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Abal report card presentation iyrf


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  • 1. Healthy Waterways Report Card:An Effective tool for Private Public Partnerships(PPP) in South East Queensland, Australia水域健康评估报告卡:澳大利亚昆士兰州东南部各政府高效行驶政府职能的工具 Dr. Eva Abal International Water Centre 国际水资源中心
  • 2. IWC members, partners and supporters 国际水资源中心成员、合作伙伴与支持机构 Members 中心成员 昆士兰大学 格斯菲斯大学 莫纳什大学 西澳大学 Partners 合作伙伴 国际河流基金会 昆士兰州东南自然水域合作组织 Supporters 支持机构 昆士兰州政府© SEQ Healthy Waterways Partnership
  • 3. Report cards are growing in popularity 评估报告卡受欢迎程度不断提升• Australia 澳大利亚 – Moreton Bay 莫顿湾 – Gippsland Lakes 吉普斯兰德湖 – Great Barrier Reef 大堡礁• United States 美国 – San Francisco Bay 圣弗朗西斯科湾 – Chesapeake Bay切萨皮克湾• Papua New Guinea 巴布亚新几内亚 – Strickland River 斯特里克兰河 © SEQ Healthy Waterways Partnership
  • 4. Why produce a report card?采用评估报告卡的原因 • Enable large and often complex amounts of information to be communicated to a broad audience 可以将大量复杂的信息传递给大众 • Provide a framework for monitoring and communication activities 为监控及沟通 活动提供框架 • Can provide accountability; measuring the success of a particular effort 量化活 动结果 • Identify regions or issues of concern 找出 需要解决的问题 • And others… 其他© SEQ Healthy Waterways Partnership
  • 5. The South East Queensland Catchment昆士兰东南流域概况 Lake Caboolture R. Lake Sommerset Wivenhoe Lake Samsonvale Caboolture R. Pine R. Brisbane R. Logan R. Pimpama R. Coomera R. Nerang R. Population: 2.5 million; Area: 22,672 km2 总人口250万;总面 积2万2千672平方公里 Fastest growing region in Australia 澳大利亚发展最快的区域 Since European settlement 自从欧洲人在此定居之后:  catchment significantly altered 流域结构发生显著变化  dams and weirs regulate river flows 水库河堤控制河流流通  land clearing resulted in more flows, erosion and delivery of both nutrients and sediment 土地开垦造成水土流失 © SEQ Healthy Waterways Partnership  decline in aquatic species diversity 水生物种多样性减少
  • 6. People in SEQ value their waterways昆士兰东南部的居民高度重视水道 Research 研究Drinking Water 饮用水 Fishing/Boating 渔业/水上运动 Swimming 游泳Irrigation/Stock/Farm Water Ecosystem Resources 生态资源 灌溉/畜牧/农业用水 © SEQ Healthy Waterways Partnership
  • 7. Activities in the Catchment that Threaten Ecosystem Health在蓄水区中威胁水质的活动 urbanisation 城市化 urban wastewater industrial wastewater 城市废水 工业废水 grazing 放牧 aquaculture 水产业 agriculture 农业 © SEQ Healthy Waterways Partnership 工业 industry
  • 8. The Healthy Waterways Partnership东南昆士兰州流域健康合作组织 Special collaboration between government, industry, researchers and community 与政府机构、行业、研究者及社区共同协作 Working towards understanding, planning for and managing the use of waterways and catchments in South East Queensland (SEQ) 共同促进东南昆 士兰州水域及流域间的相互理解、共同规划和管理 Includes 6 Queensland (State) government agencies, all 11 local governments in the region, 4 universities, 30 major industries and 38 catchment, landcare, environment and community groups 参与组织包括昆士 兰州政府机构6个、市政府11个、大学4所、30个主要行业及38个涉及流域、土地、 环境和社区的组织 Healthy Waterways Vision 流域合作组织愿景 Our waterways and catchments will, by 2026, be a healthy ecosystem supporting the livelihoods and lifestyles of residents and visitors and will be managed through collaboration between community, government and industry. 在2026年,我们的流域和水域能够保持健康的生态系统;能够由社 区、政府和行业公共管理;能够为居民及游客提供良好的生活 环境、创造美好的生活方式
  • 9. The Ecosystem Health Report Card生态系统健康评估报告卡• The most important tool for evaluating & communicating health of the regions waterways 评估地区水域健 康最重要的工具• Directed / focused management action 目标明 确的、专注的管理行为• Impetus for some costly (but environmentally important) intervention 部 分花费相对较高但对保护 环境而言相当重要 © SEQ Healthy Waterways Partnership
