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My copywriting business

  1. 1. How I Made & Are Still Making $500,000 In TheWarrior Forum & Even MoreAs A Freelance Copywriter By Mike Hersh
  2. 2. Hey Warrior,Before I say anything else, I want to thank you for puttingyour trust in my WSO.The difference with all the WSO’s out there is they don’talways have solid proof to show you.In my case, I don’t have to throw things up in the airbecause the proof is right there on the Warrior forum.I believe that in order to really take action with my system,you must first see the results I’ve generated in the last twoyears on the Warrior forum.Then, you’ll feel more confident that I’m not like all theother guys out there just trying to make a quick buck .Truthis I’ve really made more than $500,000 in the Warriorforum, where I sell my services for dirt cheap.Outside the Warrior forum I sell my services for higherprices, sometimes even x3 the price that I charge Warriors,so this should get you excited because I’m going to besharing with you the exact steps I took to become a reallysuccessful Copywriter.Today, Warriors are coming back to me again and again,and they don’t care that I’m charging $297 when others(Copywriters)starting outare charging $97 for their copy.That’s the reason why I’m willing to sell the system that I’veused to become so successful. I have dozens of repeat
  3. 3. customers each month, more than I can handle really, sothere’s no reason for me to worry.Here’s my Warriors-For-Hire thread link again. testimonials-inside-70-off.htmlIf you’re seriously going to take action with this system,make sure to go over all the pages in that thread and learnwhat potential customers are asking for and what the bestanswers to give them are, in order to close a sale.I don’t think there’s any better proof to show you thanwhat I’m going to teach you here.If it worked for me, it will definitely work for you.You see, I’m just a regular guy who really had the passionto make some serious amounts of money online, and I’msure that if you’re here reading this, you’re in the sameposition I was back then, so we’re pretty much alike.Now, I want to emphasize the difference between what Iam going to teach you and what other people do, e.g.affiliate marketing stuff, or any other ways that can makeyou “some” money online.The difference is simple really…
  4. 4. By offering such an in demand service, you can rest assuredthat money WILL roll into your bank account day in, dayout.As you establish yourself in the market no one will be ableto stop your customers from coming back to you foranother copy. .Yup. You heard it right; when you start to get repeatcustomers you’ll not be able to stop them because word ofmouth will be working for you.And when word of mouth spreads, you’ll not be able tohandle all the work that has to be done, trust me.Personally, I’ve never hired anyone to fill in the spots,instead, I’ve trained my wife to write in the same way Iwrite and after just 6 months of training she was able towrite her very first copy. You too can do the same, or youcan simply hire someone experienced and work with themuntil you’re completely satisfied with the outcome (and yourcustomers’ of course).I’ll talk about hiring more later on, but for now, enoughtalking; let’s get to the good stuff… Where To Start?Well, the best place to start is to read 20-30 sales lettersper day. In this report, I will go over all the crucial
  5. 5. elements that every sales letter should contain, but in orderto write for any imaginable niche (and make more moneywhilst at it), you will want to expand your knowledge andread about 20-30 sales letters each day.If you don’t have the extra time and you still want to getstarted fast you can read 10-20 sales letters per day.Make sure not to read more, and not to read less.I’m saying that because this is what I’ve done and that’swhy I’m recommending it to you. After about 15-20 salesletters you’ll feel that it’s a bit too much for one day, trustme.It’s not easy to sit there and read 20 sales letters all in oneday. I know you’re in need for instant money but you haveto take my word on this when I tell you that I too onceneeded money even more desperately. And since you wantyour brain to learn something new, it’s not a good idea tooverload it with too much information in one day.Reading more can only confuse you more at the end of theday and leave you wondering whether this is for you or not,so make sure that you start with small chunks of about 10-20, and then moving onto the 20-30 letters per day.What you’re going to do here is speed learning so please,please, make sure not to exaggerate and read too muchwhen you’re just starting out.
  6. 6. In your speed learning process, make sure you go for oneniche at a time. DO NOT try to mess with a few niches at atime, because every niche has its own marketing a salespositioning, so make sure to choose one niche at a time.TIP: If you want to make some fast money, go forthe Internet Marketing niche first; because most ofmy customers were in the Internet Marketing andMake Money Online niche, the profits came rolling inVERY fast. Where To Find Thousands Of Sales Letters To ReadI’m sure you know the answer to that… http://www.Clickbank.comNow, let me tell you something about Clickbank…Clickbank is a GOLDMINE for Copywriters startingout …Seriously.All these sales letters divided into organized categories; asCopywriter starting out, you could not ask for more.Everything is so easy these days, you don’t need anythingmore than your goodwill to make it online and I totallymean that. Everything is laid out on the table right in front
  7. 7. of you, and all you have to do is to learn how “they” makeit, and then do it better, that’s all.You can find thousands of sales letters in Clickbank’smarketplace and as far as I can see it, you don’t need anyother site to read more sales letters, but if you’re stiff andyou want to get even better, here are a few other places tofind sales letters that you can read.Affiliate Networks:, you don’t need more than these, trust me. What To Do Before Reading Sales Letters?Reading sales letters without knowing what’s going onbehind the scenes will be worthless.That’s why I’m going to give you the PERFECT guideline forthe PERFECT sales letter. Call it a sales letter blueprint ifyou want.I KNOW that just by following these following instructionsyou’ll be able to produce a killer copy in no time… But, I still
  8. 8. want you to read more sales letters because by readingletters in different niches, you’ll start to get the idea of howto position any sales letter and how to hook your audiencetime and time again with different offers. How To Read The Sales Letter BlueprintYou can read the instructions for the perfect sales letter intwo ways… 1. Read once and go for your first try while reading again. 2. Read once BEFORE you start your sales letters reading day.Both options are good, doesn’t matter what you pick.Personally I did option #2 when I got started, but I knowthat sometimes it’s hard to wait since you’re in need forsome money.If I were you though, I’d go for option number two, butagain, it’s your decision. I don’t know you personally, so Idon’t really know your best learning curve. Some learn bestby practicing live, while others “get it” better by firstreading carefully and then going over it again and again.Go for whatever option suits your needs. I’ll be happy tohear how you decided to learn (but don’t expose too much)in my Warrior forum thread.
