China App Index: Foreign Games Win Chinese Hearts, But Not Their Wallets [November 2013]


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Clash of Clans is the number one game in China this month, but they need a China-friendly billing system before they can monetize!

China App Index: Foreign Games Win Chinese Hearts, But Not Their Wallets [November 2013]

  1. 1. Wandoujia China’s leading Android app store The China App Index November 2013 Top Trend: ! Purchase unavailable! A valid Google account is required. ! Foreign Games Win Chinese Hearts, But Not Their Wallets
  2. 2. Top Trends in November 2013 1 2 3 Foreign games win Chinese hearts, but not their wallets MomentCam, a Chinese export hitting shores everywhere A cure for smartphone insomnia: Lock yourself out at bedtime
  3. 3. 1 Foreign Games Win Chinese Hearts, But Not Their Wallets In the world of Chinese apps, free is the law of the land, and so many internationally developed games will never even make it out of the gate. For those games that have adopted the Chinafriendly “freemium” model, however, there still remains the challenge of adopting a Chinafriendly payment system. Clash of Clans (部落冲突) Monthly Downloads: 206k Over 200,000 Chinese Android users downloaded Supercell’s break-out hit, Clash of Clans, but not a single one of them can purchase gems, the in-game monetization currency.
  4. 4. 1 Foreign Games Win Chinese Hearts, But Not Their Wallets More than 70%¹ of Android phones in China lack Google Play Services, and Google’s in-app billing system has yet to cross the Great Firewall, but there are multiple options for games wishing to cater to their Chinese player base. Payment System Google In-App Billing Chinese users are unable to make in-game purchases in games using this framework. Game Clash of Clans ! Mini Motor Racing ? Independent Billing Solution Games can setup billing through mobile carriers or Alipay, often with the help of a local publisher. Revenue share ranges widely among services. App Store Billing Top games can directly cooperate with app stores like Wandoujia for billing, leveraging existing user accounts and associated brand trust. I’m MT ✓ 1 70% is a Wandoujia and Benedict Evans estimate
  5. 5. 1 Foreign Games Win Chinese Hearts, But Not Their Wallets The billing systems used by Mini Motor Racing and I’m MT both offer Chinese players various methods for purchasing in-game content. Clash of Clans asks a Chinese user to install the Google Play Store, but then denies the validity of their Google accounts. Clash of Clans Mini Motor Racing I’m MT Google In-App Billing Independent Billing Solution App Store Billing Treasure Purchase unavailable! A valid Google account is required. Payment Tool Pay with AliPay Pay with China Mobile Pay with AliPay Pay with Debit Pay with Code Pay with Credit Pay with Phone Card
  6. 6. 1 Foreign Games Win Chinese Hearts, But Not Their Wallets Games lacking a Chinese payment system not only miss out on potential revenue, they also leave Chinese players locked out of premium game content and feeling frustrated. These gamers are eager to pay, but complain they can’t buy gems in Clash of Clans. No gems...but good! I can’t buy any gems! Very fun, but I can’t apply for an account. Why? How can I fix this? Not bad, but how do I get gems? It’s so hard waiting! Wandoujia user reviews of Clash of Clans
  7. 7. 2 MomentCam, a Chinese Export Hitting Shores Everywhere Latest in the wave of popular photo-doctoring apps, the global success of MomentCam is turning heads in the industry. MomentCam appeared on the radar suddenly in October and quickly won over both iPhone and Android users. It’s even said to be a hit among Thai celebrity circles. MomentCam (魔漫相机) Peak Daily Downloads: 54k MomentCam takes the user’s photo and makes it a cartoon sketch. The user can place his visage, adorned with a choice of hairstyles, glasses, and beards, in a variety of comical and cute sketched pictures. New sketches are available for free each day, and other packs are available for purchase. Ample channels are available for spreading your hilarious creations to friends everywhere.
