Wandoujia Mobile Search Index: Mobile's the Right Situation for Comedies


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This month Wandoujia brings you the newly expanded "Mobile Search Index," incorporating video trends. Comedies are king, and a popular TV show means popularity for spinoff games (or just similar-sounding games...)!

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Wandoujia Mobile Search Index: Mobile's the Right Situation for Comedies

  1. 1. Wandoujia Mobile’s the Right Situation for Comedies The Mobile Search Index March 2014 China’s Mobile Search Top Trend: iPartment S4E1
  2. 2. Top Trends Mobile’s the Right Situation for Comedies Star Power Works for Apps Too The Kids Come First 1 2 3
  3. 3. This month the “China App Index” begins incorporating video trends from the Wandoujia mobile search engine to become the “Mobile Search Index.” Romantic comedies dominate the upper positions among the most popular new videos and the fastest growing videos. iPartment (爱情公寓) Monthly Plays: 1.2 million
 Mobile’s the Right Situation for Comedies Literally “Love Apartment,” this show has been likened to a Chinese version of Friends. Its fourth season recently debuted, catapulting it to the upper ranks of the played videos among other rom- coms, which have proved a popular diversion for Chinese mobile users. 1
  4. 4. Other fast-growing romantic comedies include the online original Diary of a Loser and My Love from the Stars, a Korean import widely popular across Asia. Diary of a Loser (屌丝⽇日记) Monthly Plays: 823k Growth Rate: 1,655%
 Mobile’s the Right Situation for Comedies 1 My Love from the Stars (来⾃自星星的你) Monthly Plays: 3.5 million Growth Rate: 434%
 A down-on-his-luck fashion designer tries to win back his ex-girlfriend. An undercover alien infatuated with an actress risks his last hope of returning home.
  5. 5. This month certain popular TV shows led to corresponding downloads for spinoff games, both officially branded games, as well as those who capitalized on name similarities. Star Power Works for Apps Too2 iPartment (爱情公寓) Monthly Downloads: 39k Coinciding with the new season of iPartment, a game launched featuring the show’s main characters battling in various scenes from popular culture such as Transformers and Star Wars.
  6. 6. Both the Chinese animated show The Legend of Qin and its official game saw triple-digit growth rates, and two games of the popular gem-popping genre benefited from containing “Star” in their name, calling to mind the popular Korean show My Love from the Stars. Star Power Works for Apps Too2 The Legend of Qin (秦时明⽉月) Monthly Downloads: 167k Growth Rate: 266% PopStar! (消灭星星) Monthly Downloads: 160k Growth Rate: 7,261%
  7. 7. The Kids Come First3 The top new game for this month is actually a game for children. Part of the Chicken Jojo line of games, Super Doctor is an example of Wandoujia’s unique “Children’s Puzzles” category. As a country that dotes on its only children and frets about their education, China is a ripe market for developers looking to serve the right content to the youngest players. Chicken Jojo: Super Doctor (叫叫超级医⽣生) Monthly Downloads: 80k
 In Super Doctor, players must tend to various animal patients’ health problems by solving simple puzzles or carrying out actions like brushing their teeth, reinforcing healthy habits.
  8. 8. Top New Fastest Growing March 2014 Star Ranks
  9. 9. Top New Top New App Top New Game Hello Humor (你好幽默) Chicken Jojo: Super Doctor (叫叫超级医⽣生)
  10. 10. Rank Name Downloads 1 Hello Humor (你好幽默) 107,531 2 Revolving Beautiful Girls (百变美图) 95,822 3 Smart Flashlight (⼿手电筒Smart) 83,569 4 Guga (咕嘎) 12,451 5 Meitu Mania (美图多多) 10,956 6 Changdu Book City (畅读书城) 9,327 7 Baby Bus (变废为宝-宝宝巴⼠士) 4,640 8 91 Downloader (91助⼿手下载器) 4,212 9 Sochi Winter Olympic Games (索契冬奥会) 4,081 10 Fantasy Wifi (幻影WIFI) 4,081 Top New Apps
  11. 11. Rank Name Downloads 1 Chicken Jojo: Super Doctor (叫叫超级医⽣生) 79,767 2 First Blood (第⼀一滴⾎血) 73,738 3 Fishing Master(⺴⽹网⻥鱼⼤大亨) 62,353 4 Leopord King (豹⼦子⺩王) 54,426 5 Invincible in Three Worlds (三界独尊) 44,838 6 Dragon Ball Online (七⻰龙珠OL豌⾖豆荚专服) 42,501 7 iApartment (爱情公寓) 38,629 8 1000 Fire Fishing (1000炮捕⻥鱼) 31,771 9 OMG TD (偶滴神TD) 31,576 10 Aoshitiandi (傲视天地) 31,155 Top New Games
  12. 12. Top New Videos 1 2 3 4 5 Magic Phone 2 (魔幻⼿手机2傻妞归来) Plays: 2,135,869 Three Bosom Girls (新闺蜜时代) Plays: 1,776,032 iPartment (爱情公寓) Plays: 1,167,925 Three Queens (⽼老妈的三国时代) Plays: 385,145 Beautiful Contract (美丽的契约) Plays: 275,340
  13. 13. Fastest Growing Fastest Growing App Fastest Growing Game Fast Taxi (快的打⻋车) Flappy Bird
  14. 14. Rank Name Downloads Growth rate 1 Fast Taxi (快的打⻋车) 620,311 636% 2 Traffic Rule Violation Check (⻋车轮查违章) 310,098 399% 3 Ganji (赶集⽣生活) 316,754 354% 4 Ai Feiji Plane Ticket (爱⻜飞⾏行机票) 191,606 343% 5 iBookstart (阅读星) 164,376 171% 6 Android Flashlight (安卓⼿手电筒) 298,086 152% 7 Weishi (微视⼥女神版) 248,725 151% 8 QR Code Scan (⼆二维码条形码快拍扫描) 167,044 139% 9 58 City (58同城) 194,942 103% 10 Yuntu TV (云图电视直播) 179,525 65% Fastest Growing Apps
  15. 15. Rank Name Downloads Growth rate 1 Flappy Bird 1,515,964 2,165,562% 2 Hello Usavich! (Hello!越狱兔) 225,316 19,124% 3 PopStar! (消灭星星官⽅方正版) 159,963 7,261% 4 Pop Stars&Candy (消灭星星2粉碎糖果) 473,716 910% 5 Legend of Qin (秦时明⽉月) 166,839 266% 6 Hulai Mahjong (胡来⿇麻将) 385,728 209% 7 Funny Wolongying (乐趣卧⻰龙吟) 214,017 98% 8 League of Legends (撸啊撸) 159,209 74% 9 Despicable Me: Minion Rush (神偷奶爸:⼩小⻩黄⼈人快跑) 819,456 57% 10 Jet Battle (全民⻜飞机⼤大战) 425,079 50% Fastest Growing Games
  16. 16. 1 2 3 4 5 Romance of Our Parents (⽗父⺟母爱情) Plays: 171,100 Growth: 17,109,900% The First Myth (封神英雄榜卫视版) Plays: 3,217,274 Growth: 5,391,979% Heroes of Sui and Tang 3 (隋唐英雄3) Plays: 1,306,331 Growth: 17,104% The Story of a Woodcutter and his Fox Wife (刘海砍樵) Plays: 211,683 Growth: 3,290% Diary of a Loser (屌丝⽇日记) Plays: 822,896 Growth: 1,655% Fastest Growing Videos
  17. 17. Wandoujia Exclusive Launch Showcase
  18. 18. Rayman: Jungle Run Ubisoft’s Rayman: Jungle Run, winner of the title of “Best of 2012” in the iTunes App Store, is going to launch its Chinese Android version exclusively with Wandoujia. This campaign will provide the best promotion resources available in the Wandoujia client, a specially-designed landing page, and huge media exposure. Wandoujia looks forward to partnering with more and more high quality games like Rayman to tap into the huge Chinese market! Who’s next? Rayman: Jungle Run Exclusive Launch Campaign 130,000+ downloads in the first week
  19. 19. China is the world’s largest smartphone market. But it’s a black hole for app data. Mobile research firms use Google Play data, which works for most of the world, but not for China. Nine out of ten new smartphones sold in China run Android, but developers are left in the dark. ! Here at Wandoujia, we decided to change that. As an Android mobile search engine with 300 million users, we decided to shine a light on the market. We hope it will encourage more foreign developers to come to China. Methodology: ! • Top New: Launched within the last 60 days. • Fastest Growing: Highest growth-rate this month, relative to an average of the previous 3 months. • App data is carefully screened to eliminate ‘zombie downloads’ • All data is from the Wandoujia platform, with 300 million+ Android users in China. About the Mobile Search Index http://appindex.wandoujia.com
  20. 20. The China partner for app developers Wandoujia’s editorial team is always on the lookout for the best new apps. That definitely includes apps from foreign developers! We’ve partnered with Flipboard, EverNote, Pocket, and LINE to do exclusive launches and promotions in China. Complete media management Wandoujia is for more than just apps. Our PC suite makes it super-easy for users to manage all of their content. That includes movies, TV shows, music, and e-books too. The place for mobile gamers Wandoujia is the easiest way to reach a massive audience of gamers in China. For developers, our app promotion system makes it easy to be discovered and our payment SDK makes it easy to get paid. Learn more here: http://www.slideshare.net/WandouLabs/ brandbook-en?from_search=5 About Wandoujia
  21. 21. Benefits for Registered Developers: ! • Verified developer badge gives developers peace of mind • Push updates to your Chinese users, quickly and efficiently • Eligible for campaigns and featured promotions • Optimized search result ranking Register today: http://developer.wandoujia.com/intl/ ! Wandoujia Developer Center For support contact: zhangyan@wandoujia.com
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