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  • - Turn into handout for dinner event
  • - Turn into handout for dinner event
  • - Turn into handout for dinner event
  • BizBash Trends-in-catering

    1. 1. With Inte rnat iona Flai l r! Trends in Catering:Petite, Sweet & SavoryElgin Woodman, A Joy Wallace Catering Paul Lorrain, Puff ‘n Stuff Catering Warren Dietel, Puff ‘n Stuff Catering
    2. 2. Warren Dietel, Owner & PresidentPuff ‘n Stuff Catering• Family business began in Trinidad as pastry shop• Entrepreneurial from the beginning• Purchased PnSC in 2003• Commissaries in both Orlando and Tampa with (4) exclusive venues• Currently over (400) employees
    3. 3. Paul Lorrain, Executive ChefPuff ‘n Stuff Catering• 23+ years of culinary experience in the northeast and southeast US• Self-taught and apprenticed chef• Joined Puff in 2003 as Executive Chef• Numerous public appearances as a March of Dimes “Signature Chef”, on The Daily Buzz, Orlando’s WLOQ Morning Show, and Tampa’s Studio 10
    4. 4. Elgin Woodman, Executive Chef A Joy Wallace Catering Production & Design Team• Joined A Joy Wallace Catering in 1998• Collaborating Chef Author “Inside the Box of the Catering Chef”• Highlighted in Platinum Weddings, Bride and Bloom Magazine, Art of Celebration as well as many Industry Magazines• Awarded Chef of the Year 2012 by ICA
    5. 5. Peruvian History & Cultural Influences• Spanish Conquistadors- 16th century• African Slaves- Colonial Periods• Chinese Laborers- 1850’s• Japanese Immigrants- Late 19th century• European Immigrants
    6. 6. Regional Peruvian Cuisine • Coast Line- – Extensive amounts and Varieties of Fish – Agriculture such as Asparagus and Grapes – Ceviche- Tiradito, Chupe de Camarones, Lomo Saltado, Causa, Empanadas, Aji de Gallina, Anticucho, Picarones, Chifa, Pisco, Alfajores, Manjar Blanco, Turron de Dona Pepa, Suspiro a la Limena
    7. 7. Regional Peruvian Cuisine• Andes- – Agriculture such as 3000 Varieties of Potato, 35 Varieties of Corn, Chilis (Aji Amarillo, Rocotto, Aji Panca), and Local Game – Guiney Pig, Alpaca, Charqui- Olluqito con Charqui, Quinoa, Pachamanca, Chicha, Coca tea
    8. 8. Regional Peruvian Cuisine• Jungle- – Seafood and Wild Animals from the Amazon – Exotic Fruits- Cherimoya, Granadilla, Lucuma, Pepino – Tamales- Humitas
    9. 9. Latinfused SushiOp tionsA Station inspired by your classic sushi and twisted with Peruvian flavors Fresh Tuna Causa or Shrimp Causa Roll Aji amarillo potato mash, avocado, olives & rocotto pepper mayo Individual Quinoa Fried Shrimp Rolled in Nori and Sushi Rice served with Wasabi Honey Crisp Hand Roll Fried Spring roll wrapper filled with Cilantro Rice, White Fish Sashimi & Key Lime Ponzu Torched Tuna on a Warm Rice & White Bean Quenelle Octopus Carpaccio Botija Olive Sauce Tuna Anticucho Aji Panca seasoned Crisp Tuna Toro over Tuna sashimi served with a Yellow & Red Anticucho sauce Scallop Tiradito Sashimi Style Scallops Coateded in an Aji-Lime Marinade
    10. 10. Latinfuse d Sushi
    11. 11. Shrimp Causa Roll Aji Amarillo Potato Mash AvocadoOlives & Rocotto Pepper Mayo
    12. 12. Tuna Causa Roll Aji Amarillo Potato Mash AvocadoOlives & Rocotto Pepper Mayo
    13. 13. Scallop Tiradito Aji Sauce
    14. 14. Served on Warm Rice &Miso Marinated Canario Bean QuenelleTorched Tuna & Aji Amarillo Puree
    15. 15. Octopus Carpaccio Botija Olive Sauce
    16. 16. Tuna Anticucho Aji Panca Seasoned Crisp Tuna Toro Bacon Over Tuna Sashimi served with a Yellow & Red Anticucho Sauce
    17. 17. Passion Fruit Pisco Sour
    18. 18. Quinoa Fried Shrimp Rolled in Nori with Sushi Rice Cucumber & Avocado Served with Wasabi Honey
    19. 19. Paul’s Inspiration• The beautiful colors found in Saris & Indian spices• The elegant peacock feather• Bollywood glamour• Culinary excitement• Twists on tradition
    20. 20. The Menu• Curried Lamb Lollipops• Filled Spinach Pakoras• Madras Paneer Curry Skewers• Malai Koftas in Potato Cubes• Eggplant Napoleon• Tandoori Prawns in Papadam Cups• Cold-Smoked Scallops Under Glass
    21. 21. Curried Lamb Lollipops• A show of classic Indian flavors with a modern presentation.• Variations: – Butler passed – Action station
    22. 22. Filled Spinach Pakoras• Creatively formed bites featuring unique fillings and textures.• Variations: – Butler passed – Action station
    23. 23. Madras Curry Paneer Skewers• Fusing simple, but classic Indian ingredients to create a one-bite skewer.• Variation: – Butler passed
    24. 24. Malai Koftas in Potato Cubes• Beautiful and colorful potato cubes hollowed out to carry a delicious and classic side dish.• Variation: – Butler passed
    25. 25. Eggplant NapoleonBhurtha – North Indian(Punjabi)• Interpretation of a classic a napoleon with the flavors and influence of India.• Variations: – Butler passed – Action station
    26. 26. Tandoori Prawns in Papadam Cups• Papadam shell mimics a fried tortilla shell and creates a great base for this delicious dish.• Variation: – Butler passed – First course – Action station
    27. 27. Cold-Smoked Scallops Under Glass• An exciting and interactive focal point for any menu that wows!• Variation: – Action station
    28. 28. Cold-Smoked Scallops Under Glass
    29. 29. Thank You!To download a copy of today’s presentation, go to: