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Mobile Marketing Campaign Inspiration Book

  1. 1. Campaign BookGet Inspired!
  2. 2. A marketing toolbox that powers up monetization,loyalty and consumer engagement for marketeers andpublishers in local and global level, across four screens
  4. 4. CAMPAIGN OBJECTIVE INDEXIncrease Foot Traffic Interact with your customers and give themCross Selling incentives to enter your physical storesInteract with Physical GoodsCreate Direct ResponseTalk in Their ContextIncrease LoyaltyObtain Real-Time Feedback
  5. 5. INCREASE FOOT TRAFFIC Message: User receives a Message: Campaign received campaign that urges him to when he is near a retail location walk into the nearest of affiliated companies (ie: Vodafone shop, and buy a coffee shops and restaurants at product. an airport). Action: After purchasing a Action: Special offers are top up card, user scans the immediately available and can barcode of the product to be redeemed at the promoted participate in a contest to affiliated business. win a specific prize, in this case a Mini Cooper car.
  6. 6. INCREASE FOOT TRAFFIC Message: Scan a product on Message: Coupon with pecial display of your choice and 70% last-in-stock items. enter in sweepstakes that could enable you to win the Action: User can hold onto device or get 50% discount. coupon in his app for the X number of days that it is valid. Action: The system remembers users preferences to better target those users with future campaigns about specific products of interest.
  7. 7. CAMPAIGN OBJECTIVE INDEXIncrease Foot TrafficCross Selling Monetize your app inventory (owned medium) by delivering marketing messages for third party brandsInteract with Physical Goods that lead to direct responseCreate Direct ResponseTalk in Their ContextIncrease LoyaltyObtain Real-Time Feedback
  8. 8. CROSS SELLING Message: Customers are Message: Win a free beer! served a seasonal campaign from an impulse buying Action: User can redeem brand that gives them coupon for free product by exclusive video instruction using QR codes. on how to cook a new year cake. Action: Ingredients of the recipe are also automatically imported in customers shopping list.
  9. 9. CROSS SELLING Message: Promote affiliated Message: Scan to make sure businesses’ special offers we give you the lower price! through the use of geofencing technology. Action: Customers can see this promotional message in a Action: It operates with marketing leaflet of an geofencing. It involves electronics store. They can affiliated companies, such as immediately scan the QRCode coffee shops and restaurants and perform a real time search at an airport. into various price comparison engines making sure that the suggested product price is indeed the lowest in all the stores near by.
  10. 10. CAMPAIGN OBJECTIVE INDEXIncrease Foot TrafficCross Selling Provide incentives to your customer to interact withInteract with Physical Goods physical products, therefore increasing engagement and product purchasesCreate Direct ResponseTalk in Their ContextIncrease LoyaltyObtain Real-Time Feedback
  11. 11. INTERACT WITH PHYSICAL GOODS Message: Enter to win a Message: Customer initiates prize by uploading a photo interaction by scanning a QR of their look on Facebook. code on his bill, that delivers a campaign giving him the Action: Interact with a retail opportunity to win a prize (e.g. brand in a new and engaging ringtone, ring back tone) or way. watch a video of the service. Action: Scan to participate or Scan to Consume content. *ALSO this concept can be used to increase app downloads. (ie: competitions that involve QR Code scanning where users must use the app to participate)
  12. 12. INTERACT WITH PHYSICAL GOODS Message: User is prompted Message: By scanning QR code to look for the printed poster user receives the campaign located (in) at the airport. with the opportunity to see an exclusive music video. Action: This campaign uses geo-fencing feature since it Action: Scan to participate or is delivered to passengers as Scan to Consume content. they enter the airport.
  13. 13. INTERACT WITH PHYSICAL GOODS Message: Get to a DIXONS Message: Scan and see store and search for SONY exclusive American Idol Cameras backstage scenes Action: Treasure hunt type Action: The campaign involves of mobile game that uses an interaction with printed existing mobile channel material. Users scan the QR (DIXONS app) to perform code on a and watch videos of cross selling and customer their favorite TV show before it engagement for SONY new is aired. It involves affiliated cameras. Ideal for product businesses. The aim of the launching campaigns and campaign is to increase foot traffic increase. audience engagement. Therefore, beneficiaries are both the manufacturer and the retail brand.