  9. 9. Share the option you go for in my thread and I’ll make sureto send you a powerful tips that I’ve never shared withanyone else.These tips will help you grow x10 times faster with thissystem.Ok, now that we know what we should do before getting inon the real deal, let’s start with my deadly yet simplesales letter strategies.Make sure to read EVERYTHING from start to end becauseeven if you know the copywriting basics, you will find A LOTmore since this isn’t just Copywriting basics, it’s my ninjatactics for the perfect sales letter.This was meant to be released as a separate WSO, but Ireally want to over deliver and I want to turn you into mynext success story, so I’m giving it all to you free of chargeNOTE: In the Blueprint, I will refer to “your product” asyour customer’s product to make it easier for you tounderstand, so please follow. My Sales Letter Blueprint ExposedThere is a science and art behind writing a successfulsales letter. Each component is a necessary part of an
  10. 10. intricately woven plan that slowly builds to a final offer--that, when written correctly, is irresistible. But, unlessyou have someone to take you by the hand and dissectthe most essential parts of this powerful marketing tool,the reasoning behind why and how they actually ‘work’can be almost impossible to understand.The formula and principles are laid out for you to followso that you can generate your own success. Irecommend that you do not leave out any part of thesales letter components included in this blueprint. Eachpiece is part of what holds the entire structure togetherand makes it successful. Follow the steps closely and youwill be able to replicate the process and the profits I havemade over the years.
  11. 11. How To Connect With Your Reader And Gain Interest Right Away!Im sure youve read your fair share of sales letters beforereading my Blueprint and buying my WSO. So, you knowthat all the most powerful ones have certain key elementsthat make them work.The preheadline is that little one or two sentencestatement at the very top of the page. It comes evenbefore the headline.The preheadline is smaller in font than the headline andunobtrusive. But, there is a psychological effect that ithas. You connect with your reader and identify theirproblem in just one or two short sentences.Offer an answer or solution to their problem and theywill be compelled to continue reading your sales letterto figure out just how they can get their hands on it.
  12. 12. Heres an example preheadline that connects with thereader and promises a solution. Use it as a working partof your sales letter:Attention [insert target audience]: Stop Putting UpWith [Annoying Task or Problem] Forever!!!
  13. 13. How To Create A Powerful And Lasting First Impression.Now, I know that I just told you about preheadlines andhow they are the first thing your reader sees. But, trulythe FIRST thing that catches a visitors eye when theycome to your sales letter is your headline. It should be inlarger letters and most often red.Like any Pulitzer Prize winning newspaper article, theheadline is essential to its success and whether or notthe actual body of the article itself gets read. The sameis true for the headline of your sales letter.If it is not compelling enough to ‘grab the reader’sattention’ immediately, they will simply click away fromthe page with no further reading and definitely no salesand profit to you. You must understand that the mostpowerful sales letter in the world is useless without anequally powerful headline.
  14. 14. To help you create powerful headlines that spark theinterest of your target audience and ensure furtherreading, follow the guidelines I’ve outline below.1. The Human FactorWith every headline use a human character that connectswith your target audience. For example while manyheadlines might read something similar to “How to MakeOver $1,000 Each And Every Day Online” it is moreimpactful to say “How a 30 Year-Old High School DropoutDiscovered A Way to Make Over $1,000 Every DayOnline. ”By putting a person in your headline you are setting upfor the story you will tell. The reader sees more than justa product for making money online. They see thepossibility and a picture painted for them of what theirlife could be like, through identifying with the person inyour headline.
  15. 15. 5
  16. 16. 2. Be Specific With Numbers And BenefitsLet’s look at 2 headlines for a weight-loss product:a. Discover how to lose unwanted inches and poundsb. Discover how a struggling overweight desk job employee lost over 50 pounds in just one monthOf course the second headline is better. That’s because itspeaks about real results and not just some unclearambiguous promises.People come looking for a solution to their problem orsituation, whatever that may be, they need specificnumbers and details to give them a picture and hope ofwhat your product will do for them.Remember when you can be specific with numbers; yourproduct will always sell better.3. Always Include The Most Common “Buzz Words”Every subject and area that you can think of has popularphrases or “buzz words” attached to it. These might bebig brands or even people that are highly visible throughshows and Television advertisement. For example, if yourproduct is a how-to guide for making money online, youwould want to use a headline like, “How a 20 year-oldhigh school dropout unlocked the secret to earning an
  17. 17. easy $300-$500 a day from Google, MSN, and Yahoo.”Notice how the words Google, MSN, and Yahoo had avery familiar and powerful effect on you when read them?If you include these and other mainstream, popular wordsin your headlines, you create instant recognition andvalue for your product. Also, because the reader canrelate to these words you build a connection with them,they will be intrigued enough to read on and find outmore about your product. On a side note, continue to usethe words from your headline throughout the remainderof your sales letter for cohesiveness and repetition andstrengthening of the effects explained above. 6
  18. 18. SubheadingsSubheadings are Attention Grabbing phrases/sentenceswritten in bold letters, often in a different font and colorfrom the normal paragraphs. If you have done yourhomework to collect some example sales letters, thenyou will easily recognize what I am talking about.Subheadings serve a couple of purposes:• To spark the reader’s curiosity and keep their interest fresh so they will continue to read. If your reader is in a rush or only has limited time to read your site, then the subheadings will sell them on the high points and cause them to read your page more carefully.• Second, the subheadings on your page will break up the monotony and transition to different parts of the sales letter. Remember, you are taking the reader through the hidden process of establishing a relationship, gaining their trust, explaining the problem and providing a solution through your product, building the value of your product, and
  19. 19. closing the sale. Sound like a lot huh! You’ll getthere just keepreading.
  20. 20. Example HeadlinesI am about to share with you, some of the best headlinesI have ever come across. You will notice that thecharacteristics described above apply to most of these.Simply modify them to fit your product and you will beready to go.Yanik Silver Headlines“Why would I, Dan Kennedy, a grumpy marketing geniusgive you 3 months of my best information for FREE eventhough I don‘t even go to lunch for free with anyone? ―(The answer may surprise you)”“Now you can sneak away with the exact same onlinemoney-making tools and profit strategies revealed atthe sold-out $4,995.00/per person Internet MarketingLab for just pennies on the dollar!”“Here‘s the ultimate, NO B.S., take-you-by-the-hand,make-you-get-off-your- butt and force-you-to-take-action personal internet marketing instruction andcoaching that guarantees your success !”“Let us hand you these 21 top-secret methods toinstantly (and ethically) persuade prospects to buy NOWand start influencing customers to keep buyingFOREVER... no matter what business you‘re in!”
