Mel Carson - EmMeCon Seattle 2013


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Mel Carson - EmMeCon Seattle 2013

  1. 1. 5 Lessons Learnedfrom Pioneers of Digital@MelCarson
  2. 2. @MelCarson
  3. 3. @MelCarsonSocial Media – Digital PR – Personal Branding
  4. 4. @MelCarson
  5. 5. @MelCarson
  6. 6. @MelCarson1- Don’t LetTechnologyDictate
  7. 7. @MelCarsonQi LU
  8. 8. @MelCarsonBold & Audacious‘There’s a certain ability for him to set a bold, audaciousgoal without yelling about it and you feel as though he’sthought it all through and has answers for any objections.’Stefan Weitz – Bing Evangelist
  9. 9. @MelCarsonThomasGensemer‘When it comes to brands,especially big traditionalbrands…there is this grey areabetween communications & PR.’‘Technology needs to supportcore business instead ofdictating how it works..’
  10. 10. @MelCarson2- Make ThingsThat SatisfyNeeds
  11. 11. @MelCarson
  12. 12. @MelCarsonJune Cohen‘Don’t assume you knowwhat your audience wants.What works for other mediamight not work online, sosurvey, test, learn &optimise.’
  13. 13. @MelCarsonVideo (R)evolution‘Different people watch video in different ways andat different times (so) we released TED Talks onmultiple platforms.As a podcast on iTunes, streaming video, embeddable player for blogs and onYouTube. We’ve now extended to mobile apps,set-top boxes like Roku & Boxee, even airplane in-flight video systems.’
  14. 14. @MelCarson3 - TakeDecisions in RealTime
  15. 15. @MelCarsonVanessaFox‘what the industry needed was anintelligent geek from Google tolisten and communicate with us’Dave Naylor - Bronco
  16. 16. @MelCarsonValue Exchange‘Spend time with colleagues & partners in differentdepartments. Really try to understand what they doand how to speak their language. It’ll help when itcomes to communicating ideas and having anempathy with their thinking.’
  17. 17. @MelCarsonJaron Lanier
  18. 18. @MelCarsonLawnmower Man&Minority Report
  19. 19. @MelCarson
  20. 20. @MelCarsonComing Soon…
  21. 21. @MelCarson‘There is no suchthing as passiveperception. Youngpeople today willremember our mediaas quaint, cute butnot quite fullyengaged.’On Advertising…
  22. 22. @MelCarsonAvinash Kaushik‘There is a lack ofimagination when itcomes to doingglorious things. Weneed to truly embracedigital in creative waysand embrace digital’snew rules.’
  23. 23. @MelCarsonOccam’s Razor‘My purpose in life would be to write a blog postthat would meet three requirements that I formedfor myself. It would be somethingincredible, relevant and of value. I formed thismantra, and then I practiced blogging for a monthand a half where only my wife and my Intuitemployees read the blog, because I wanted tosee that I could actually produce content that wasincredible, relevant and of value.’
  24. 24. @MelCarson4 - You Don’tHave to BeOriginal, JustRelevant!
  25. 25. @MelCarsonGurbakshChahal
  26. 26. @MelCarsonOriginality Anyone?‘If you want to disrupt the market, don’tnecessarily do something brand new. Seewhat people are already doing.Once you’ve scaled that, incorporate whatyou want to bring that’s new. You needtraction on what people are already doing– existing behaviours, existing products.’
  27. 27. @MelCarsonJeff Bezos"Its very important not to be hermetically sealed. You wantto look at it and say, Thats very interesting. What can webe inspired to do as a result of that? And then put your ownunique twist on it."
  28. 28. @MelCarson5 – Have Fun!
  29. 29. @MelCarson‘Ok. This is now mad. I am stuck in a lift on the 26th floor of CentrePoint. Hell’s teeth. We could be here for hours. Arse, poo & widdle’Stephen Fry
  30. 30. @MelCarson‘You have to love it. You absolutely haveto love it. Just enjoy the ride, enjoy thecreativity that it gives you…What youvegot to be driven by is what f**king fun andhow unbelievably exciting it is.’Stephen FryBe You…….and Enjoy It!
  31. 31. @MelCarson5 Pioneering DNA Strands Don’t let technology dictate Make things that satisfy needs Take decisions in real time Don’t have to be original, just relevant Have fun!
  32. 32. @MelCarsonReaction"Pioneers of Digital makes for compellingreading about fascinating innovators. Theircuriosity, passion, drive and enthusiasm forusing technology in creative ways to helppeople connect and interact is both contagiousand inspirational." USA Today"If you embrace new media and the spellit has cast over advertising and the worldin general, this may be your lucky day.Readers will feel like kids in a digitalcandy shop." Publishers Weekly"These very insightful stories are perfect for those fascinated by the history ofdigital.“Sir Martin Sorrell, CEO, WPP
  33. 33. Thank You!