  14. 14. CAMPAIGN OBJECTIVE INDEXIncrease Foot TrafficCross SellingInteract with Physical Goods Perform hard sales utilizing your owned mobileCreate Direct Response customer base or use third party apps as channels to motivate consumers to take actionTalk in Their ContextIncrease LoyaltyObtain Real-Time Feedback
  15. 15. CREATE DIRECT RESPONSE Message: User is presented Message: Brand delivers a with a time constraint and coupon to the app user base scarcity of products to that can be redeemed at participate specific affiliated businesses. Action: With LIMITED time Action: Facilitate clearance and products the user has sales and promote special urgency to take desired offerings by using this action while it is still campaign that updates available customers on exclusive offers. Utilizing a counter for remaining offers and a countdown for the remaining timeframe.
  16. 16. CREATE DIRECT RESPONSE Message: To redeem the Message: Offer is available for offer, customers need to specific days of the week. User share their success on must send an sms of his Facebook, therefore paying preferred movie and time. for the prize with social currency. Action: Users who send premium sms receives gets a Action: Increase clients’ reservation code to present to loyalty and satisfaction the cashier. special offers that are promoted by using geo- location technology.
  17. 17. CREATE DIRECT RESPONSE Message: This campaign Message: Offer is sent users in gives fans the opportunity to the stadium with a chance to make a direct purchase from upgrade to VIP by sending a the team’s boutique. The premium SMS or In-App purchase is made by pushing purchase a button. Action: Extra campaign Action: User has ability to revenues generated from purchase item without premium sms contest leaving campaign screen. Less clicks, higher participation!!
  18. 18. CREATE DIRECT RESPONSE Message: Best Buy Clarence Message: Casa Viva Days -40% for HP Laptops just for just for limited amount of today! merchandise Action: he campaign takes Action: Facilitate clearance advantage of the in-app sales and promote special purchases of the offerings by using this platform. The main elements campaign that updates of the campaign is scarcity customers on exclusive offers. and urgency, as it has a Utilizing a counter for specific timeframe for the remaining offers and a user to perform the desired countdown for the remaining action and it offers just a timeframe. limited amount of giveaways. This type of campaign can be applied for cross branding initiatives
  19. 19. CREATE DIRECT RESPONSE Message: Adidas Message: Meet the Scorer SMS Competition only 20 soccer Campaign. balls left! Action: By simply sending a Action: The campaign takes premium SMS or by an in-app advantage of the in-app purchase the fans are entering purchases of the the draw and the lucky one will platform. The main elements meet the scorer and win his of the campaign is scarcity shirt. The campaign utilizes geo and urgency, as it has a location technology in order to specific timeframe for the deliver the message only to user to perform the desired fans inside the stadium action and it offers just a limited amount of giveaways. This type of campaign can be applied for cross branding initiatives
  20. 20. CREATE DIRECT RESPONSE Message: Only 20 steam irons Message: Get now your tickets left! for the finals Action: The campaign takes Action: With this campaign, advantage of the geolocation fans are one click away from capabilities to deliver booking tickets for the final messages in a small area. That game and airplane tickets. way a single store of a grocery chain can communicate with customers living nearby. Scarcity and urgency are also used in order for customers to have real time information of all available merchandise. payment module is also integrated in order to redeem the offer through a direct purchase.
  21. 21. CAMPAIGN OBJECTIVE INDEXIncrease Foot TrafficCross SellingInteract with Physical GoodsCreate Direct Response Deliver personalized communication. Use social,Talk in Their Context location, time and behavioral profiling to be relevant and dramatical increase conversion.Increase LoyaltyObtain Real-Time Feedback
  22. 22. TALK IN THEIR CONTEXT Message: Communicate Message: Offer users a city highly segmented campaigns guide upon arrival to a new based on previous purchase destination history. Action: The guide includes a Action: Message is city map and the main customized for each user sightseeing sites. It takes creating high loyalty. advantage of geo-location feature. The campaign aims at stimulating customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  23. 23. TALK IN THEIR CONTEXT Message: Provide complete Message: User is notified that and updated information on he can get a discount for the the team’s latest news. purchase of sports items. Action: The news are Action: Uses geo-fencing updated constantly. technology to locate users’ position and affiliated shop is displayed on the map. The campaign involves an urgency element, as the offer is valid just for a day.
  24. 24. TALK IN THEIR CONTEXT Message: With this Message: Campaign gives the campaign viewers get the ability to users to watch chance to participate in their tonight’s movie trailers. favorite TV show. Action: It provides info about Action: The aim of the the movie (plot, cast, duration campaign is to increase etc). The aim of the campaign is audience engagement. to increase audience engagement and attract more viewers.
