The biography of william shakespeare

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  • 1. The Biography ofWilliam Shakespeare Created By: Olivia Warren
  • 2. My ResourcesO Bard of Avon The story of William Shakespeare (Book)O A Shakespearian Theater (Book)O William Shakespeare and the Globe (Book)O Shmoop.comO Google & Google ImagesO Wikipedia.comO Discovery EducationO YouTube
  • 3. Who was William Shakespeare?O „Bard of Avon‟O English PlaywrightO PoetO ActorO Father
  • 4. William’s Early lifeand Family section.
  • 5. About his BirthO 23rd of April, 1564O Stratford-upon- Avon, Warwicker, EnglandO 3rd oldest out of 8 William Shakespeare at age 24!
  • 6. Shakespeare’s Parents Father- John Mother- Mary Arden Shakespeare O Stay at home momO Governor of Stratford-upon- O Youngest of 8 Avon daughters.O Glove Maker
  • 7. Shakespeare’s SiblingsO Joan (1558) (Died at Birth)O Margaret (1562–63)O Gilbert (1566–1612)O Joan (1569–1646)O Anne (1571–79)O Richard (1574–1613)O Edmund (1580–1607)
  • 8. Mini Section ofWilliam’s Teen Years
  • 9. Teen YearsO Got married at 18 to Anne HathawayO Started an Acting Career in London. Hamnet and Judith were a set of twins.
  • 10. William’s AdultYears to Death
  • 11. Adult Life O Plays were registered O Hamnet dies from the black plague O Queen Elizabeth I DiesThis is a Self Portrait of Queen Elizabeth I at age 13
  • 12. DeathO April 23rd, 1616O 52nd BirthdayO OverdrinkingO Caught the Chills
  • 13. William’s last words…..On paperWilliam‟s last words so far that we knowof before he died was written into a short poem and is carved into his gravestone at his burial site. Stating this: “Good Friends, For Jesus sake for bare, to digg the enclosed dust here; Blese be the man who spares thes stones, and crust he who moves my bones.”
  • 14. William’s Influence to do what he did
  • 15. His influencesO Plays he edited, attended, and acted inO His own Poems
  • 16. William’s ManyAchievements
  • 17. Biggest Achievements Ever! Hamlet andO 38 plays Romeo & Juliet are both myO 154 Sonnets personalO 4 narratives favorites Most famous Plays O A Midsummers Night Dream O Romeo and Juliet O Hamlet O Macbeth
  • 18. PlaysO Romeo & JulietO Richard 3rdO The TempestO Henry 4thO HamletO OthelloO Macbeth
  • 19. SonnetsO Fair YouthO Dark LadyO The Rival PoetO O‟ thou my lovely boyO Shall I compare thee to a Summer‟s day?O Let me not the marriage of true mindsO My Mistress‟ eyes
  • 20. NarrativesO Venus and AdonisO The Rape of LucreceO Passionate PilgrimO The Phoenix and the Turtle
  • 21. William’s goals
  • 22. GoalsO Great PlaysO Make moneyO To influence the world
  • 23. My Opinion
  • 24. Opinion My Opinion of doing this Biography Project About William Shakespeare explains that he was a very Determined, Talented, and wonderfulpoet, actor, Play writer, and I guess you could say he was an “OK” Dad.
  • 25. My Recommendation to other students
  • 26. RecommendationI would totally urge all of you, for a future biography project to do William Shakespeare. It was fun doing this project because I learned a lot from it.
  • 27. Why would I recommend William Shakespeare? William Shakespeare is a fun person to learn about. The only hard thing about him was that most older documentswritten about him were in Old English. He had an extraordinary childhood. I have had fun learning about him and I know you would to!
  • 28. Thank You!Thank you for your dedicated time and patience while letting me present myPowerPoint about William Shakespeare.
  • 29. Do You Like Movies? I know I do!
  • 30. Discovery Education-Shakespeare Sonnet #1 Sonnet #116
  • 31. This has been myBiography PowerPoint ofWilliam Shakespeare