WantMore: Company Overview


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Who is WantMore:
- Vision and philosophy
- Projects overview
- A success story
- Infrastructure As a Service

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WantMore: Company Overview

  1. 1. A new-mediA entertAinment compAny Vision and philosophy WantMore at a glance Projects overview A success story: 40 Weeks Infrastructure As a Service Who and where is WantMore? www.wantmore.ru info@wantmore.ru
  2. 2. A new-mediA entertAinment compAny Vision and PhilosoPhy Vision And — Offer people exciting and valuable content when they Partners and clients: philosophy want it, where they want it and let them interact with it content: any way they desire. WantMore — Provide rights owners with a convenient secure way at a glance of distributing their content online with various monetization options. BrAnds: — We believe: Projects overview ¤ users seek interesting, original, useful content they can share with others; ¤ primary access to the online content should be A success story: free of charge; 40 Weeks ¤ people are ready to pay when they see an added value. Ad Agencies: Mindshare (Russia, Ukraine); Infrastructure Mediacom (Russia); AdWatch (Russia); As a Service JWT (Ukraine); Publicis/Digitas (Ukraine) and others Who and where is WantMore? www.wantmore.ru info@wantmore.ru
  3. 3. A new-mediA entertAinment compAny WantMore at a glance Vision and philosophy — develops and implements online media projects — First company in the CIS to obtain with unique value propositions for users and brands. non-DRM streaming and download rights from Sony Music. — has its own media storage, delivery and monetization wAntmore technology. At A glAnce — First company in the CIS to produce — helps users find desired content. for the Internet and mobile platforms local Russian and Ukrainian versions of a licensed — puts brands in touch with target audiences via content. international format. Projects overview — helps content rights owners distribute and monetize it online. — offers its technology platform for 3rd party use. A success story: 40 Weeks Key tArget territory: the entire CIS with main focus on Russia and Ukraine Infrastructure As a Service Who and where is WantMore? www.wantmore.ru info@wantmore.ru
  4. 4. A new-mediA entertAinment compAny Projects oVerVieW. Music Vision and philosophy WantMore develops Music services that can be easily already launched: integrated into any website wishing to provide music music hQ to its users. video.bigmir.net/videoclips WantMore All music content is licensed and cleared. VegA music at a glance Monetization via: music.vegatele.com ¤ ad-supported model (video pre-/ post-rolls, branding VoliA music projects of entire sites/selected features by FMCG brands, etc.) player.volia.com oVerView ¤ direct payments by users for added value features 1 2 (via sms, payment systems, etc.) Projects in Planning: Special solution for ISP’s: easy integration of a prefab music Music services for top Russian, A success story: service into ISP’s portal allowing monetization via Ukrainian ISP’s 40 Weeks ad-supported model and through direct payments by users Music applications for social networks (sms, via ISP billing). Infrastructure Special solutions for brands: we clear music and provide As a Service technical solution for FMCG brands wishing to integrate music into their sites or social networks. Who and where is WantMore? www.wantmore.ru info@wantmore.ru
  5. 5. A new-mediA entertAinment compAny Projects oVerVieW. non-Music Vision and philosophy WantMore engages in creation of full-scale multi-media/ already launched: cross-platform projects with a significant visual component. 40 Weeks, a video-guide on pregnancy WantMore — uKrAine: WantMore ¤ acquires existing formats with a potential for brand 40weeks.com.ua at a glance integration russiA: ¤ devises localized project launch and development in production, launch planned for May, 2010 projects strategy oVerView ¤ pitches project to potential distribution partners Projects in Planning: 1 2 ¤ pitches project to brands and ad agencies web-series ¤ produces local version following a production A success story: sketch shows company selection 40 Weeks ¤ launches project according to devised strategy online reality shows ¤ maintains project throughout its life-cycle Infrastructure ¤ implements PR/promo strategy As a Service ¤ keeps partner brands informed about results throughout project’s life-cycle Who and where is WantMore? www.wantmore.ru info@wantmore.ru