  21. 21. “Finally, the first practical step-by-step, roadmap forInternet success no matter what product or service yousell... 100% Guaranteed!”John Carlton Headlines”Amazing secret discovered by one-legged golfer adds50 yards to your drives, eliminates hooks and slices...and can slash up to 10 strokes from your game almostovernight!”“If you‘ve got 19 minutes before you head out to playyour next round of golf... I will show you how to knock10 strokes off your score. It‘s simple, it‘s easy, and Iguarantee it will work for you... or I‘ll pay you $10!”“They all snickered at the nearly crippled, overweightgolfer as he hobbled up to the tee box... until hepromptly blasted a perfect 275-yard drive straight downthe fairway!”“Give me 5 minutes, and I‘ll force you to get so goodat driving with power and accuracy... that you‘ll beable to hit 200-yard tee shots while kneeling on oneknee!”
  22. 22. ”How A Completely Self-Taught Pip-Squeak Golfer IgnoredEverything The So-Called ‘Experts’ Teach... And StumbledOn The ONE BIG DARN SECRET To Instantly AddingDozens of Laser-Accurate Yards To Your Tee Shots...Especially If You‘re Too Short, Too Tall, or Too Out-Of-Shape!!!”Joe Vitale Headlines“I Dare You To Use These Hypnotic Selling Secrets AndNOT Dramatically Increase Your Traffic, Your Sales,Your Conversions, And Your Business - 100%GUARANTEED!”“MONEY BEYOND BELIEF! Moments From Now, YouCould Be Transforming Your Relationship To Money,Creating Greater Freedom To Attract As Much Of It AsYou Desire!”“World renowned marketing expert, Joe Vitale, revealsirresistible marketing secrets that have turned ordinarypeople, step-by-step, into millionaires.”David Ogilvy Headlines“An ex-safecracker confesses that he never cracked aChubb safe.”“You give up things when you buy the Mercedes-Benz230S. Things like rattle, rust, and shabby workmanship!”“A challenge to women who would never dream of servingmargarine.”
  23. 23. “Nobody, at any level, should be allowed to haveanything to do with advertising until he has read thisbook seven times.”“The amazing story of a Zippo that worked after beingtaken from the belly of a fish.”
  24. 24. How To Maintain Momentum And Move Forward In Your Letter…This is where a lot of writers really screw up. They give along boring introduction at the beginning of the salesletter as if they are giving a book report in high school.I‘m sure you remember sitting in class listening tosomeone read a book report and how excruciatinglyboring it was!When you‘re writing copy, you have to pretend you aresitting at a bar talking to your prospect. If you weretalking to a friend one-on-one, you wouldn‘t start offwith some lame introduction. You‘ll bore your prospectto tears and they‘ll politely nod their head while thinkingabout when they‘re going to do their laundry.You have to get right to the point in your opening! No fluff,no filler...just get to the point.Dear Frustrated [Insert target audience name],
  25. 25. If you’ve ever wanted to [insert benefit] withouthassling with the [insert problem] then this will bethe most important message you’ll ever read.Because I am going to show you how to [insertoutcome they want] that’ll allow you [insertbenefit].You’ll be able to [insert outcome they want]without having to deal with [common problemsyour customers face when trying to solve thisproblem]But before I do that, let me tell you a story of howI was able to overcome [insert annoyingproblem]*
  26. 26. How To Tell A Story That Will Push Buttons And Evoke Emotions.The next thing you want to do in your letter is introducethe problem that your product is going to solve (but don‘ttalk about your product just yet). A really good way ofdoing this is to tell a compelling story that illustrates theproblem. People love stories, and if you write an intriguingstory that fully presses the prospect‘s hot buttons, theywill keep reading.In this section, it is important to inject credentials in yourcopy. For example, if you are selling a product on how tomake money on the internet, tell them you‘ve made Xamount of dollars in X number of days, and prove this asmuch as possible by providing bank account statements,voided checks, screen shots, etc.By describing the problem as descriptively as possible(and providing plenty of proof), your prospect will trust
  27. 27. you and lower their guard. This will exponentiallyincrease your chance of getting the sale!If you can tap into the reader’s emotions by building thehopelessness of their situation, then you can have moreleverage when you finally do present your product as thesolution to this overwhelming problem.Here’s an example of how to apply this powerful principlewithin the sales letter. You will use words to paint adismal picture, systematically list all of the other possiblesolutions to the reader’s problem and then begin to shootthem down one by one, after the reader feels that theirsituation is now hopeless, you will unveil the only realsolution to their miserable problem, which is none otherthan the product you are promoting.Example:
  28. 28. ‘As soon as he looked in my mouth he said, "lookslike you have tonsil stones." "Tonsil what?" Ireplied. I had never heard of such a thing.The specialist told me they were quite common and wenton to describe the process by which the tonsil stonesform. Food particles were being trapped in the tinycrevasses on my tonsils. Over time the food would rotand cause bacteria in my throat, hence the foul smell andbad breath.Then he told me the only solution to getting rid of tonsilstones was to undergo surgery and have my tonsilsremoved!I had never had surgery before in my life and wasvery nervous so I did what any normal person does –I "Googled" it on the Internet.I did some research and found out the average recoverytime for an adult having a tonsillectomy was at least 3
  29. 29. weeks, sometimes even longer. I could not afford tomiss work for 3 weeks!Then I read horror story after horror story about howpainful the procedure was for an adult. How you couldn’teat or drink for weeks. And how you had to stay alldrugged up to numb the pain.But the ear, nose, and throat specialist had told me that Iwould either have to cope with the tonsil stones or havethem removed surgically. My heart sank. Tonsil stoneswere already causing me to avoid romantic relationshipsbecause of my foul breath. I was so ashamed. And now,unless I underwent a painful surgery, I was being given alife sentence. I cried that night. Why me? Was I beingpunished for something I had done?
  30. 30. After feeling emotions of anger and guilt for about aweek, I decided there was no way I was going to letthese tonsil stones take control of my life any longer.Surely there must be a way to get rid of them withoutsurgery. I decided to ignore what the doctor told me andfind out the truth for myself.I committed myself to learning anything and everythingabout tonsil stones and how to get rid of them withoutsurgery.I went on a mission to discover why so many peoplewere affected with tonsil stones. I went to naturaltherapists, homeopathic doctors, and even a Chineseherbalist but they couldn’t help me. I took a slew ofherbal medicines and natural antiseptic drops but nothingworked. The tonsil stones were still there.After two years of this constant emotional battle, Ifinally found a different and viable solution to thiscommon problem. It was quite simple, really, and it
  31. 31. attacked the root cause of tonsil stones, not just thesymptoms.It was quite a journey to uncover something that reallyworked and I must admit I was skeptical at first when Itried it. But the evidence was right there in front of myeyes. I decided that I might as well try it and see whathappened. I had nothing to lose anyway so whynot?I truly didn’t think I would EVER get rid of the tonsilstones and the chronic bad breath that had tormentedme for so long. However, I desperately wanted to feelbetter about myself and I wanted these tonsil stonesGONE FOR GOOD, so I decided to give it my best try.
