WantMore, a cross-platform entertainment company


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WantMore, a cross-platform entertainment company

  1. 1. An Entertainment Companyвторник, 27 сентября 2011 г.
  2. 2. Contents 1. Vision and philosophy 5. A success story: 40 Weeks 2. WantMore at a glance 6. A success story: X Factor Online 3. Business Model 7. FUVO! WantMores original format 4. Projects overview 8. Who and Where is WantMore? 2вторник, 27 сентября 2011 г.
  3. 3. Vision and philosophy We believe: Offer people exciting and valuable content when 1. people consume media content they want it, where they want it and let them across many platforms interact with it any way they desire. simultaneously; 2. people seek interesting, original, useful content they can share Partners with others; Content Media Brands Ad agencies 3. primary access to the online Magyx STB Television Huggies Mindshare (Russia, Ukraine); content should be free of Television Mail.ru Pampers Mediacom (Russia); AdWatch (Russia); charge; BeActive DigitalAccess LOreal JWT (Ukraine); Publicis/Digitas (Ukraine) Ivy.ru Taft and others 4. people are ready to pay when they see an added value. 3вторник, 27 сентября 2011 г.
  4. 4. Projects overview WantMore engages in creation of full-scale multi-media/ Already launched cross-platform projects with a significant visual component. 40 Weeks, a video-guide on pregnancy ‣ 40weeks.com.ua (Ukraine) WantMore ‣ 40weeks.mail.ru (Russia) 1. acquires and localizes existing formats 6. launches project according to devised ‣ 40weeks.ru (Russia) with a potential for brand integration strategy X Factor Online 2. devises localized project launch and 7. maintains project throughout its life- ‣ xfactoronline.stb.ua (Ukraine) development strategy cycle FUVO! 3. creates custom-made distributuion 8. implements PR/promo strategy Available internationally as an online network for each particular project platform solution 9. keeps partner brands informed about 4. sells sponsorship packages to brands results throughout project’s life-cycle 5. produces localized versions of international formats 4вторник, 27 сентября 2011 г.
  5. 5. A success story: 40 Weeks «WantMore strikes 2 record sponsorship Sold to Huggies (Ukraine), Pampers (Russia) deals amidst 2009 crisis» Awards Ukraines «40 Weeks with At a glance Huggies» awared Grand Prix and Best Innovative Solution Prize of the Available at key portals: Distribution strategy 2010 «Propeller Digital» Ukrainian Internet Award Any site covering pregnancy issues can integrate the ‣ www.40weeks.com.ua video-guide. ‣ www.40weeks.mail.ru ‣ and on YouTube Monetization strategy Brands targeting future mothers communicate with the audience via valuable and desired, free-to-view content. 5вторник, 27 сентября 2011 г.
  6. 6. O ‘08 Oct ct ’08 :w e spвторник, 27 сентября 2011 г. ot te d 40 W M eek IP s, CO a M Mag ‘08 Nov ; yx How it happened Co nt en tf or m at ,a t D ‘08 Dec ec ’08 :a cq uir ed an O pt io n fo rR us sia an d Uk ra ine Jan ’09 -s en -s ing ; to led - ut pit ou dev ch t s elo es po p to ns ed De - p or lau c ag en - inp ship nch ’08 cie cr oi a — nt nd and F A success story: 40 Weeks s a eat e nd ed d p pr dis eb ‘0 -a dir sal ot odu tri 9: cti ec es ent ct- but ve tly pr ial pl io ’09 Feb sa to ese sp ace n s -p les br nta ons me tra re pr an ti o nt teg se es d on rs; o y; nt en m s; pp at ta an or ion tio ag tu st ns Feb er nit oc to -M si n ies lin po ar Ru ; ics Uk te ‘0 ss wh rai ntia 9: ia er ne; l S an es po ns d ho Uk oti or ra ng sG ine ’09 en ; Mar co uld er al ta in ke Ru pla ssi ce a, ; 6
