1  overview of a water management plan for the murray darling basin, australia
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1 overview of a water management plan for the murray darling basin, australia






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1  overview of a water management plan for the murray darling basin, australia 1 overview of a water management plan for the murray darling basin, australia Presentation Transcript

  • Overview of a Water Management Planfor the Murray-Darling Basin, Australia澳大利亚墨累达令流域水资源管理概况ACEDP RHEF WorkshopShenyang, ChinaFebruary 2012Greg ClaydonExecutive Director, Strategic Water InitiativesQueensland Department of Environment and ResourceManagement
  • Presentation outline 内容简要 Background to the Murray-Darling Basin (MDB)墨累达令流域简介 Background to the Murray-Darling Basin (MDB) Plan墨累达令流域规划 简介 The Proposed Basin Plan流域规划预案 Process步骤 Content (with a focus on environmental flows) 内容(以环境流量为中心) Overview of MDB River Health Assessment Using the Sustainable Rivers Audit Methodology利用可持续发展河流管理方法评估墨累达令流 域健康情况简介
  • Background to the Murray Darling Basin墨累达令流域简介
  • 降雨量及径流量历史数据
  • 墨累达令流域目前可使用地表水
  • 墨累达令流域地表水使用情况 灌溉用水 84% 渠道及管道流失 11% 城市用水 3%
  • 目前各子流域地表水使用情况
  • Murray Darling Basin water management challenges 墨累达令流域管理面临的挑战 Overallocation of surface water systems 地表水过度分配 Serious environmental degradation as a result of land clearing & overuse of water resources 由于植被破坏及水资源过度利用使得环境受 到严重破坏 Reduced environmental flows & water quality – salinity, acid-sulphate soils, native species’ decline 环境流量减少及水质下降——土壤盐碱度 高,硫酸类土壤面积增大,本土物种减少 Significant water related impacts due to climate change水资源问题受环 境变化影响巨大
  • Background to the Basin Plan CommonwealthWater Act 2007流域规划背景介绍 —— 2007年联邦水法 Creation of Murray Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) and process to develop Basin Plan 墨累达令流域管理机构的设立及流域管理 方案步骤 Establishment of the Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder (CEWH) 联邦环境流量管理机构的设立 Water charging and market rules 水资源定价及水市场法规规范 Water information collection, analysis and distribution (by the Bureau of Meteorology, BoM)水资源信息收集,分析及发布(由 国家气象局发布) Audits by the National Water Commission (NWC)国家水资源委 员会行驶监督职能
  • 水法规定的部分要求满足环境水资源要求协调环境、社会经济要求现有的最好的科学知识与社会经济分析可持续生态发展原则
  • 流域规划内容 流域规划内容必须包括 •可持续发展的分水配额 •人类对水资源的基本需求 •水资源交易法规法则 •环境流量规划 •水质及盐碱度管理规划
  • 提案准备过程水文模型 环境蓄水量 社区影响 可持续发展 水量分配方案管理执行
  • 环境流量需求--地表水漫滩流量正常流量基本流量
  • 可持续发展流量分配提案流域流量必须:•满足流域内环境流量需求•为流域下游提供充足的水资源
  • The Proposed Basin PlanApproach for environmentally sustainable level of take流域规划提案 —— 河流可持续发展环境流量方法 Important Definitions 重要定义  Key Environmental Assets (KEA) 重要的环境资产 湿地 鱼类 鸟类  Key Ecosystem Functions (KEF) 重要的环境系统功能 河流中物理、化学及生物循环功能  Hydrologic Indicator Sites (HIS) 水文指标点 能反应河流重要资产的点 能反应河流重要环境系统功能的水文点
  • Examples of Key environmental assets in MDB 墨累达令流域各种重要环境资产
  • Approach for environmentally sustainable level of take河流可持续发展环境流量方法 Identify Key Environmental Assets (KEA) 确定环境资产 Identify Indicator Assets (IA) 确定资产指标 确定每个环境资产指标所需环境 Determine Environmental Water Requirements (EWR) for Indicator Assets 流量 Determine Key Ecosystem Functions (KEF) 确定主要生态系统功能 Determine Environmental Water 确定主要生态系统功能所需环境 Requirements for Key Ecosystem Functions 流量 Modelling, Review, Analysis, Expert Advice 建立模型、调研、分析、专家建 议 Environmentally Sustainable Level of Take 可持续发展环境取水
  • What does the Basin Plan Mean for WaterResource Planning in the State of Queensland?墨累达令流域规划对昆士兰州的意义何在?The Basin Plan binds流域规划涉及机构- Basin State Agencies 墨累达令流域驻昆士兰州办公室- Infrastructure operators 设施管理执行机构- Holders of water access entitlements 行业内获得分水水权的机构Water Planning 水资源规划- Qld will continue to plan, allocate and manage water resources within its borders but…昆士兰州将在其境内继续规划,分配及管理水资源,但 是:- Qld Water Resource Plans for MDB catchments will need to be accredited by the Commonwealth Minister responsible for water (with advice to be provided by the MDBA)昆士兰州关于墨累达令流域的水资 源规划方案必须得到联邦政府相关部长授权- Qld Plans must comply with the Basin Plan 昆士兰州水资源规划必须遵 守墨累达令流域规划
  • The Sustainable Rivers Audit (SRA)可持续河流监管 To provide consistent information on the health of rivers of the Murray-Darling through time and across the basin 在长时间及广泛的流域范围内为墨累达令流 域的健康持续提供信息
  • What is the SRA? 什么是可持续河流监管A Basin-wide surveillance program 墨累达令流域监管计划: administered by the MDBA in partnership with the States 由墨 累达令流域管理机构与各州机构共同管理 a consistent assessment of biophysical condition and ecological health of the Basin’s rivers一致的评估标准,包括流 域内的生物状况以及生态健康 statistically robust sampling design 方便数据采样 provides information to inform the development of objectives for river health, and monitoring of progress towards them. 为河流健康目标及监管进度提供相关信息
  • Valley Process Zones 子 流域地区 Each river valley is divided into valley process zones (source, transport and depositional), used to stratify sites across a valley每个流域均被划分为几 个功能区,在各个功能区中在选取几个 采样点 23个子流域 68个功能区
  • Philosophy of SRA可持续河流监管原理 Comprises a number of ‘indices’, reflecting many- sided nature of ‘River Health’由若干个指标群构成 反应河流各个对应方面的河流健康指标 Each index is calculated from a number of relevant ‘indicators’每个指标群由若干个具体指标 构成 Reports at 报告 - Valley and Zone (within Valley) 子流域与功能区 - About three yearly intervals每三年报告一次
  • Indices Investigated for SRA 可持续河流监管指标Biological 生物指标 Macroinvertebrate Index; 大型无脊椎动物指标 Fish Index;鱼类指标 Vegetation Index植被指标Physical物理指标 Hydrology Index;水文指标 Physical form Index物理指标
  • Example Sampling采样举例• 35 sites sampled for EACH CATCHMENT 每个流域的采样频率 macroinvertebrates Macroinvertebrates – every 2 years 大型无脊椎动物:35个采样 大型无脊椎动物 - 每两年 点 Fish, – every 3 years• 18 sites sampled for fish 鱼类 - 每三年 鱼类:18个采样点• 70 sites sampled for Hydrology,Vegetation– every 6 years vegetation 水文,植被 - 每六年 植被:70个采样点 Deposition Transport• 70 sites for Physical form 河流物理形态:79个采样点 Source• 4-35 sites hydrology 25 水文采样:4-35个采样点 5 5 Macro-invertebrates 大型无脊椎动物采样点
  • SRA Report 1 - 2005-2007年河流监管报告Ecosystem health for all valleys 所有流域生物健康状况
  • More information from the websites详情请见一下网站:www.mdba.gov.auwww.derm.qld.gov.auThank You!