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  • Connect with “minnows.”
  • Connect with “minnows.”
  • We don’t have the time today to go into each of these networks specifically, but I will cover a select few and some kick-ass ways you can use to identify key influencers both on your accounts and on the networks in general.
  • Reddit power users are identified by their ability to earn what is called “Karma.” Which is awarded for submissions, comments, and interaction. The largest users are tracked but use a tool like RedditSpy to keep abreast of all the “subreddits” which is where the traffic is generated on Reddit. If you are want to start building up your own profile more on Reddit use the extension for Firefox.
  • This is where link bait type of content comes into play.
  • These types of networks usually work on a quid pro quo basis and allow users to earn points and credits based on how much they share the content of other users . We have a detailed article we just published on 12/1 titled “ Take your Content Viral with Collaborative Social Sharing” If you aren’t using collaborative sharing platforms to expand the reach of your content and audience, you are missing out on a fantastic way to drive shares, traffic, and engagement!
  • Casey Markee - EmMeCon Seattle 2013

    1. 1. What’s a Power User? Why are Social Influencers Important?How do you find and use them to leverage your Social Media efforts?Presented by Casey MarkeeLead SEO Consultant/Head of Online with Uber Social Media Users
    2. 2. Part 1: What’s a Power User?“Hint, it’s not what you think. But it involves influence.”
    3. 3. Can you define “Influence”?Everyone is anInfluencerthese days.You have been influenced when you do somethingYou have been influenced when you do somethingyou may not have otherwise have done, or think inyou may not have otherwise have done, or think ina way you might otherwise have thought.a way you might otherwise have thought.
    4. 4. Ask the Right QuestionsAnswering these are essential to connecting & using Power Users!What makes someone influential?How do I recognize influential users when I see them?On what networks are these users influential?How do I encourage them to engage with me directly?Why are social media power user influencers important?Will power user influential engagement benefit my brand? My content? My overall site?How can I measure engagement at my end?
    5. 5. Are you an Influencer? Probably.The average Facebook User has 143 friends….….The average Twitter User has 208 followers.If you have MORE than this, congratulations!You’re an Influencer!
    6. 6. You’re already influencing people everydayYou’re doing it on Facebook…
    7. 7. You’re already influencing people everydayYou’re doing it on Facebook…Looking for a local doctor?Decision influenced. Doctor found!
    8. 8. You’re already influencing people everydayYou’re doing it on Facebook…How about a local Vet?Decision influenced. Vet found!
    9. 9. You’re already influencing people everydayYou’re doing it on Facebook…Decision influenced. DirectRecommendation!Who doesn’t need Drywall repair?!
    10. 10. You’re already influencing people everydayYou’re doing it on Twitter…Decision influenced. DirectRecommendation!
    11. 11. You’re already influencing people everydayYou’re doing it on Twitter…New Connection madewith Influential User!Only I’m being influencedhere!
    12. 12. Who are the Web’s Biggest InfluencersForbes just published this in April, 2013…well worth a look!These are people to follow, @Mention, and Connect with.Full Infographic can be found here:
    13. 13. Influence: Perception vs Reality
    14. 14. Influence: Understanding “Virality”There is an actual scientific term for somethingthat is “going viral.” That term is HyperdyadicSpread!This is defined as the tendency of concepts,ideas, graphics, and products to spread fromperson to person to person.This has also been referred to as the herdmentality - meaning that the more people like,share, and discuss something, the more chancea cascade effect occurs whereby others like,share, and discuss the same thing.The Hyperdyadic effect is where BUZZ comesfrom. You can thank it for Gangnam Style andTickle-Me-Elmo!
    15. 15. “They will help you rank higher, sell more,and cures CANCER! Okay, maybe not so much on the last one.”Part 2: Why are Social Influencers Important?
    16. 16. Why Should I Care?Influencers drive Social Signals whichBOOST organic ratings!Austin-based SEM Agency TastyPlacement did a “small” controlled testof six websites in late 2012. Theresults were pretty interesting.Full Infographic can be found here:
    17. 17. Why Should I Care?Social Sharing by Influencers Strengthens your Site!Social media is INVALUABLE atattracting links and traffic. BOTHof which are necessary to get betterhigher, organic rankings in Googleand Bing.
    18. 18. Why Should I Care?Because people TRUST social media more from people they know!Source: Nielson, 2012
    19. 19. Why Should I Care?Because social engagement BUILDS UP search signals!
    20. 20. Why Should I Care?Because your COMPETITION is already using it!Image Credit: HubSpot 2012 State of Inbound Marketing Report
    21. 21. “It’s easier than you think.”Part 3: How do I find Social Influencers?