  6. 6. A new-mediA entertAinment compAny a success story: 40 Weeks sold to huggies (ukraine), PaMPers (russia) Vision and philosophy A rooKie wAntmore striKes 2 record sponsorship deAls in crisis yeAr WantMore at a glance At A glAnce: Available at key portals: www.40weeks.com.ua Projects overview www.40nedel.stb.ua www.ivona.bigmir.net/pregnancy/forty_weeks A success story: strAtegy: 40 weeKs 1 2 3 any site covering pregnancy can imbed the video-guide by mid-February 2010 more than a dozen sites covering Infrastructure maternity embedded 40 Weeks with Huggies As a Service plAnned: Who and where is mobile downloads via sms payments WantMore? www.wantmore.ru info@wantmore.ru
  7. 7. A new-mediA entertAinment compAny a success story: 40 Weeks Vision and philosophy how it hAppened 10/2008: we spotted 40 Weeks, a Magyx Content format, WantMore at MIPCOM; at a glance 12/2008: acquired an Option for Russia and Ukraine; 12/2008—01/2009: Projects - developed launch and distribution strategy; overview - singled out sponsorship and product-placement opportunities; - pinpointed potential sponsors; A success story: 40 weeKs - created sales presentations; 1 2 3 - sent out pitches to agencies and directly to brand managers in Russia and Ukraine; Infrastructure 02/2009—03/2009: As a Service - active sales presentations to potential Sponsors General in Russia, Ukraine; Who and where is - presentations to clinics where shooting could take place; WantMore? www.wantmore.ru info@wantmore.ru
  8. 8. A new-mediA entertAinment compAny a success story: 40 Weeks Vision and philosophy 03/2009: decided to do 2 separate projects in Russia and Ukraine with 2 separate productions; 04/2009: Ukrainian project sold to Kimberly-Clark’s Huggies; WantMore key partner sites secured; at a glance 05/2009: Ukraine production tender completed, product- placement deals secured; Projects 06/2009: Top-scale private maternity clinic enters Ukrainian overview project; production starts; 08/2009: product-placement deals struck for Russian project; A success story: 09/2009: Ukrainian production and post-production 40 weeKs completed; 1 2 3 10/2009: Russian project sold to P&G’s Pampers, production tender completed; partnership with mail.ru secured; Infrastructure As a Service 11/2009: Ukrainian project made available online; 02/2010: Russian production begins; Who and where is 05/2010: Russian project scheduled to go online. WantMore? www.wantmore.ru info@wantmore.ru
  9. 9. A new-mediA entertAinment compAny WantMore’s infrastructure as a serVice (iaas) ProPosal Vision and philosophy WantMore offers its media content storage, systematization, delivery and monetization technology as a separate service under a license or on a basis of lease, commission or joint content exploitation (commission.) WantMore at a glance Projects overview (A sepArAte presentAtion cAn be provided on request) A success story: 40 Weeks infrAstructure As A serVice Who and where is WantMore? www.wantmore.ru info@wantmore.ru
  10. 10. A new-mediA entertAinment compAny Who and Where is WantMore? Vision and philosophy WantMore was created in 2007 by Roman Sidorenko and office in russiA: Andrew Marin who own the company. 5/1, Litvina-Sedogo, Moscow 123317 WantMore romAn sidorenKo, ceo— more than 10 years of top at a glance management positions in international IT companies; office in uKrAine: 7b, Vetrova, office 30 Andrew mArin, cfo— more than 10 years in record Kiev 01032 industry, former CFO of Universal Music Russia; Projects overview AlexAnder KleimenoV, mediA director— 17 years in office in switzerlAnd: broadcast TV and production; 19, Alte Steinhauserstr. Cham CH-6330 sergey gorpenKo, heAd of sAles— former Head of contract A success story: management group, EMC, Russia; 40 Weeks pAVel leBedeV, technicAl operAtions director— several years of experience as a System Engineer at top IT Infrastructure development companies. As a Service WantMore now has the staff of about 20 people. who And where is wAntmore? www.wantmore.ru info@wantmore.ru