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Strategy+Business: Taking Your B2B Publication Mobile (Deck and Session Title).

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    1. 1. Taking Your B2B Publication MobileThis document is confidential and is intended solely forthe use and information of the client to whom it is addressed.
    2. 2. The digital and mobile marketplace is fundamentally changing thepublishing industry  112.5 million US adults are expected to own a tablet in 2016 (Forrester, March 2012).  Tablet adoption has gone up by 400% in the past year (Nielsen, June 2012).  Users spend ~14 hours per week with their tablets (Online Publishers Association, June 2012).  People love to read on their tablet, preferring it to their mobile phone, computer & the newspaper (Online Publishers Association, June 2012).  88% of tablet owners use it in their living room, 24% at work & 79% in the bedroom (AdWeek, April 2012).  55% of respondents in an MPA survey said they read or tapped advertisements in a magazine’s tablet edition (MPA, November 2011). 1
    3. 3. At s+b, we wantedto diversify ourcontent platformsin order to bettermeet our readerdemandsstrategy+business Brand Map 2
    4. 4. Your mobile analysis should begin with four key steps, evaluating:content, platforms, pricing models, and marketing strategies1 2 3 4 Evaluate content Consider platforms Select pricing model Plan marketing strategy
    5. 5. Content trumps technology, particularly for a lean team with alimited budget  1 Start small by experimenting with Interactive content what you already have required? “People thought we’d  2 Research partners who can provide the right level of support, at the right reimagine the magazines to price point take advantage of the technology behind the  3 Branch out into other platforms that device, but consumers repackage your existing content prefer this replica version, and in reality  Google Currents, Google we’re much better at doing Newsstand this.” -Duncan Edwards, CEO of Hearst  Mobile optimized website Magazines International  Compendium apps 4
    6. 6. Your content, reader preferences, resources, and market demandwill dictate which platforms you publish on, and in what format Content type Required Resources Market demand Reader preferences
    7. 7. We initially experimented with a digital edition and thenexpanded into iOS, s+b mobile, Currents, and Android 6
    8. 8. Your strategic goals should dictate whether you should develop a“free app” or “paid app” pricing strategy Free apps Free apps • More eyeballs, better for • No subscription revenues establishing ad base • Reduced perceived • Faster development publication value process, few complications Paid apps Paid apps • Requires integration with • Subscription revenue fulfillment vendor opportunities • Research into legal • Greater reader commitment requirements (e.g., tax) • Smaller pool of readers 7
    9. 9. Apply an integrated marketing approach to getting the word outabout your new digital or mobile product Advertising Direct Marketing Social Media Website
    10. 10. Questions? CHARITY DELICH strategy+business Marketing and Public Relations Manager Tel: 212-551-6255 9