Speaking at EmMeCon Seattle 2012


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This PPT was created to present to our most coveted speakers to the Emerging Media Conference™ in Seattle June 2012. If you are interested in speaking at our event fill out the form from the link in the presentation.

For more information about this event and other Wappow! events visit http://wappow.com/emerging-media

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Speaking at EmMeCon Seattle 2012

  1. 1. Seattle June 19-20, 2012 About the Conference and Speaking Opportunities  Speaking at EmMeCon June 2012
  2. 2. What is the Emerging Media Conference™? The Emerging Media Conference™ brings incredible technology inspired topics from the intellectually influential in imagination to Seattle, WA this June 2012. With topics that inspire in social, mobile, and gaming this event has been dubbed the most inspirational and unique of it’s kind.
  3. 3. Who Speaks?Our speakers have just one thing in common: they have the desire to share something inspirational, and they are able to share it in a profound way.Past Speakers Include: Jesse Schell Ronald G. Wayne Carnegie Mellon Apple Co-Founder University Hanson Hosein University of Washington Megan Berry Klout
  4. 4. Who Presents? Some of the best new products and technologies to hit the market are showcased at the Emerging Media Conference™. Presenters have 20 minutes to demonstrate how their new product or technology will improve how we use these innovative solutions. Past Presenters Include:
  5. 5. Why Speak?With the uniqueness of this event, the Emerging Media Conference™ draws an audience like no other. Our attendees come with a desire to grow and have a need to have their minds expanded beyond the usual “how to”.As a speaker you will get a unique chance to inspire and show off your talent as an influencer to this exceptional audience.
  6. 6. What do Speakers Receive? Each speaker receives a Full Pass (valued up to $718) Speaker’s also receive 2 Essential Passes to distribute as they choose ($398ea). Speakers are invited to the “Speakers Dinner” the evening of Day 1 along with select guests. All topics are made available to our select Wappow! Members (both recorded, and live streaming).
  7. 7. Who Attends? We see professionals from all types of companies and levels within the organization. From Executives, Marketers, Technical Devs, Videographers, an array of Press from well known publications, and more. All with the drive to stay ahead of social, mobile, and gaming technologies and the desire to be inspired. Past Attendees Include:
  8. 8. What’s Expected? Inspire! We look for speakers that are energetic, passionate, and inspire our attendees to go on to accomplishing greatness. Each speaker gets 20 minutes to answer the question “Where are we going?”. It can address anything from where society is headed with new technologies, to what would we do if zombies took over the world. The topic is and source of inspiration is entirely up to you. We have a strict set of guidelines that we ask all of our speakers to follow (see next slide) that ensures that all of our attendees get what they came to this event for, and that everyone is treated fairly.
  9. 9. Speaker Guidelines Dont be a schmuck - (as we call them) Be professional and respectful, our attendees and speakers are as equally talented and inspiring as you are. By refraining from the usual shtick and respecting others at the event everyone can learn and grow together. Dont be an Egotist - We as human beings, are all equal. While some may be considered experts in our field, no one is more of an expert than anyone else. Speakers are there to inspire, not demean. Remember that while you are not on the stage, you are an attendee and are expected to derive inspiration from others just like everyone else. No Sales Pitches - While some of our topics are presentations of new products, we ask that you do not go with the sole purpose of gathering leads or convincing attendees that they must use your product or services. Attendees and speakers alike are all here to be inspired and to grow as individuals, not to buy. Participate - While we understand that we all have busy schedules, the Emerging Media Conference™ is a chance to stop and smell the roses of inspiration. We expect everyone to attend all the aspect the event has to offer and all grow as a result. Please do not arrive for your talk and simply leave after. Spend some time each day listening, learning, and engaging. Inspire - Remember you are here to inspire others with your passion for what you do. Dont educate or expect attendees to walk away with actionable items, but rather give them something to think about. End your topic with a question that helps them come
  10. 10. What We NeedInterested in speaking? Great!Fill out the form at wppw.me/9CdFZBe sure to have your Bio and a photo ready to attach to the form. Pictures should be professional – preferably a shot of you speaking at a past event.Form must be filled out by you. No PR or assistants please. If you have an assistant or a Public Relations professional managing your time, add their email to the “CC:” field so we don’t forget to send them emails too.
  11. 11. Keep Up To Date:Twitter – twitter.com/EmMeConFacebook – facebook.com/WappowLanyrd – lanyrd.com/2012-EmMeCon-Seattle