    22. 22. Where Are the Social Influencers?Concentrate on these platforms specifically!Friends’ lists on the above social platforms are the best way tointeract with the wider world, cut down on the noise AND identifypower users & individual influencers!
    23. 23. Facebook is Power User Central30% of all users on Facebook can be considered Power UsersEveryone on Facebook has a selectgroup of friends that are “extraengaged” these are your powerusers!These friends are driving the business ofFacebook: “likes” “friend requests”“status updates” commenting” andmore!You CAN and SHOULD identify these users in your account. Then target themspecifically with future content choices.More kick-ass Facebook stats here:
    24. 24. Facebook is Power User CentralUse a Pro Tool to identify Individual Influencers & Power UsersWe like social analytics, influencer-specific reporting, and feedback onconverting content types and besttimes to publish!
    25. 25. Twitter is Power User CentralUse FollowerWonk to Analyze and Find your Power UsersSort your followers by all ofthe following:Tweet CountsFollowersTime on TwitterNicheKeywordAnd most importantly…
    26. 26. Twitter is Power User CentralUse FollowerWonk to Analyze and Find your Power UsersInfluence! Sort your followersby Social Authority and then“reach out” to these users withDMs, @Replies and more!
    27. 27. Google Plus is Power User CentralGoogle Plus has staying power. It’s ONLY going to get bigger!Google Plus had 20+ Million users in 24 days!Twitter & Facebook took 3 yrs to reach that total.There are tons of sites out there to help youanalyze and connect with Google Plus users….
    28. 28. Google Plus is Power User CentralUse FindPeopleonPlus and RecommendedUsers.comwww.RecommendedUsers.comBrowse by dozens of categoriesand instantly add users into yourCircles directly from the screen!www.FindPeopleonPlus.comSort by Keyword, City, Relationship,and Authority metrics.
    29. 29. Linkedin is Power User CentralYou can run an Influencer Map for Linkedin – it’s Bad-Ass!
    30. 30. Klout is Power User CentralUse the new Klout for Business System for Influencer Insights80% of all Influencer impressions are made by six percentof people on social media. Klout identifies the powerusers in each subject area so you can target them!
    31. 31. Reddit is Power User CentralReddit is the new “Digg” and INVALUABLE to Generating TrafficReddit had 400 million visitors last year. It’s traffic will MELT your servers!Identify Reddit Power Users with the Power of SubReddits with
    32. 32. “It’s MAGIC time!”Part 4: I’ve Identified them, now what?
    33. 33. Secret Sauce of Influence?No amount ofInfluence will helppoor content!Reaching out to influencers is WORTHLESS if yourReaching out to influencers is WORTHLESS if yourcontent sucks or fails to elicit strong ties andcontent sucks or fails to elicit strong ties andfeelings in the target audience.feelings in the target audience.
    34. 34. Is your Content Influencer-Worthy?Everyone is putting up “Good” Content. You need GREAT content!Infographic via Matt Siltala @Matt_Siltala
    35. 35. Are you Publishing Content @ the Right Times?Timing is everything. Here are the BEST Times in PST Times!2pm to 4pm or 8pm to 1am Monday – Friday. Peak time is Saturday AM.9am to 11am Monday – Friday, during business hours. Avoid postingin the evenings.7am to 9am or 5pm to 6pm Tuesday – Thursday, before and afterbusiness hours.1pm to 3pm Monday – Thursday, traffic buildsfrom 11am onward.1pm to 4pm each day, top day Wednesday 3pm.Avoid posting on weekends when possible.
    36. 36. Are you Reaching out to Influencers?Engagement doesn’t happen in a vacuum.
    37. 37. Are you Reaching out to Influencers?When you reach out, good things happen!
    38. 38. Are you Reaching out to Influencers?When you reach out, good things happen!
    39. 39. It’s OK to Give Virality a PUSH!Consider using a collaborative social sharing platform.Sometimes even the ‘BEST’ content needs help. Use these networks!These are website social sharingplatforms that allow private usersto log-in and share selectivecontent choices to their ownnetworks. Artificial virality!More Collaborative Social Sharing here:
    40. 40. Some Final ThoughtsPower Influencers exist! Embrace them, and Dominate your Niche! Influencers come in all shapes and sizes! Use the right tools to measure influence. Listen. (Follow and engageinfluencers). Be authentic. Stay in touch, even offline. Use your personal accounts to engage. Content is KEY to generate Virality. Don’t forget Collaborative Social Sharing. When you publish makes a difference!
    41. 41. Connect with me Online @Today’s Presenter is…Casey Markee ofcasey@searchenginenews.comBecome a Fan on Facebook: Casey on Twitter: with Casey on Linkedin:http://www.linkedin/com/in/caseymarkeeCircle Casey on Google+: Casey on Pinterest: