The Wandoujia Story


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The Wandoujia Story

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The Wandoujia Story

  1. 1. The Wandoujia Story
  2. 2. A Mobile Disruptor Wandoujia’s pioneering technologies have set the direction for China’s mobile market. ! The vision has remained the same since the company’s founding in April 2010: “The gateway for mobile users to discover, download, enjoy, and manage their content anytime, anywhere.” ! But Wandoujia has always taken its own path. Where everyone else zigged, it zagged: from desktop manager to app search engine to gateway for mobile content. !
  3. 3. A Desktop Manager Wandoujia’s first product for Android users was a desktop manager, not a mobile app. The desktop manager is an easy way for users to manage their phone’s personal information and download apps, videos, music, and ebooks. Think “iTunes for Android.”
  4. 4. App Search Engine Next, when everyone else built an app store, Wandoujia built an app search engine. A search for “Angry Birds”
  5. 5. Gateway for Mobile Content Now, Wandoujia is the first in China to integrate content across multiple verticals: apps, games, videos, and ebooks. Wandoujia’s search index provides over one million choices for each: apps, videos, and ebooks. One search yields results across each of these verticals.
  6. 6. “Over the last four years, Wandoujia has battled the competition as an upstart among giants and led the industry with its foresight and first-rate execution.” ! -Hua WANG Innovation Works’ Co-Founder & Managing Partner
  7. 7. Silicon Valley Culture Founded by former Googlers, Wandoujia brings the best of Silicon Valley culture to China. ! At weekly all-hands meetings, employees see key metrics for the entire company like user retention and can ask any question of the CEO. Transparency is key internally and externally: all ads are clearly labeled as such for users. ! This open culture has fostered bold innovation in design and partnerships across the globe.
  8. 8. Designed in China At Wandoujia products are “Made Simple, Made With Love.” Unique for a Chinese startup, the company was born with design in its DNA: CEO Junyu WANG was formerly a UX engineer at Google. ! Wandoujia’s simple and elegant product design appeals to a Chinese user base that is growing more sophisticated. Its weekly design award recognizes apps with a superior user experience. Design Award Week 116
  9. 9. International Partnerships Wandoujia has a track record of successful international partnerships with those that share its commitment to mobile user experience. It has helped many foreign developers release their products in China. Evernote Path Flipboard Pocket LINE “Our China launch with Wandoujia was a big success… Wandoujia has delivered hundredsof-thousands of downloads, including some of our highest-quality users in China.” -Alvin Tse Former Product Director at Flipboard China
  10. 10. SnapPea SnapPea is the international version of Wandoujia. The product is built to address the needs of users outside of China, and SoftBank’s resources will accelerate its expansion. Web Windows Photos and messages from the web Desktop manager for Android
  11. 11. Next: Reinventing Search for the Mobile Era “This successful round of funding represents the market’s affirmation of Wandoujia’s competitiveness, and we will use these resources to accelerate our growth and more openly serve developers and the entire ecosystem by developing technology and innovation in mobile search.” -Junyu WANG Wandoujia CEO
  12. 12. An Upstart among Giants Wandoujia ranks as the second largest app distribution channel in China, and it’s the only startup among the leaders of the market. Ranked by Monthly Launches (mn) • • • 300,000,000+ total users 30,000,000+ daily app downloads 1,000,000+ of each: • unique apps & games • movies, tv shows, & videos • ebooks iResearch data for China, July 2013 360 is Qihoo 360, 91 was acquired by Baidu
  13. 13. The China App Index Wandoujia's monthly report on app trends in China:
  14. 14. The Team • • • • Located in Beijing 210 employees and 3 cats SoftBank, DCM, and Innovation Works are investors Launched in April 2010, with co-founders from Google China and Nokia-Siemens
  15. 15. Contact Us ! Tyler Cotton International PR