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It’s all about me! powerpoint

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  • 1. It’s all about me! By: Warren Brown
  • 2. Facts About Me
    Name: Warren Isaiah Brown J.R.
    Born: Trenton, New Jersey
    Birthday: July 22, 1996
    Lives: 283 Ira ave Akron, Ohio 44302
    Lived: Trenton, New Jersey, Brooklyn, New York, Miami, Florida, Akron, Ohio
  • 3. My Family and Favorite Memories
    My family: Step mom, Dad, Two little brothers, Baby brother, and a Step sister.
    My favorite childhood memory is when I went to my home town of Trenton, New Jersey to see my biological mother.
    My favorite childhood experience is when I was taught how to play sports.
  • 4. My Favorite Things To Do
    Hobbies: Video games, Basketball, Football
    I like to go hang out with all of my friends.
    I also like to go out to special places with my family and talk about childhood memories.
    My favorite sports are: Basketball, and Football
  • 5. More Of My Favorite Activities
    After School: I like to do homework and help my family clean my house.
    Evenings: I like to hang with friends and take showers.
    Weekends: I like to go to parties and I like to go places. I hate to stay in my house for too long.
  • 6. Goals For My Present
    Get A’s and B’s and only at least one C for the rest of the year and all of my high school years.
    Play sports for Garfield High School
    At the least make the Merit Role for the rest of my High school days.
    Have a way to make money before I leave High School
  • 7. Goals For My Future
    Go to College
    College: My favorite colleges are Akron U, Ohio State, and Texas Tech. I have toured all of their campuses.
    Job: When I get older I want to be a video game designer.
    Live: When I get older I want to live in my hometown of Trenton, New Jersey.
  • 8. If I could change the world…
    I would make sure that every adult had a way to make money
    Everyone has a place to live
    The economy was better
    Gas prices were lower (even though I don’t drive)!
    People had less bills even if they make money
  • 9. If I could change schools…
    Teachers actually took the time to teach kids.
    Schools were fixed up every year.
    School lunches were better.
    Every school had more money.
    Every school had new books every year.
    Principals did more for schools.
    Kids knew how to act in school.
  • 10. That is how I feel about Garfield!
    Garfield is a good school. I has a lot of friends that you can make. The sport teams are good and the teachers are somewhat friendly.
  • 11. The End! Thanks For Learning All About Me!