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Rodeo parade scholarship application 2011
Rodeo parade scholarship application 2011
Rodeo parade scholarship application 2011
Rodeo parade scholarship application 2011
Rodeo parade scholarship application 2011
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Rodeo parade scholarship application 2011


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  • 1. 2011 PIKES PEAK OR BUST RODEO PARADE SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION for CHILDREN/SPOUSE OF LOCAL FALLEN/WOUNDED SOLDIERSSponsored by: The Pikes Peak or Bust Rodeo Parade Foundation, in coordination with the Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce Military Affairs CouncilAPPLICATION DEADLINE July 5, 2011As a part of the Annual Pikes Peak or Bust Rodeo Parade held every July in Colorado Springs, Colorado, theRodeo Parade Foundation, in coordination with the Greater Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce MilitaryAffairs Council, sponsors scholarships awarded to deserving family members of U.S. Military service memberskilled or wounded in action while in a designated combat zone. The scholarships are awarded to familymembers who have been accepted to an accredited college or university, or who are current college studentsseeking support for either a traditional degree-seeking bachelor’s program, or for vocational / career andtechnical education. Applicants must be committed to attend during the 2011 – 2012 academic year. Studentswho have already been selected for full scholarships that will be awarded during the 2011-2012 academic yearor have been selected to attend a Military Service Academy are not eligible.The Scholarships are awarded based on character, leadership, potential for academic success, the importance ofthe scholarship to academic pursuits, and financial need. A Scholarship Selection Committee, comprised ofmembers of the Military Affairs Council of the Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce, will score allapplications and select the scholarship recipient(s). The scholarship selection process is nondiscriminatory andScholarship Committee members’ immediate family members are not eligible for a scholarship award nor canthey benefit financially in any way from this program. This year, the Foundation will offer two, $2,500scholarships. It is the intent of the committee that scholarship funds be utilized in the direct support of therecipients academic pursuits.Complete application packages must include the following (only complete packages will be considered):  Application form (completely filled out). Applicants must use the attached application form.  An official transcript of your high school and (as applicable) any colleges / vocational schools attended. Transcripts should be included with the application package and not be mailed separately by the institution.
  • 2.  At least one letter of recommendation from a current or past teacher or employer of the applicant. (Up to three letters of recommendation may be included with the application.)  Include a copy of the service members Certificate of Death (DD Form 1300), or a copy of the Purple Heart citation / award.  A single page essay explaining your educational and career goals, and how will this scholarship help the recipient to achieve them. (Essay guidelines: 1 page, single-spaced, font size 10 or larger, no less than 1” margins.)All applications must be postmarked no later than 5 July, 2011 to be considered for the 2011-2012 academicyear. Send all applications to the following address: Military Affairs Division Attention: Rodeo Parade Scholarship Committee Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce 6 S. Tejon Ave, Ste 700 Colorado Springs, CO 80903 -Each scholarship recipient will be notified of his/her selection no later than 11 July, 2011. We will attempt topresent the recipient(s) their scholarship at an appropriate event in conjunction with the Pikes Peak or BustRodeo Parade— exact date and location will be provided to recipients.For additional information, please contact Mr. Brian Binn, 719-575-4325, or e-mail:
  • 3. 2011 Scholarship Application FormApplicant InformationName: Date of Birth:Address:City/State/Zip Code:Telephone Numbers: Daytime: Evening:(check all that apply)I am applying as the legal ____ spouse, _____ son, or _____ daughter of a U.S. Military servicemember who was ______ killed or _____ wounded in action. Name of service member: _____________________________ Branch of service: _________ Date of death or injury: _______________________________Current Status (check one)High School Applicant: College Applicant:As applicable, list source, amount, and type (i.e., restrictions or designations) of other scholarshipsawarded for the 2011-2012 academic year:Selected for Service Academy Attendance: No YesFamily Information (son or daughter applicant)Father’s Name:Address:City/State/Zip Code:Telephone Numbers: Daytime: Evening:Mother’s Name:Address (if different than father):City/State/Zip Code (if different than father):Telephone Numbers (if different than father): Daytime: Evening:EducationHigh School or College Attended/Attending (include year of graduation, if applicable):_________________________________________________________________________________Projected Graduation Date:Desired College/University Course of Study (Provide copy of acceptance letter, if available):
  • 4. Desired Occupation upon receipt of degree, if known:Extracurricular ActivitiesList your four most significant activities in the categories listed below: School Activities • • • • Athletic Activities • • • Community/ Volunteer Activities • • • •Describe your most recent employment (i.e., where, position, how many hours per week, start and enddate):______________________________________________________________________________Which of the experiences listed gave you the greatest satisfaction and why?
  • 5. CertificationMust be signed by the applicant.The information provided in this application and the attachments are true and complete to the best ofmy knowledge.___________________________________________ _______________________________ Applicant’s Signature Date__________________________________________ Applicant’s Printed NamePlease review your application to ensure all questions are complete and mail the signed/datedapplication, plus all other requested information, to the selection committee. Applicationspostmarked after July 5, 2011 will not be accepted. Application materials cannot be returned.Mail complete package to: Military Affairs Division Attention: Rodeo Scholarship Committee Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce 6 S. Tejon Ave., Ste 700 Colorado Springs, CO 80903