  32. 32. Now, while the Internet is the largest marketplace in theworld, you and I both know there is a sterile andmechanical aspect about it that seems to make it easierfor potential buyers to say ‘no’. That’s why you have to doeverything you can to connect to them in a personal andemotional way through your sales letter.That’s where a story about how the product developeror a user of it, struggled like everybody else onceupon a time in the past, before they finally came upwith the information or product that they’re nowmaking available to others so they can overcome thesame problem.Remember that your reader is reading your sales letterbecause they’re struggling right now and looking toyour product for a solution, an emotional story of howthe developer or a product user went from beinghopeless to becoming an expert, provides a ray ofhope for their own struggle. They reason in their mindthat if an ordinary person could do it and achieve theirnewfound success, then they could too.
  33. 33. How To Personalize And Persuade With The Benefits Of Your Product .If you’re already familiar with the general format of asales letter then you know that the successful onesinclude a list of benefits (Bullet Point format). Now, thebiggest function of the bulleted list is that it will build thevalue of the product and tell the reader exactly how theirlife will improve by purchasing your product.So for example, if the product being sold was a WeightLoss guide, you’ll see at least one section of the salesletter that will say, "Inside this guide, you’ll discoversecrets such as…"• How to actually eat more food and still lose weight.• Four secret “tricks” that will jump start you weight loss• How to unlearn your unhealthy eating habits in 10 short days, no matter how undisciplined you were before.• A little known fact that will help you conquer properportion control.
  34. 34. • Why you should actually avoid eating salad and plentyof other “healthy” food myths.”• Three mistakes to avoid that can mean the differencebetween success and failure (In fact, once you read this segment it will be almost impossible to fail).• Secret mind tricks you must understand for long termweight loss.• How you can eat out (even at McDonald’s) and still loseweight.• 10 foods you need to avoid and 10 foods you can’t livewithout.• The key to achieving that sexy hourglass figure or V-shaped physique.Again reinforcing the point that you do not have toreinvent the wheel with every sales letter you write,take a look at sales letters that promote productssimilar to yours. You will notice that, for the most part,they have very similar benefits. These are key togetting your product to actually sell and compete withthe competition.
  35. 35. 15
  36. 36. Just make sure you are only using high quality andhigh-ranking sites to rewrite bullet points from.Let me share the process I use to include bulletpoints/benefits of other top Sales Letters into a new andcompeting sales letter, like the one you’ll be creating:1. First, I begin by pulling up the top 10 products in the marketplace for the category/keyword(s) of the product that I am trying to sell.2. Next, I scroll through each letter to find all of the bulleted lists. These usually have some kind of headline about secrets/benefits/tips that the product will deliver upon purchase. You will want to copy and paste all of these bullets into a word document. (Note: This is a reference document. For the sake of formatting and avoiding confusion, create a new document. Do not paste them into your sales letter!)3. Finally, I “re-phrase” every each bullet point in the list. This takes a little bit of practice to make it sound unique and yet still say the same thing. If you have bullets that are duplicated on the list, you can delete them. Don’t say the same thing twice. Also, most bullets will have one part that is emphasized with bold
  37. 37. font or highlighting. This is the crucial point of the benefit. Make sure that your crucial point is clear and noticeable when you rewrite.4. Of course you can add your own benefits if you feel confident enough in writing them. Just remember that you are promoting benefits and not features. Also, cover the list of proven benefits first. These already have a track record of converting readers to buyers.
  38. 38. How To Build The Value Of Your Product So You Can Get Your Price.The purpose of the value builder is to show theprospect, in great detail, why what they are paying you isa bargain. In the case of a golf product, for example, youcan talk about how much money you‘d save by not havingto waste thousands of dollars on new golf clubs andexpensive golf lessons to get the same result— hit longerdrives.You could also talk about the time you‘d save endlesslypounding golf balls on the driving range when you couldapply this secret stance and start driving longer straighterdrives in as little as ten minutes. This is time that could bespent improving other areas of your game like chippingand putting. I hope you get the picture.Compare your product with competing products andother ways to get the desired benefit— the solution to
  39. 39. their problem. Don‘t be afraid to compare apples tooranges.You can also increase value by offering bonuses.Sometimes people will buy because they want your bonusmore than your product! Just make sure that your bonusis related to or will enhance your product. It is also crucialto assign a dollar value to each bonus in your copy andadd them up to show the prospect the awesome valuethey are getting.Heres a template you can work from to create your ownvalue builder:You see, there are many people who spend [insertexorbitant cost] trying to [insert problem to besolved]. Not to mention the countless hours oftime wasted banging your head against the wall.Plus you can buy other products that rangebetween [insert cost] and [insert cost] but end upfrustrated at the end.
  40. 40. How To Overcome Every Last Objection.I am going to tell you something that is critical to yourunderstanding of how and why sales letters areeffective. You see one of the main purposes or goals ofa sales letter is to ‘overcome objections’. In otherwords, all prospective buyers have some crucialquestions/objections running through their head.Psychologists call this ‘Internal Dialogue’.Make no mistake. This FAQ section is important. Infact it has the power to be the difference between aprospective buyer who’s ‘sitting on the fence,’ not fullyconvinced about buying the product, and closing thesale by answering lingering questions and overcomingthose before mentioned objections.Below is an example list of FAQs; suppose that you areselling a beginner’s guide for learning to play the guitar:
  41. 41. Q: What makes this book different from all of the other guides collecting dust on my shelf because they did not help me get to the level I was hoping for?A: “This guide is unique and different from anything elseyou might have come across. The techniques taught in this guide employ a revolutionary new technology that makes it easier than you can imagine. In fact, you can teach yourself to play the guitar in only 5 quick and easy lessons, etc.”Q: How time consuming is this program? Will I have to practice for endless hours and months?A: “Not in the least this Guitar program is so simple topick up; believe it or not a 7-year-old could pick it upwithin just a few short weeks. Within just a few days ofputting this program to use, you’ll find yourself playing likea PRO, etc.”
  42. 42. Q: I’m a total beginner I’ve never tried to learn to play the guitar before. Will this program work for me, or do I have to have some basic level of ability and understanding under my belt?A: “This program is a great fit for aspiring musicians of all levels. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced guitar player, you will find that this program takes you from where you are and walks you through exactly what you need to do to become the musician you desire.”As you can see, these are not technical in nature, theyare persuasive and conversational.Just another avenue for you to hook the reader andconvert them to a buyer.Remember, you dont have to reinvent that wheel.Just like you would do for the benefits of yourproduct, find the top competitors in your nicheand rewrite their FAQs.
  43. 43. How To Strengthen The Selling Power Of Your Product…If you have done a good job of establishing the value andcreation of your project, then you will only need todouble check that you have covered this point.By ‘validate the product origin’ I mean that you need tomake sure that you point out that this product is not justsome scheme cooked up by an online marketer wantingto make money off of unsuspecting customers.Make it loud and clear that your product is not just a‘copycat’ of another popular product in the same niche.State that your product comes from a REAL expert, withREAL experience and REAL customers who have gottenREAL results from using it.
  44. 44. You can further support this fact by using pictures/videosof your product developer on the sales letter. Again, thisboosts the value and selling power of your product, because it comes from an expert and is not just agimmick.
  45. 45. How To Prove Youre The Real Deal…You must validate your claims within the sales letter bymaking a point to say that what you are advertising andclaiming about your product really is true. At the sametime you must let your readers know that this is not likeother products that claim to be a ‘Magic Pill’ which willbring instant results in minutes with no effort on the partof your buyer at all!You don’t want to make ridiculous claims like “purchasethis magic weight loss program and you’ll lose 10 lbs bytomorrow morning”, or “get this amazing muscle buildingprogram, and you’ll add 100 lbs of pure muscle in lessthan 5 days!”In fact quite the opposite, don’t be afraid to tell yourreader that you would never insult them by makingoutrageous claims and expecting them to believe thatyour product will solve their problems overnight. Againhere you are emphasizing the point that your product is
  46. 46. not some scam set up by an Internet Marketer trying tosell low-quality information and make a quick buck, but aREAL product created by a REAL expert making realisticclaims that are very attainable even by the averageperson.
  47. 47. How To Sell A Solution.Now keep this in mind: You are not selling your prospectthe actual product (a bunch of electrons - if you‘re sellingan eBook). You are selling a solution to their problem.Therefore, in your offer, you have to maximize theperceived and real value of your product.When describing your product, you have to give themost emotional rendition of how your product is goingto solve their problem.Reinforce how your product is going to primarilybenefit them and you‘ll talk about the other benefitslater.In other words, describe in great detail how, once theirproblem is solved, their life is going to be infinitely betterafter they‘ve used your product.You‘ll also want to talk about the features of the productand how much time and effort went into creating it. This
  48. 48. increases the perceived value of the product, and justifiesthe price you will introduce later on.
  49. 49. How To Sell To Even The Most Skeptical!The purpose of the guarantee is to remind your prospectof all the claims that you made in your copy and how yourproduct is going to solve their problem.This sets a standard for what they can expect in theproduct or service and gives them a way to back out ifthey are not satisfied.In your guarantee, you can urge your prospect to test theproduct for a certain period of time.You can also introduce more elements of credibility, suchas testimonials in this section of your copy. Spelling outthe terms of your guarantee and refund policy is also animportant step.While you might be concerned that a generous guaranteewill cost you money and increase your refund rate, theopposite is actually true.
  50. 50. A strong guarantee can actually increase your sales.Because, there are those who are hesitant to purchasethings via the Internet or maybe theyre just still unsure ifyour product can really solve their problem. These peopleneed that one last reassurance before they click the orderbutton.A guarantee also provides an ― out to the customer, ifthey do not get the desired benefits from your product.It tells the customer that the merchant stands behindtheir product to the point that they are willing to providesome compensation for their time and money investedin it. The basic option is the ―100 Percent Money BackGuarantee that usually lasts 60 days (Clickbank).It has been shown that longer guarantees convert betterbecause the customer usually forgets about theguarantee over time.For example, if you had a seven-day money- backguarantee (as is the case with most eBay ads), that‘s ashort enough time frame for the buyer to keep thatguarantee at the back of their mind.
  51. 51. It‘s easier to remember that the guarantee for thatwidget you bought expires next Tuesday, rather than twomonths from now.This of course, isn‘t an excuse to sell an inferior productin the hope that customers will forget the guarantee. It‘sjust been shown that ―buyer‘s remorse is moreprevalent sooner rather than later, even if the product istop-notch.So make sure to make your guarantee last at least 30days. That said, the longer the better. I‘ve seen 365 dayand lifetime guarantees—which instills more confidencein the buyer.Use these guarantee seals alongside your text to makeyour product all the more professional and your guaranteeappear iron-clad!
  52. 52. How To Use Even The Last Second To Close The Deal…It is recommended that, after your signature, you give atleast one solid P.S. Here, you should recap theemotional payoff the prospect will get by using yourproduct. Again, you want to be as descriptive as possibleabout how your customer will primarily benefit.You want to get them future-tripping and imagininghow their lives will be so much easier after they‘vestarted using your product.Another reason for including a strong P.S. in your copy isbecause most people will scan to the bottom of the pageautomatically when they are viewing a new website. Byhaving a strong post script that recaps the main benefit ofyour product, you will spark interest in the prospect andthey‘ll want to scroll up and read your message. So that‘sit!
  53. 53. By implementing the secret structure of a sales letter inyour next sales piece, you‘ll be miles ahead of yourcompetition who are just ―shooting from the hip andhoping that what they write will stick (Chances are, itwon‘t).Here are a couple of post script examples you can adapt toyour own sales letter:P.S. One more thing, it’s important: I reserve theright to raise the price of [product] based ondemand. Plus, the [#] bonuses worth [$] may betaken off this and sold individually. So invest in[product] while this offer is still up!P.P.S. Imagine being able to [insert big benefitthey want and how their life will be better].[Product] was created to enable you to [solveproblem and get the big benefit] as fast aspossible. The best part is you’re backed by my[insert guarantee]. So order today!
  54. 54. How To Format For Busy Readers…Why You MUST Break Your Copy Into Bite-SizedChunks. Most internet users suffer from online ADD.They get on the internet to search for information to solvetheir problem.Even if they have to pay for that information, that‘s fine—as long as it solves their problem. The only problem isthat they usually have tons of distractions.Instant messages and emails are popping up all the time,and browsers now have tabs so you can have multiplepages open at the same time.If your visitor sees a huge block of text, they are notgoing to want to trudge through it to get what they want.They are going to get intimidated by the sheer mass ofwords and move on.There are many ways that you can break your sales pitchinto bite-sized pieces. These include inserting subheads,
  55. 55. interjecting Johnson boxes and testimonials, and relevantgraphics.BulletsBut the most important way to break up the monotony ofyour copy is inserting bullets that will not only make yourcopy look less intimidating, but summon a buying frenzyin your audience. So, What the Heck is a Bullet?When people think about bullets, they just think:- It looks something like this- And that‘s all there is to it.Cosmetically, they‘re right. But in copywriting, a bulletis much more than a bunch of words next to a dot. It isvery often responsible for ― closing a prospect becauseit contains something specific they are looking for.