  • 10. Synthesises annual monitoring results into ratings for waterways (A-F)将流域年度监测评估结果综合量化(等级从A-F) © SEQ Healthy Waterways Partnership
  • 11. Presented to the public by politicians and scientists…由政府和科研人员向公众汇报Lord Mayor of Brisbane and Chair of the Scientific Expert Panel布里斯本市长(左)与昆士兰大学校长(右) © SEQ Healthy Waterways Partnership
  • 12. Increasing community awareness… 提高公众关注程度© SEQ Healthy Waterways Partnership
  • 13. Ongoing improvement and expansion 不断完善、提高、拓展 2001 2002 2003 2004- Grades based on expertassessment of data- Focus on Bay region - Grading methods being- ~7 local governments developed - Expand to northern region - 80% of grades based on - ~11 local governments index - Expand to south - 11 local governments - 95 % of grades based on an index - Expanded to watershed - 20 local governments © SEQ Healthy Waterways Partnership
  • 14. Broad Definition of Ecosystem Health 生态健康系统的广泛定义The ecosystem health of awaterway is the aggregate of theimpacts of point sourcesand diffuse sourcesand its assimilative capacity N2水域生态健康系统是指其系统内点源污染、面源污染及其吸收能力 N2的对整个生态环境的影响 N2 © SEQ Healthy Waterways Partnership
  • 15. Environmental Values/Uses set by the community 公众对环境价值的态度ENVIRONMENTALVALUES 环境价值 - Aquatic ecosystem- Cultural & spiritual values - Irrigating crops - Primary recreation 水生生态系统 - Farm use 文化精神价值 - Secondary recreation 作物灌溉 - Stock watering 主要水上娱乐活动 视觉享受 - Visual appreciation 水域养殖 生活用水 - Raw drinking water 工业用水 其他水上娱乐活动 - Human consumption 水资源储存 - Industrial use - Aquaculture Waterways Partnership © SEQ Healthy
  • 16. Relevant and achievable water quality objectives, reflecting the environmental values: important 反映环境价值的相关及可实现的水质目标:重要性 Aquatic ecosystem: seagrass in Moreton Community wants Draft Environmental Bay 水生生态系统莫 and needs Values 环境价值草案 顿湾水草 社区需求 Feedback Reduce sediments loop Management goals entering Bay 减少泥沙排 管理目标 入量 10 mg/L TSS; Water quality Draft water Impacts not 2 ug/L chl a guidelines quality objectives Acceptable 影响不再可 水质指南 水质目标草案 接受范围内 Run Receiving Water Quality Models, socio-econ Alternative management Consider social, economic assessment 开展水质控制Strategies 管理战略备用方案 & environmental impacts 方案,评估社会经济影响 社会、经济及环境影响 Agreed EVs & water Ecosystem quality objectives Impacts acceptable Health 协议水质基点目标 影响在可接受范围以内 Monitoring Monitor Large-scale riparian Program生 Management actions and restoration; WSUD, retrofit 态系统健康 Final EVs & WQOs review监 大规模河岸植被再生 监控 © SEQ Healthy Waterways Partnership 最终执行方案 督与评估
  • 17. What are sustainable loads? 可持续负载的定义Loads that a waterway cantake and still achieve thewater quality objectives(taking into consideration flowinto and assimilative capacityof the waterway).可持续负载是指该水域可以保持其水质目标的负载量(包括其他排入该流域的负载量及流域自身吸收能力) N2 © SEQ Healthy Waterways Partnership
  • 18. Ecosystem Health Rating based on established objectives基于既定评估目标的生态健康评估等级 Proportion of the waterway that complies with established objectives 采用既定评估目标的水域 N© SEQ Healthy Waterways Partnership
  • 19. Report Card Grade is more than just the Ecosystem health index评估报告卡等级不仅仅是生态系统健康的指示剂 Report Card Grade 评估卡等级 20% 80% 物种健康等 Biological Health Ecosystem Health Rating 级(专家建 Index (EHI) 议) 生态系统健康指示 (Expert Opinion) With scheduled Management No scheduled WQOs Objectives and WQOs© SEQ Healthy Waterways Partnership
