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  • 1.
    • An Examination of the E-waste Problem
    • Tristan Burt, Nebraska Manager
    • Metech Recycling
    Metech Recycling Slide
  • 2. What IS E-waste??? Electronic waste or e-waste is the rapidly expanding volume of obsolete computers, printers, fax machines, TVs, and other electronic devices finding its way into the waste stream of the US and other countries. - If you can’t use it, sell it, or repair it than it becomes e-waste Metech Recycling Slide
  • 3. How Much E-waste Is There?
    • e-waste is a recent phenomenon
    • 130 million cell phones discarded in the US in 2005
    • 60-65 million PCs become obsolete every year in the US
    • EPA estimate – 1.9 million tons of e-waste landfilled in 2000 (EXCLUDING electric appliances)
    • 3 – 5% of material in landfills
    • growing 3 times the rate of other waste
    • Estimated 600+ million tons of computers/TVs and other electronics waiting in “e-waste purgatory”
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  • 4. What’s the Problem with E-waste? I – Electronic devices are full of toxic material especially Computers, monitors & TVs
    • CRTs contain 4 - 12 lbs of lead and account for 40% of all lead in landfills
    • computers contain a variety of other toxic metals
    • e-waste accounts for 70% of heavy metals in landfills
    • incinerating computer plastics generates toxic emissions (dioxins, chlorinated gasses)
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  • 5. Metech Recycling Slide Toxic Content of E-waste
  • 6. What Happens to our E-Waste? 2007
    • United States Generated 3.01 million tons of electronics waste
    • 86.4% or 2.6 million tons TRASHED ending up in landfills or incinerators
    • 13.6% or 410,000 tons recovered for recycling
    • Estimated that 50-80% of the recycled material ends up in developing countries for processing.
  • 7. What Happens to E-waste? Markets for EOL Monitors and TVs
    • EPA Report – April 2007
      • For the Year 2005:
      • > Resale in U.S. 5%
      • > Glass to Glass Recycling in U.S. 2%
      • > Glass to Lead Smelting in U.S. 6%
      • > Glass to Glass Abroad 14%
      • > Exported for “Reuse” 61%
      • The reality is that less than 10% ever used again
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  • 8. So its bad stuff – Why should I care if China gets polluted with our old electronics? Metech Recycling Slide I mean, they’re like, halfway around the world!!!
  • 9. We Exist in a Global Economy
    • 80% of children living in Guai, China suffering from lead poisoning due to e-waste processing
    • Recent discoveries of High Levels of lead in low-cost jewelry and toys manufactured in China
    • 20 Million Toys recalled in the US in 2007 due to high levels of Lead.
      • Manufacturing material tracked back to electronics recycling operations
    Metech Recycling Slide
  • 10. So Why Ship E-waste to China???
    • Extremely Low Labor Costs
    • No Worker-Safety Standards
    • No Environmental Regulations
    • Get the Good Stuff – Dump the Bad Stuff
    Metech Recycling Slide
  • 11. Metech Recycling Slide
      • But I found a Place that will take it for FREE!!!
  • 12. Why “ Free Recycling” Doesn’t Work
    • The Market for used CRT-based Devices (Monitors, TVs) is quickly evaporating (There IS NO U.S. Market!)
    • CRT-based devices have a negative raw material value
    • Many other electronic devices (printers, copiers, other small devices) have very little value as separated material.
    Metech Recycling Slide If you can’t sell it as a working device, and it costs money to process it correctly , how can you take it for free?
  • 13. What’s the Problem with E-waste? II - Theft of Sensitive Information
    • 2003 MIT Student Study:
      • 158 used hard drives
      • 129 still worked
      • 69 had recoverable files
      • 49 contained credit card, medical records & personal correspondence
      • 1 contained ATM transaction info.
      • One of the top areas for dumping e-waste is Africa
      • The number one area of the world for identity theft is AFRICA!
    Metech Recycling Slide
  • 14. III – What is the US doing about it? Legislative Activity
    • 17 States currently have comprehensive e-waste legislation
    • Most are Extended Producer Responsibility
    • California is Advance Recovery Fee
    • U.S. Congress has not yet seriously considered legislation
    Metech Recycling Slide
  • 15. What’s So Great About Legislation?
    • Well Defined Solution for Consumers and Businesses
    • Much Higher Rate of Recycling
    • Raises the Standards for the Electronics Recycling Industry
    Metech Recycling Slide
  • 16. When Left Unregulated
    • Search for lowest operational and disposal cost has led to dubious practices
      • illegal landfilling/midnight dumping
      • exploitation of prison labor under terrible working conditions
      • dumping in third world countries
      • The choice for poverty or poison
      • should never be an option!
    Metech Recycling Slide
  • 17. Implications for Businesses: Economics
    • it doesn’t cost much to get it right!
    • the positive PR may be worth a lot
    • conserving resources, reducing waste
    Metech Recycling Slide
  • 18. IV – What do you do to prevent toxic dumping?
    • have a clearly defined policy
    • make someone responsible
    • deal with the data security issue
    • be proactive – think about risks and values
    Metech Recycling Slide
  • 19. Choosing a Legitimate Recycler Documentation
    • certificate of guaranteed destruction
    • downstream processing information
    • compliance with environmental & other business regulations
    • Certifications (ISO 9001, IOS 14001, CHWMEG, etc.)
    • BAN e-Steward Certification
    • references (EPA, state agency, corporations)
    Metech Recycling Slide Metech
  • 20. Choosing a Legitimate Recycler Visit the Site!
    • is disassembly/demanufacturing actually happening!!
    • beware of shipping containers
    • Are there hard drive destruction capabilities?
    • Safe working conditions??
    Metech Recycling Slide
  • 21. Thank You!
    • For further information, contact:
    • Metech Recycling
    • 402-339-1172
    • [email_address]
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