbrella of not having a mobile strategyto actively refine: Have a strategy
  4. 4. overview What are your company’s objectives for mobile? Forrester, 2011Given that an effective mobile 82%strategy requires refinement, as so Drive sales to website 87%much of mobile is analyzing metrics Improve customer satisfaction 63% 65%and optimizing according to these 63%insights, you could argue pretty Develop brand loyalty 65% 62%convincingly that 71% of retailers Be a ready source of info 61%have an ineffective mobile strategy. Improve customer acquisition 58% 57%Taking a look at retailers’ objectives 54% Improve customer retention 56%for mobile sheds light on why. 49% Drive traffic in other channels 46%As many as eight objectives are 49% Keep up with competitors 48%desired by more than 50% of 43%companies. The top three objectives Learn from mobile 41%double as the top three objectives for 37% Drive sign ups 35%business in general. Clearly, retailers 31% Location-based targeting 22%struggle to understand where to start 28% Smartphone Tabletsand focus with mobile given the Real-time marketing 26% 23%vastness of both retailers’ needs and Drive 1:1 dialogues 19%mobile’s capabilities. Reduce SG&A costs 6% 6%
  5. 5. overview Fortunately, retailers can develop the requisite starting point and focus for a solid strategy by taking a step back. Rather than Which metrics do you use to measure the success of approach mobile from a mobile-centric point your mobile strategy? Forrester, 2011 of view, they should think about mobile from a customer point of view. This is to say that viewing mobile as a new and siloed channel Mobile site traffic 80% will not result in the same degree of success Revenue via mobile 75% as seeing mobile as a complement to the Average order value 54% retailers’ current method of engaging Number of mobile app downloads 32% consumers. Product searches via mobile 20%Number of opted in mobile consumers 20% Augmenting a customer communication Repeat visits/logins 20% strategy with mobile is straightforward: Mobile site/app satisfaction 14% simply take mobile’s various metrics and Number of alerts sent to mobile 8% compare and contrast them to metrics from other communication channels like email, online and social.
  6. 6. case in point There’s a fancy term for comparing and integrating metrics from various channels to understand how the channels combined can best personally engage the desired audience: cross-channel marketing. As opposed to multichannel marketing, where each channel works individually, cross-channel marketing has each channel working together to better communicate with and understand the target consumers. It’s about creating a cross-channel strategy. The below six campaigns demonstrate successes and failures of retailers using mobile. The campaigns’ combined strengths and weaknesses provide an ideal road map for launching mobile effectively within a retail environment. ★ Lane Bryant ★ Home Depot ★ Tic Tac ★ Forever 21 ★ Sephora ★ Neebo
  7. 7. case in pointLane Bryant Instant WinIn 2011, Lane Bryant, a clothing retailer with over 750 offers and the general, much larger list with offerslocations, launched a mobile instant win campaign to from the Lane Bryant corporate brand.deliver gift cards, discounts and other deals to theircustomers. With calls to action placed throughout Another aspect of the Lane Bryant campaign thatstores, Lane Bryant set out to drive in-store traffic and works well is the company’s development ofbuild an opt-in list for ongoing consumer continuing, two-way communication. Mobile one-offengagement. campaigns achieve only limited success because they don’t take advantage of mobile’s ability to maximizeOne of the smartest aspects of the Lane Bryant customer lifetime value. The below message flowcampaign is data collection. For example, each store closeup shows how Lane Bryant used mobile’shad its own unique keyword to track store-specific interactivity and immediacy to increase the valueopt-ins. This way Lane Bryant has the ability to cross- received from customers over message specific customers with localized
  8. 8. case in pointLane Bryant Instant Win: Immediacy makes messaging compellingMessage Flow Closeup Notice how Lane Bryant includes a time element in each outbound message. Phrases such as “Final weekend!” and “7 days only,” ensure that a company can capitalize on mobile’s central strength within the digital communication channel portfolio. Integrate with the point of sale By including a unique code in each message (e.g. “Show code 000307741 @ checkout”), Lane Bryant can track exactly when and where consumers redeem mobile offers. These analytics are crucial for developing a clear picture of mobile ROI. In addition, tying unique codes to specific phone numbers is ideal for building out a mobile component to an existing loyalty program. Speak in the language of the consumer Notice how Lane Bryant uses text-speak terms like “BOGO” and “Rply.” On one hand, overdoing it on the text-speak can make a message confusing and hard to read. On the other, including text-speak makes a message feel more realistic for the mobile medium. Bottom line, make sure mobile messaging is easily scanned and understood, but include text-speak to make sure messaging doesn’t seem too out of touch.
  9. 9. case in pointForever 21 Mobile ClubThroughout 2011, Forever 21 ran consumers may not want to find out ifvarious promotions for an exclusive the “special updates” are worth theirmobile club. In particular, Forever 21 while. Using something specific andlaunched Time Square billboards to concrete (e.g. 15% off, first look at newengage mobile consumers as they styles) to set the relevant context forpassed by the Broadway store front. “special updates and promotions” willThese promotions stood out as bold positively impact consumer opt-inreminders confirming the importance rates and engagement.of mobile in the company’s corporatecommunication strategy. One other point to note on the Forever 21 campaign. Though the companyThe best aspect of the Forever 21 promoted the mobile club in the centercampaign is how the company created of Times Square, there was nocreating an air of exclusivity for mobile promotion about the mobile club onalerts. Because a mobile phone the company’s website. Keep in mindnumber is more personal than other that mobile requires a commitmentpoints of contact, consumers will only across channels. Not only will moreshare this personal information if given consumer eyeballs see the benefits ofa compelling reason to do so. The only the mobile initiative, but trust in thequestion is whether the incentive program will grow as the brandadvertised is compelling enough. establishes mobile in the multipleWithout putting a stake in the ground, places consumers seek information.
