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Instant bio box_templates

  1. 1. 5 InstantArticle Bio Box Templates By Eric Gruber Your Article Marketing Expert
  2. 2. Bio Box Template 1:Your 30-Second CommercialExample:Article Marketing Expert Eric Gruber uses the power of articles to create online opportunities forentrepreneurs who want more publicity, prospects and profits. Now, he’s revealing his top secrets towriting articles so you can boost your website traffic, get more leads and create multiple, profitablestreams of income. Go to and let Eric teach you step-by-step,how to write your way to profits!Now, fill in the blanks to create your bio box______(Type)__________ Expert __________(Your Name)_____________ (what you do) for_____(audience)______ who want (benefit 1), (benefit 2) and (benefit 3). Now he/she is revealinghow to (benefit), (benefit) and (benefit). Go to (url) to get his free (call to action) that will (whatreaders will get out of your call to action)Bio Box Template 2: EndorsementExample: Jay Levinson of Guerilla Marketing says, “Business Growth Expert, Chet Holmes has the bestideas you will ever hear on super-fast business growth.” Chet invites you tolearn his top four incredible concepts that will double your sales in the next twelve months. And it willonly take five minutes to learn. Watch the live videos for free at:http://www.howtodoublesales.comTemplate:(Well known person) says, “ Endorsement Quote.” Now (Your Name) invites you to (call to action) thatwill (benefit 1), (benefit 2) and (benefit 3). Go to: (url)Bio Box Template 3: Promote Your BookWally Adamchik, Founder of Firestarter Speaking and Consulting, helps organizations apply the leadershipphilosophies he learned in the Marines, and refined in business, to their pursuit of excellence. Read his book, NOYELLING: The Nine Secrets of Marine Corps Leadership You MUST Know To WIN In Business, and learn what effective leadership looks like, and how to do it in the trenches,on the shop floor, and in the office.Template:(Your Name), Founder of ____________ (action verb) (audience) (benefit 1), (benefit 2), (benefit 3).Read his/her book (title) and discover how to (benefit). Get it now at: (url)5 Instant Article Bio Box Templates | http://www.startwritingarticlesfaster.comCopyright 2007-2009, Everything Communications. All Rights Reserved. 1
  3. 3. Bio Box Template 4: AffiliateInternationally recognized speaker and serial Internet business entrepreneur, Dan Janal has built multiplesix-figure income businesses using Now, for the first time ever, he’s revealingwhy he uses to automate his business. Get his free special report, “How toChoose an Online Shopping Cart” now at: you are) has (what have you done with the product you’re recommending) with (product name) toproduce (mention the results). Now, for the first time he/she is revealing why they trust and use(product) to (benefit). Get (product name) now and also receive ($x in bonuses mentioned on productsales letter).Bio Box Template 5: Just Like YouAre you just starting out in a business, but have achieved amazing results in a short period? Check outthis bio box template.Although Barry Plaskow-is a relative newbie to internet marketing just like you, he has succeeded ingetting 12 of the world’s top Internet marketers including Jay Conrad Levinson, Kenneth A Macarthurand Dan Janal to appear on his teleseminar series. Now you can discover the tactics, strategies andsecrets needed to create and sell products, build a huge list and generate a mountain of cash on theInternet at Instant Article Bio Box Templates | http://www.startwritingarticlesfaster.comCopyright 2007-2009, Everything Communications. All Rights Reserved. 2