  56. 56. Let‘s take a self defense manual for example. Theamateur marketer might have bullets in their copy thatread like this:- Soft cover- 342 pages thick- Full of illustrations- Endorsed by expertsThese are not the kind of bullets we want. Leave theseup to the amateurs. The kind of bullets you really wantread something like this:- How to end any fight in 4 simple moves or less! (These simple, yet deadly moves will put lethal force into your hands regardless of your age, sex, size, or conditioning, and even if your opponent is bigger than King Kong Bundy!)- Think you should use your fist to win a fight! Think again! I expose why ―throwing a punch could be the WORST thing you can do in a real fighting situation.- A closely guarded ―insider technique that redirects youropponent‘s force, making you virtually attack proof! (Thishas absolutely NOTHING to do with Aikido or Tai Chi!)
  57. 57. - The underground Israeli technique that makes taking a gun away from ANY attacker as easy as taking candy from a baby!- How to quickly arm yourself (permanently) with an ―invisible baseball bat— a simple move so devastating, using nothing but your natural body movements, that it will drop Godzilla in a New York second!- How to tell when your attacker is just ―bluffing with a knife, and when he‘s about ready to commit to stabbing you! (Believe me, this is crucial knowledge for making your best fight-ending move!)Quite a difference, isn‘t it?These bullets are infinitely more powerful and urgethe reader to take action.Now let‘s examine what makes an enticingsubheading.
  58. 58. SubheadingsAnother way that is commonly used to point outadditional benefits of a product and break up themonotony is to include subheadings.These dont have to be complicated. Think about readinga magazine article. Exciting, moving, and powerful quotesare often pulled out of the body of the article andrepeated in bold to stand out. The same concept can beapplied to your sales letter.If readers scan your letter and find bold text that grabstheir attention, they are much more likely to return tothe beginning and read in more detail. We all do it!Text FormattingAside from the stand out headline and subheadings,youll also want to make bold and possibly highlightsegments of your benefits bullets. Again, people arescanning and looking for what they need.If youve pulled up competitors sales letters and done yourhomework, youll see what I am talking about.
  59. 59. Finally, red and green text, psychologically have an effecton readers. Youve probably noticed a lot of headlines andsubheadings in red or green. No, they are not everyonesfavorite colors! There are studies behind this stuff.Red- Causes readers to stop and pay attention.Green- Causes readers to go ahead and obey what you aregently commanding.
  60. 60. Few Final ThoughtsNow that youve worked your way through this blueprint,youre ready to get started with your own sales letter &your future customer’s sales letters. A g a i n I advise thatyou keep this guide handy and even open in anotherwindow on your computer while you work on your owncopy or your client’s sales copy, so that you can referback to it quickly and easily.I have not talked about testimonials and photos. So, Iwill briefly touch on it now.These two elements are extremely powerful inconverting you readers to buyers. Social proof is sopowerful because another person is vouching for thevalue and validity of the product or service that youreselling.Thats why infomercials use testimonials as well. Neverfake your testimonials if you want to stay out of troubleand stay in business! NEVER EVER agree to write fake
  61. 61. testimonials for your clients, and never accept to addfake testimonials to a sales letter that you wroteyourself. Your customer can buy fake testimonials and ask you to add them to the sales letter,so make sure you do not agree to do that. Where To Find Customers For Your New Copywriting BusinessThis is probably the part where most will fail, but makesure to follow my guidelines and you should be writingyour first copy quickly & easily.I’ve started my Copywriting service in the Warrior forum.I’ve mentioned this earlier, but that’s the best place to findnew customers.When I got started, I believe that I was the first to offerCopywriting services with instant payment button forWarriors to buy directly from the thread.
  62. 62. Others (if any) were trying to get Warriors to contact themvia email, and that was the thing that helped me get morecustomers. When you’re asking potential customers tocontact you via email, you scaring the hell out of thembecause they will immediately think that you don’t exposethe price in your thread because you want to squeeze themost out of every customer.Make sure to be upfront and come up with your own salesletter packages.For example:Basic Sales Letter - $297Pro Sales Letter - $997Premium Sales Letter - $1997/$2997Can’t believe that people are paying that high?Think again!I’m your living proof that they will 
  63. 63. Not to mention that you can come up with “add-ons” likesales letter formatting for a discount to those who order asales letter. You can always squeeze more out of a“buying” customer, so don’t under estimate the potentialof a current customer.I’m sure that you’re skeptical right now ,and you’rethinking that no one will pay you that much, but soon we’llgo back to the price point and I’ll let you in on my secretweapon that helped me get more sales than I couldhandle.More on that soon.So… Let’s get back to the Warrior Forum.There are four main ways to get new customersthrough the Warrior Forum: 1. Post a new thread in the Warriors-For-Hire section like I did when I got started. 2. Write a killer forum signature and start responding to other people questions in any section in the forum & add a banner in your forum signature(it’s cheap) 3. Read hundreds of sales letters and the sales letter blueprint time and time again until you feel
  64. 64. confident. Then you can go into the “Copywriting Forum” section and start answering questions. 4. Buy a top banner ad on the main Warrior forum page.These are the best options you have out there today.Please note that we’re talking ONLY about the Warriorforum right now, we’ll get to others soon. 1. Post a new thread in the Warriors-For-Hire section like I did when I got started – This is the easiest option, since it’s paid, and you’ll get your first job in a day or two max.I’ve started with a thread in there, and in no time I hadmore work than I could handle. Make sure that you’recoming ready after you’ve written at least 5-10 salesletters just for fun, and you know that you can get yourcustomers satisfied.Make sure to get in there and spend your hard earnedmoney ONLY if you can over deliver. Your first customer isthe most important customer you’ll ever have, since hewill give you a testimonial if he’s happy, and thattestimonials will get the ball rolling quickly.You do not want to get a bad review on your threadstarting the first letter (or ever ), so be sure to overdeliver and keep everything tracked and on time.
  65. 65. You want your first customer to be happy as hell when hegets to see the sales letter, so make sure to give him thebest you possibly can. Remember, your future is on theline here, so don’t take any risks ok? 2. Write a killer forum signature – Forum signatures are a great way to get more work. I’ve tested this for two years now, and you’ll be amazed how much money simple forum signatures can make. That’s of course, if you can really answer Warriors questions with a deep intention to help them, and you know what you’re talking about. If you have no experience at all, I really recommend you join the discussion first, and only when you’re getting to a point where you know how to answer and provide the best solution for the problem, then you can answer questions. You can talk in any part in the forum, there are so many product owners browsing the forum, that you can participate in any section in the forum, and you’ll still get some sales. 3. Read hundreds of sales letters and the sales letter blueprint time and time again until you feel confident – This technique is used by many Copywriters out there, and it always works.
  66. 66. Again, don’t even try to get into this section in the forum if you’re not TOTALLY ready. If you are, then be ready to come across dozens of customers using this section in the forum. Many frustrated marketers try to write their own copy, with no success. They think that it’s so easy to produce a sales copy without any knowledge, so they will try to come up with their own version of it. Fact is, when they try to who write their own copy they will never get a positive response, and that way as frustrated as they are you can easily get them to become your customer. Personally I don’t even think that you need to join the conversation, because you can simply PM the guy with a small tip; and don’t forget your signature is right there below your answer, so almost 90% of the time they will contact you and ask you to write the copy for them. In this case make sure to put down the price for your sales letters in your signature. This is a cool tactic to get some sales, isn’t it? Since you position yourself as the expert by approaching him with a cool tip first, he usually won’t even ask to see your previous work, so that’s a good start huh?4. Buy a top banner ad on the main Warrior forum page – This can get you loads of projects. It’s easy, and if you have the money to advertise, you can make lots of money using this method. You can get your first banner up and running in no time, and
  67. 67. the profit will be worth every penny. Simple go to and You’ll see the full instructions on how to upload your banner. I won’t go into more details on this one because it’s really simple, and I assume that you want to make money at first, not to spend money… Right? Finding Customers On Freelance SitesLike I’ve mentioned before, when you’re just staring out,you should write a few sales letters for fun, and see howthing go. A good idea would be to find some PLR productsout there with crappy sales letters and write your ownkiller sales letter version for the product.Why you should do it? 1. You’ll have sales letters in your portfolio that you can show to potential customers. 2. You’ll be able to get this PLR product on Clickbank and make even more money Getting more customers is just a question of howexperienced you are, and how big your portfolio is.
  68. 68. Potential customers will usually ask to see some samples,and if you’ve written some copies for PLR products, youcan show them these.You can even go further like I did, and just write your ownversions for products in the marketplace. Again, that wayyou’ll have more sales copies in your portfolio to show topotential customers.Another benefit and monetization idea: If you’refeeling that your version can compete with the currentversion the vendor has, contact him and let him know thatyou wrote a new version for his product, and ask him ifhe’s willing to split test both of them and see which ismore successful. Trust me, if your version get’s even 1%in conversions or even 0.5%, he will beg to buy yourversion, even for a few thousands, because it’s a provenway for him to make more money in the long run.Ok, so back to getting more customers as a freelancecopywriter. As I mentioned, when you have some copiesto show to your potential customers, it’s time to get evenmore work.Register as a freelance writer in the following sites:
  69. 69. http://www.scriptlance.comhttp://www.Elance.com’s no need to register for others, since these are themost powerful freelancing sites out there. Before going tothese freelancing sites, I think that you should startadvertising yourself in forums. That’s because you cangain trust faster in forums, and find customers faster.Unlike those freelancing sites where you have to beg foryour first job and get some serious feedback fromcustomers, in forums you can get recognized much fasterand get some work quickly.Here are a small list of forums where you register rightaway and start building your reputation…http://www.warriorforum.comhttp://forums.digitalpoint.com
  70. 70. http://www.backlinksforum.comhttp://www.nichechppers.comThere are many others, but I prefer not to include themsince they include black hat stuff, and you don’t want toget into black hat forums posting your service if you wantto succeed in the Copywriting business.I recommend you to register in these forums and startparticipating in them.Don’t forget to use your forum signature as an add-on,and you’ll get even more work through your forumsignature.Remember that I want you to list your service in theseforums; that should be your main goal.Some of them charge for posting your ads, some of themdon’t. Since this is not a forum promotion guide I will notgo into more details on these forums, but be sure thatlisting your services in them will get you writing muchfaster. Pricing Your PackagesOk, now we’re back to pricing your packages. I wanted toget into more details about this because it’s one of thethings that can make you or break you.
  71. 71. You don’t want to charge too much for your service whenyou’re just starting out, because people will always go forthe cheapest option they find.Also, you don’t want to go too low, because the “expert”effect will be lost and you don’t want people to think thatyou’re desperate for their money. Instead, you wantthem to think that they need you more than youneed them.This is a VERY important step in the process and you willlose many customers if they feel that you’re only there fortheir money.You should always emphasize that you’re there to helpthem out, and you’re taking their money because this iswhat you do for living, and you love what you do and youhave no other intention other than making money doingwhat you love to do.Here’s the best way to price your packages…In the first 5-10 copies, you want your price to be lowerby 25% from the others. That’s a must if you want peopleto actually try your service, doesn’t matter what you do.If your competitors are selling a sales letter for say, $97,you should price your basic sales letter package for about$75, with free unlimited revisions. If you know how toformat sales letters, try adding this as a free gift to makeyour customers even happier.
  72. 72. Always try to find things that you can add to the packagefree of charge, and that way you’ll differentiate yourselfout there.Remember this:DIFFERENTIATE OR DIEThis is the title of a book I once read, and it’s definitely agood read. You can look for it on Amazon if you want, itwould be worth your while, trust me.You should always strive to make the package irresistible,since you’re just starting out, it should be a no-brainer foryour customer to purchase from you, that’s the secretbehind the most successful business owners.When you have established a nice portfolio, you’ll be ableto slowly raise your prices and test what’s going on, ifthings are going well, you can keep the higher price point,if you’re seeing that your sales are getting lowered, itwould be a good idea to get back to the lower price point.As an example, when I got started I was charging $97 forthe basic sales letter package, and things we’re going verywell.I always tried to over deliver, and I’m still doing this forevery customer, be it free text formatting for their salesletter, or helping with some new ideas for their product, or
  73. 73. answering many other questions that the customer maybe faced with.When I had about 10-15 copies behind me, I raised theprice for the basic package to $197, and waited to seehow it’s going.I was amazed to see the same workload with the $197price point. I kept working for $197 for two months, andwhen I had about 25-30 samples in my portfolio, I decidedto raise the price again to $297.This time the workload got lower, but it was good for mesince I got paid a lot more.Instead of writing about 15 copies each month, I couldwrite less and make the same money.Now you’re probably asking yourself how much furtheryou can raise the price and still make good money.Well, $297 was the highest price I could charge andexpect an instant payment on the thread. But then ofcourse I came up with a really great idea to charge morefor my services…Curious?I’m sure you are….How To Get 4 Figures For Your Sales Copy (Premium Sales Copy Explained)
  74. 74. It’s quite easy really. Easier than it sounds.The techniques for getting more money for your salescopy is to chat with the customer via Skype, or if yourEnglish is not quite good enough yet, you can chat viaGmail chat or any other IM. That’s my little secret that I’vebeen keeping from others, but this is a golden nugget foryou.The money that I’ve been doing in my Warrior forumthread is the small money that I’ve been making. I’vemade up to $2,997 for a sales copy, and not only once, Iwrote more than 30 of these only this year.You see, when a potential customer comes to the Warriorforum to look for Copywriting services, he’s usually beingpresented with low cost offers from other warriors, but ifyou can get him to chat with you via IM or Skype, you’llbe able to get more money out of each customer sinceyou can tell him why he should hire you and what he’sgetting before he even finds out about all the others.Usually when someone is looking for Copywriting services,he will either be looking for the best looking thread withthe most reviews on it, or for the cheap offers. I recentlyfound out that more than 25% of my customers aregetting to me through Google.How do I know that?
  75. 75. I ask them.When I see that a potential customer has asked me to PMhim my email address, and he has only one post, I knowthat he came through Google, and that way I know thathe registered just to post in my thread.These customers are the best, because they haveregistered specifically for me, so you know that they reallyliked my thread reviews and samples.Anyways, the way to get more out of every customer is tochat with him and ask him what he really needs. In mostcases your customer will not even know what he wants forhis product, and you should guide him through theprocess.Who will pay more for a sales letter you ask?Well, in most cases people who are more serious abouttheir product and really want to succeed online. Theyknow that by paying more they will get more of yourattention, and your attention means more money fromthem in the long run.By paying you more they know that you can spare moretime to write the sales letter for their product, and you
  76. 76. have the time to think about how to position the productin a unique way that no one else can.Also, if a basic sales letter is about 4-5 pages long (just anexample), the premium sales letter will be 20-25 pages,and that helps you write a better description for theproduct, story, and all the rest of the things that make akiller sales letter. Differentiate Yourself: Updating Your Customers When you’re offering a service, doesn’t matter what it is, you should always update your customer. Maybe I should rephrase this one… When you’re taking someone’s money, you better update them every 48-72 hours if you don’t want them to get mad at you and ask for a refund  Better?
  77. 77. Now, seriously…People are working hard for their money, and thereare thousands of scammers online. Customers don’tknow if you’re one of them until they see their copydone.That’s why I’m saying that you have to update yourcustomer on the status of their sales letter, and doso as much as possible.Even if you’re late with the copy, they will alwaysbe happy to get an update, and I’m saying thisfrom experience.Don’t think that they’ll be mad at you if you’re latea day or two, or even a week, just let them knowwhat’s happening and you should be ok.They will appreciate your update and thank youtime and time again for keeping them posted.I’ve found that most Copywriters and serviceowners do not update the customers as they goalong, and that’s a way for you to always get repeatcustomers. Make sure to send them an email fromtime to time telling them what the status of their
  78. 78. project is. This will get you tons of business with no work at all. This is a tested and proven by me ;-)2 Other Ways To Get Even More Work…1. PPC Ads2. Ranking For Copywriting Terms On Search Engines3. Approaching Product Owners1. PPC Ads can get you loads of new customers each and every month. Yes, you will need to spend some money, but the money will come back to you x10 times more. This is a VERY easy way to get more clients, and don’t forget that they will come back for more if you treat them right, so eventually you’ll make x100 or even more than you spend. Copywriting services are always in demand since people don’t know how to sell their stuff, so they will always look for Copywriters via search engines first, and if you’re listed in the search engines, then you can be sure they’ll find you. These customers are the best for premium sales letters because they have just started their journey looking for
  79. 79. Copywriters, so they don’t even know how much these services cost, definitely a good one for you, you can get them to order the premium service and advertise even more using their money.2. Ranking For Copywriting Terms On Search Engines- This is not used by many Copywriters, and it’s a powerful way to get more business. Setting up a simple blog/website with your portfolio is a good idea. Make sure to post Copywriting tips every 2-3 days and you’ll soon find yourself going up in the search results for keywords that other Copywriters are paying a lot of money to show up for. You can even hire a VA (virtual assistant) who will do all the work for you. You can find good VA’s and article writers on the Warrior forum for about $75 per week. Get someone to write articles for you (us only) and you can get the VA to post them for you every few days. You can even use Wordpress and post your articles automatically and see the results coming in no time. As you probably know, try to rank for low competition keywords if you want to get fast results.3. Approaching Product Owners – That’s a strategy that may be well worth your while. It’s not always a good idea to sit there and wait for customers to roll in. If you want to get fast results and build your portfolio fast, you can approach product owners yourself offering them “pay for results” sales letter. That way you can write for fun, teach yourself more
  80. 80. and more, and get paid lots of money if you get good results. Like I mentioned before, a product owner will be willing to pay $x,xxx for a copy that will raise conversions for sure, so let him split test and get your money when he does see the difference.I will probably release another WSO on this strategy soon,but there you have it, a quick way to get into the $x,xxxmark. Final Words…I think that by now I’ve covered any possible situation thatyou may face. If you have any questions, I have answers!Keep me posted in the thread if you have any question, I’lladd all the questions to the FAQ which is underneath theactual thread.Again, the reason you should take action on this one isbecause I’m not just saying that I’ve made a million buckswith no proof at all. I have all the proof in the world in mythread, and as I said before, most of my sales are comingfrom PM’s I’m getting each day. The premium sales lettersare coming through PM’s and then moving to Skype orGmail. I rarely talk on Skype, and I’ve still managed tomake up to $2997 for one single sales letter. I’m sure thatyou can do the same if you’ll just take action and workwith the sales letter Blueprint and all the instructions Igave you here.
  81. 81. I’ve worked my ass off on this 80 page report to makesure that everything is in it, so please show me yoursupport and post your positive review in the thread to helpme get it running for a long time.I wish you all the best!Mike Hersh