  7. 7. Uk rai ’09 n Apr Hu ian p ggi roj es; ect key so par ld to Uk tne K rai r s imbвторник, 27 сентября 2011 г. ne ’09 ites er May pro sec ly-C du ure lark pla ction d; ’s cem te ent nde Top dea r co -sc ls s mp ale ’09 Jun ecu lete pri red d, p vat ; rod pro e m uct jec ater - t; p nit rod y c uct linic ion en Jul ’09 sta ters rts ; Ukra inia n Pro ’09 Aug duc t-p lac em ent d pro eals jec stru Uk t; ck ’09 rai Sep nia for np Ru rod ssia uct n comion a ple nd p ted ost pro Rus ; -pr ’09 Oct duc sian od tio pro uct nt jec ion end t er sold ma com to P il.r ple &G u s ted ’s ecu ; p Pa ’09 Nov Uk red artn mp rai ; ers ers, nia hip np wit roj ect h ma de ’10 Feb A success story: 40 Weeks Feb ava ilab ’10 le o : Ru nlin Ap ssia e ’10 Apr r ’1 np 0: l rod ive uct del ion ive beg ry ins sho No t fo ’10 rR Nov v ’1 uss 0: R ian uss pro ian jec Jan pro t jec ’11 Jan ‘11 tm Ru ade ssia ava np ilab roj le o ect nY lau ou nch Tub ed on e ma il.r u 7
  8. 8. A success story: X Factor Online First ever independent online project in the CIS under TV General stats ‣ 12.5 mln page views shows brand with independent content and business ‣ 120,000 registered users ‣ 7,000 people recorded songs models ‣ 900,000 songs performed ‣ 40,000 songs in competition ‣ 8 weekly winners At a glance Monetization results - developed as online extension for Ukraines X Factor airing on STB TV 86,000 paid actions performed by - online singing contest allows anyone to compete for stage appearance by posting users songs recorded via webcam Sponsorship campaign by Taft: - multiple monetization opportunities through user payments and brand integration ‣ 174,000 unique contacts ‣ 2.500.000 brand views - huge success with Ukrainian online audience. Awards 1st prize as Best Innovative Solution at the 2011 «Propeller Digital» Ukrainian Internet Awards 8вторник, 27 сентября 2011 г.
  9. 9. FUVO! WantMores original format Find U Vocally Outstanding! (FUVO!) is a technological and Formats FUVO! can work with: creative solution X-Factor Online is based on. ‣ X Factor ‣ Pop Idol ‣ Star Academy ‣ Sing it! WantMore markets FUVO! to broadcasters that air singing talent shows based on ‣ And many others various concepts and formats. FUVO! Allows to extend the shows experience and International trade events brand online and make it work 247 while providing unbeatable monetization featuring FUVO!: opportunities. MIP-TV and MIPFormats 2011, Cannes, France 9вторник, 27 сентября 2011 г.
  10. 10. Who and Where is WantMore? WantMore has a team of technical, creative, marketing and WantMores offices sales experts working in several countries to ensure better Russia coverage of key markets. 5/1, Litvina-Sedogo, Moscow 123317 Andrew Marin, CEO Jeffrey Peterson, Business Development andrew.marin@wantmore.eu jeffrey.peterson@wantmore.eu Ukraine More than 10 years in record industry, former 20 years in the entertainment and IT industries with CFO of Universal Music Russia 23/1, ul.Tolstogo, office 29 expertise in business development, sales, product 01033 management and PR Mikhail Soldatov, Sales Director mikhail.soldatov@wantmore.eu Alexander Kukhtenko, Product Manager Switzerland Several years in media planning and sponsorship alexander.kukhtenko@wantmore.eu 19, Alte Steinhauserstr. sales at Russias top telecom brand 5 years in product and design management Cham CH-6330 Alexander Kleimenov, Media Director Dmytro Sychevsky, Technical Director alex.kleimenov@wantmore.eu dmytro.sychevsky@wantmore.eu 20 years of TV and Online media experience, Multi-year experience in tech leadeship of a key expertise in creative management and CIS developer of video distribution platforms production 10вторник, 27 сентября 2011 г.
  11. 11. Thank you!вторник, 27 сентября 2011 г.