  25. 25. TALK IN THEIR CONTEXT Message: Scan and upgrade Message: Win tickets for to business class the movies Action: By scanning their Action: Campaign provides boarding pass, passengers info about the movie (plot, are given the chance to cast, duration etc). The aim upgrade to business class or of the campaign is to VIP section for free. To increase audience redeem the offer, they need engagement and attract to share their success on more viewers. This campaign facebook,, thus paying for type is ideal for media the prize with social publishers in order to currency. The outcome of engage audience and train the campaign will be to them that the app constantly increase customer loyalty provides valuable content. and satisfaction.
  26. 26. TALK IN THEIR CONTEXT Message: You are in Camp Message: Match Starts in 57’ Nou, check in and get minutes, watch it in CANAL+ Barcelona’s top 10 goals video Action: This campaign delivers a geolocated Action: Instant gratification notification about the match for social engagement. start time. The campaign This campaign provides changes to the appropriate customers with an exclusive channel name (CANAL+, video of the 10 best goals of ESPN, Eurosport) according Barcelona, every time they to the location of the user. check into the stadium via their foursquare account
  27. 27. CAMPAIGN OBJECTIVE INDEXIncrease Foot TrafficCross SellingInteract with Physical GoodsCreate Direct Response Increase customer loyalty and retention by making your client feel special. Warply mechanisms for customTalk in Their Context loyalty campaigns are based on advanced business rules.Increase LoyaltyObtain Real-Time Feedback
  28. 28. INCREASE LOYALTY Message: Mobile gamers Message: Scan your recycle are asked to review the app bottle barcode and get the in the store in order to get change to get extra loyalty an extra 150 point bonus in points to your loyalty card their game center account. account. Action: Aim is to increase Action: Increase customer game use, app ratings and engagement and loyalty. discoverability.
  29. 29. INCREASE LOYALTY Message: Mobile gamers Message: Welcome to London are asked to upgrade to the get a free coffee at Jolly Jokker. latest version Action: Promote affiliated Action: Give incentive to businesses’ special offers users to upgrade to the through the use of geofencing latest version by allowing technology. Increase customer them to unlock in app engagement and loyalty. consumables or additional levels. Integration with game center is optional but supported from Warply SDK.
  30. 30. INCREASE LOYALTY Message: Upgrade Rate Plan Message: Get FIFA Ball for 50% and Save Money discount, only for club members.. Action: Campaign that urges customers to upgrade their Action: This campaign gives rate plan in order to save fans the chance to make a money. Operator back ends beneficial direct purchase from initiate the communication the teams store. The purchase using Warply API. Customers is made by pushing a button via feel that the brand cares for Warply payment module. their spending.
  31. 31. INCREASE LOYALTY Message: Dine with Citibank Message: Congratulations tonight you’re reached 200 points, redeem them now to the Action: Inform customers nearest store. about close by restaurants’ special offers, display them Action: Increase customer on the map and give them engagement and loyalty the ability to make a through personalized messages reservation easily, by a SMS for their loyalty scheme or a phone call. The performance. Call them to campaign involves affiliated redeem points, to collect businesses and extends another 20 in order to reach credit card products loyalty their goals etc. business model adding real time and group buying.
  32. 32. INCREASE LOYALTY Message: Congratulations Message: Customers can be you’re reached your dollars connected to Airline call center point limit by pushing one button. They can then book a flight and get Action: Again increase exclusive offers. This campaign customer engagement and aims at enhancing customer loyalty through personalized loyalty messages for their loyalty scheme performance. This Action: Increase customer time allow customers to engagement and loyalty. exchange virtual currency with physical goods from within the app using Warply’s mobile payment module
  33. 33. CAMPAIGN OBJECTIVE INDEXIncrease Foot TrafficCross SellingInteract with Physical GoodsCreate Direct ResponseTalk in Their Context Communicate your appreciation to your clients andIncrease Loyalty ask for real time feedback in order to upgrade your service offerings.Obtain Real-Time Feedback
  34. 34. OBTAIN REAL-TIME FEEDBACK Message: Gives the Message: Sends a notification opportunity to team’s fans to to viewers, encouraging them rate the players’ to answer questions on the performance and choose the program they’ve just watched. MVP of the match. Action: The aim of the Action: Gain insight into campaign is to increase users opinions and increase audience engagement. At the engagement. same time, the TV station gathers statistical data on audience preferences.
  35. 35. INCREASE LOYALTY Message: Mobile gamers Message: Now it’s your choice! are asked to perform a social sharing in order to get an Action: This campaign prompts extra 200 point bonus in the audience to vote for their their game center account. favorite reality show players, just by pushing a button. It Action: Aim is to increase increases audience game use and in-app engagement and loyalty. purchases of virtual goods.
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