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Preposition Presentation Transcript

  • 2. Definition
    • Preposition are a class of words that indicate relationships between nouns, pronouns and other words in a sentence.
    • Most often they come before a noun.
    • e.g : after class, before Tuesday.
    • They never change their form, regardless of the case, gender etc.
  • 3. Simple Prepositions
    • Simple prepositions are single word prepositions.
    • e.g : The book is on the table.
  • 4. Compound Prepositions
    • Compound prepositions are more than one word such as in between, because of, in front of and on behalf of.
    • e.g : The book is in front of the clock.
  • 5. Prepositions of Time Preposition Usage Example On Days of the week On Monday In
    • months / season
    • time of day
    • year
    • in August / in winter
    • in the morning
    • in 2011
    Since From a certain point of time (past till now) Since 1992 To Telling the time Ten to six (5:50) Ago A certain time in the past 2 years ago
  • 6. Prepositions of Time Preposition Usage Example Before Earlier than a certain point of time Before 2011 Past Telling the time Ten past six (6:10) to/till/until Marking the beginning and end of a period of time From Monday to/till Friday by
    • in the sense of at the latest
    • up to a certain time
    • I will be back by 6 pm
    • By 11 pm, I have read 5 pages
  • 7. Prepositions of Place Preposition Usage Example In
    • room,building,street
    • book, paper
    • in the kitchen
    • in the book
    • in the picture
    • meaning next to, by an object
    • for events
    • place where you are to do something typical (watch a film, work)
    • at the door
    • at the concert
    • at the cinema
    • attached
    • being on a surface
    • for a certain side
    • the picture on the wall
    • on the table
    • on the left
    • on the ground, lower than / covered by something else
    • the bag is under the table
  • 8. Prepositions of Place Preposition Usage Example Above Higher than something else, but not directly over it A path above the lake From In the sense of where from A flower from the garden Into Enter a room / building Go into the kitchen / the house Towards Movement in the direction of something (but not directly to it) Go 5 steps towards the house Onto Movement to the top of something Jump onto the table
  • 9. exercise prepositions
  • 10. 1. I’ll be ready to leave ___ about 20 minutes. A. in B. on C. at
    • Answer : A
  • 11.
    • I think she spent the entire afternoon ___ the phone. A. on B. in C. at
    • Answer : A
  • 12. 3. I will wait ___ 6:30 pm, but then I’m going home. A. from B. at C. until
    • Answer : C
  • 13. 4. My fingers were injured, so my sister had to write the note ___ me. A. to B. with C. for
    • Answer : C
  • 14. 5. My best friend, Laila, is named ___ her great-grandmother. A. after B. to C. about
    • Answer : A
  • 15. 6. He usually travels to Segamat ___ train. A. at B. by C. without
    • Answer : B
  • 16.
    • The professor ___ South Africa amazed the American students with his stories. A. in B. from C. of
    • Answer : B
  • 17. 8. It’s been snowing ___ Christmas morning. A. until B. for C. since
    • Answer : C
  • 18.