  10. 10. case in pointHome Depot Scan For More MarthaHome Depot’s More Martha QR code sets out to digitize catalogreaders and turn them into customers. Upon scanning the “MoreMartha” code, readers access a mobile-optimized site where theycan sign up to receive email alerts, watch a video or shop online.The strength of Home Depot’s QR code campaign is the call to action.Namely: (1) the reason why consumers should scan is spelled outclearly; (2) those who don’t have a QR code reader have instructionsfor how they can still access the mobile content; (3) the 2D codeintegrates perfectly into the ad’s context; (4) the code links to amobile-optimized website that presents a user-friendly experience;(5) content access exists across channels.On the other hand, Home Depot should rethink its sign upexperience, given the earlier discussion about ongoingcommunication being more valuable than one-off contact. As itstands now, the More Martha opt-in is a one-click-away email signup form. Instead, the 2D code could direct link to the email opt-in.Home Depot could also use a QR code-to-SMS campaign to capturemobile phone number before linking to the mobile page. At minimum,Home Depot should capture analytics that provide insight into thetype of person or phone scanning the Martha code.
  11. 11. case in pointSephora Scan. Watch. Learn.In 2012, Sephora ran a 2D code campaign for Beyond the branded QR code, another lessonthe GLO Brilliant Personal Teeth Whitening to learn from this campaign is the importanceDevice. By scanning the code, consumers link of cross-channel communication for 2D code-to a video explaining the product’s benefits. to-video campaigns. Certainly getting a user to watch a video has value for the promotingNotice the custom-branded QR code that brand. However, the video should lead to aSephora uses for this campaign. 2D codes’ way that consumers can be targeted goingcustomizable error correction levels allow for forward. Simple enhancements such as aflexibility in code design, which Sephora has direct message following the video’sused to create a more engaging and eye conclusion about signing up for the Sephoracatching user experience. list would improve the value of the campaign.
  12. 12. case in pointTic Tac Mints Mobile App DownloadFor those listeners of Pandora, you probably have seen those variousads that have popped up next to your station controls. Given thatPandora has data on (among other things) what types of music usersenjoy, seems like a perfect arena for marketers interested in directingcontent at a specific audience.That’s what made Tic Tac’s 2011 mobile app download campaign socompelling. Recognizing the opportunity that people listening toPandora are tech savvy, Tic Tac ran an ad encouraging consumers todownload its viewer app by texting MINTS to the Tic Tac short code.Plus, the language contained in the call to action perfectly aligned withthe music-centric Pandora environment.One issue with using mobile to advertise on digital media sites likePandora is that it’s tough to engage people who probably aren’t lookingat a web page constantly. Thus, the campaign’s incentivebecomes extremely important, as marketers have one shot to catch aconsumers attention (e.g. on Pandora when a person changes stations,adjusts volume, etc.). Is downloading a viewer app cool enough thatpeople will whip out their phone? Maybe, maybe not. That’s why it’s soimportant to have a clear understanding of a campaign’s goals andexpectations and effectively communicate them in the call to action.
  13. 13. case in pointNeebo Mobile CouponsLeading textbook retailer Neebo has texted the code they would then beone of the biggest challenges of any opted in to a mobile list for futurecompany out there: how to market to marketing and sales promotions.millions of college students Perfect for reaching students duringnationwide across more than 280 the various textbook and collegecampus bookstores. That’s why gear pushes that occur throughout adigital marketing has been such a school year.key piece of engagement for thecollege outfitting company. One thing to learn from the NeeboTargeting the college-age call to action is the importance ofdemographic using a mix of mobile semantics when designing a call toand social competitions and action. Not a huge deal, but includingpromotions makes perfect sense. quotation marks in a call to action may be confusing to some potentialOne such example is a 20% off targets. By bolding and capitalizingmobile coupon campaign the they key components of a mobile callcompany launched in 2011. The call to action (in this case keyword andto action was clear with a powerful short code), the chance for useryet simple incentive. Once students error decreases significantly.
  14. 14. SummaryTo tackle the inherent challenges of mobile retail marketers as they approach mobile. 1. Use cross-channel communicationmarketing in a retail environment, marketers Taken together, they represent a roadmap to geared toward ongoing engagement toneed to focus on overall marketing goals and pick and choose from in order to develop a avoid the limitations of one-off mobile can help augment a current proprietary digital strategy. 2. Analyze the incentives used in acommunication strategy. Whatever the implementation eventually campaign and make sure they areThe above case studies demonstrate various chosen for retail success, three takeaways sufficient and compelling enough to driveways that mobile can overlap with email, remain constant. By keeping the following in user and social using a variety of mind, retailers will be well on their way 3. Align mobile with overall branding effortspromotion types. Overall, each case study toward capturing maximum mobile value. to develop a consistent voice throughoutpresents simply a slice of what’s possible for the brand’s marketing portfolio.Waterfalls retail brand campaigns and We appreciate you taking the time to read through our Quick6 Lookbook. Waterfall has been assistingreference accounts include: retailers with their mobile marketing strategies since 2005. To learn more about Waterfall, please sign up for our blog, read our case studies, or discover our featured solutions by visiting There is also a free trial option available to try out Waterfall’s platform 100% risk free. Any other questions, please contact