  • 20. Report Card Grade: depicting the system评估报告卡等级:采用描述性系统 Conditions meet all set ecosystem health values; A All key processes are functional and all critical habitats are in near pristine condition 各条件均符合既定生态系统健康价值,各 关键环节运作正常,所有该流域栖息物种几乎未受影响 Conditions meet all set ecosystem health values in most of the B reporting region; Most key processes are functional and most critical habitats are intact各条件均符合既定生态系统健康价值, 大多数关键环节运作正常,大多数该流域栖息物种未受影响 Conditions meet some of the set ecosystem health values in most of the C reporting region; Some key process are functional and some critical habitats are impacted 部分条件符合既定生态系统健康价值,部分关键环 节运作正常,部分该流域栖息物种未受影响 Conditions are unlikely to meet set ecosystem health values in most of D the reporting region; Many key processes are not functional and many critical habitats are impacted 大多数条件不符合既定生态系统健康价 值,许多关键环节无法正常运作,许多该流域栖息物种受影响 Conditions do not meet set ecosystem health values; F Most key processes are not functional and most critical habitats are severely impacted 所有条件基本不符合既定生态目标,大多 数关键环节无法正常运作,大多数流域栖息物种受影响© SEQ Healthy Waterways Partnership
  • 21. Effective indicators for tracking 跟踪评估指标: Environmental condition linked to achieving the environmental values 与环 境价值相关的各项环境条件 Report Card Rating Environmental Values Achieved? 是否实现 等级评估卡 环境价值? AWaterways 流域 B C D F Cultural heritage Aquatic Ecosystems 水生生态系统 % area management 文化遗产 Visual recreation Wildlife Habitat 野生动物栖息 objectives/targets are achieved 视觉享受 Aquaculture Human consumption of aquatic food 地区目标管理实现百分比 水产业 食用海鲜 Oystering 贝壳类养殖 Primary recreation主要水上娱乐活动 Seagrass 海草 Secondary recreation 其他水上活动 Industry工业污染
  • 22. Report Card – also used to track management actions评估报告卡 – 用于检测管理手段© SEQ Healthy Waterways Partnership
  • 23. In summary总结: 由公众设定的环境价值 Environmental Values Healthy Waterways /uses (set by the Vision Vision 水域合作伙 community) 愿景 伴愿景 1. Maintain the SEQ waterways classified in 2007 as having high 设定相关评估指示剂及参数 ecological values and Relevant Indicators Resource Condition maintain water quality Drivers/Pressures - State Targets in waterways meeting their scheduled water 资源状况目标 quality objectives. 保持东南昆士兰州水域 在2007的生态状况:实 Thresholds 阈值 现既定的高生态价值并 保持流域的水质Water Quality, Ecosystem Health, Management Targets 2. By 2026 reinstate the Social/Economic Objectives 管理目标 ecosystem health and ecological processes of 水质、生态系统健康、社 By 2026, 100% of nutrient loads waterways classified as 会及经济目标 originating from point sources are disturbed and/or prevented from entering Moreton degraded in 2007. Bay 在2026年实现无营养物排入莫 在2026年仍保持2007年© SEQ Healthy Waterways Partnership 顿弯 的生态水平
  • 24. All part of the adaptive management cycleOn-going knowledgeacquisition (role ofresearch) 不断获得信息 Framework for Action (targeted & committed & has ownership) 执行框架 Continuous improvement in planning/policy 不断改善的政策规划 Critical role of monitoring (links managementEffective communication actions toof knowledge for provision ofpolicy/planning 政策制定及 environmental规划所需的高效沟通技能 values) 监控 © SEQ Healthy Waterways Partnership
  • 25. River Health & Environmental Health in China 中国的河流健康及环境健康 • Australia China Environment Development Partnership Project 中澳环境发展合作伙伴项目 • Trial application of river ecosystem health monitoring program in China 中国河流生态健康监控项目试点 – Yellow River 黄河 – Pearl River 珠江 – Liao River 辽河 • Develop draft national framework and policy mechanisms for environmental flows and ecological restoration 建立全国范围内关于环 境流量及生态恢复的框架及政策机制 • Capacity development of Chinese technicians in river ecosystem health monitoring techniques and communication 提高中方河流生态健康检 测技术人员的技术水平及沟通技能© SEQ Healthy Waterways Partnership
  • 26. Thank you! 谢谢© SEQ Healthy Waterways Partnership