  8. 8. 2 MomentCam, a Chinese Export Hitting Shores Everywhere According to App Annie, the app spread virulently through Southeast Asia, Australia, and Scandinavia where it was the number one Google Play Photo app in 11 countries by the first week of November. MomentCam’s daily downloads rocketed upward for nine days before peaking at almost 54,000 on October 31. Surprising to some analysts, MomentCam’s international success in markets such as Australia and the United States came before an English version was available. Chart taken from
  9. 9. 3 A Cure for Smartphone Insomnia: Lock Yourself Out at Bedtime We’ve heard about draconian measures by the government or universities to limit Chinese netizens’ computer use and curb game addiction, but some Chinese mobile users are taking it upon themselves to put a stop to their mobile distraction with apps that lock their phones. I Wanna Sleep (我要早睡) Growth Rate: 7,575% The fastest growing app this month was this phone-locking sleep aid. Set a time to go to sleep, and I Wanna Sleep reminds you it’s time to hit the sack and locks your phone. The app also provides a suite of pleasant music and nature sounds to help relax you. Sleep Music More Should you give up your good intentions and quit the app early, it will punish you by posting an embarrassing message to WeChat, such as announcing you will treat your friends to dinner.
  10. 10. 3 A Cure for Smartphone Insomnia: Lock Yourself Out at Bedtime These self-discipline apps (or perhaps parent-discipline in the case of the student-targeted I Wanna Study) reveal a maturing Chinese mobile user base wrestling with the same issues of smartphone distraction that plague their counterparts in developed nations. I Wanna Study (我要当学霸) Total Installs: 300k I Wanna Study is another popular app from the studio that created I Wanna Sleep. Targeted at students studying for the notorious gao kao university entrance exam, it also provides a library of educational materials for various subjects high school and university students might need. Start Studying Study Materials Tools Me Like its sibling, should you give up before the allotted amount of time, you must suffer an annoying song or an embarrassing post to social media.
  11. 11. Star Apps November 2013 Top New Fastest Growing
  12. 12. Top New Top New App Mini Flashlight (迷你⼿手电筒) Top New Game Clash of Clans (部落冲突)
  13. 13. Top New Apps Rank Name Downloads 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Mini Flashlight (迷你⼿手电筒) 78,075 Ricebook (饭本) 62,495 Emoticon Factory (表情⼯工⼚厂) 44,267 FM Radio (调频收⾳音机) 27,681 Bing Idol (追星必应) 27,496 Chinese Calendar (中国⽇日历) 19,086 One Key Rooter (⼀一键root⼤大师) 16,398 WeRun Assistant (天天酷跑辅助器) 14,298 Light Launcher (轻桌⾯面) 13,858 EverMemo (印象便签) 11,439
  14. 14. Top New Games Rank 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Name Downloads Clash of Clans (部落冲突) 205,561 Dungeon and Fighter (DNF!红眼⿁鬼剑!) 115,329 Gravity Guy 2 (重⼒力⼩小⼦子2) 78,315 Townsmen 7: A New World (家园7:新世界) 68,028 Plants vs. Zombies 2 (植物⼤大战僵⼫尸2) 36,836 Lola Panda 2 (⼉儿童启蒙英语派对2-乐乐熊猫) 34,963 King of Fighter (格⽃斗之皇) 32,431 Chinese Study King (中国好学霸) 29,008 WeRunner (天天酷跑) 22,786 The Famous General (⼀一将成名) 20,117
  15. 15. Fastest Growing Fastest Growing App Fastest Growing Game I Wanna Sleep (我要早睡) Trollface Quest (史上最贱暴⾛走游戏)
  16. 16. Fastest Growing Apps Rank 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Name Downloads Growth rate I Wanna Sleep (我要早睡) 159,959 7,575% Rainbow Storage(虹盘) 184,325 3,192% Mobile QQ2013 (⼿手机QQ2013 国际版) 252,099 1,978% Express Inn Manager (快捷酒店管家) 172,590 1,300% Baidu Group-Buy (百度团购) 244,783 1,256% 9 RMB Shopping (九块邮) 439,944 1,192% Color Cat Lottery (彩猫彩票) 176,158 992% Kuxun Air Ticket (酷讯机票) 168,325 900% Bread Trip (⾯面包旅⾏行) 211,114 404% Baidu One Key Root (百度⼀一键root) 245,160 208%
  17. 17. Fastest Growing Games Rank Name Downloads Growth rate 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Trollface Quest (史上最贱暴⾛走游戏) 258,676 174,681% Deer Hunter 2014 (猎⿅鹿⼈人2014) 233,894 5,343% Mini Motor Racing (极速⻜飞⻋车) 154,167 3,696% Who Am I (我是谁-背影猜猜猜) 167,373 3,335% Krazy Kart (暴⼒力卡丁⻋车) 426,391 712% Zijin Island Run (紫⾦金岛跑得快) 312,726 633% Right Brain Sports (燃烧吧!右脑的运动会夏季篇) 207,344 571% 8 Despicable Me: Minion Rush (卑鄙的我: 胶囊快跑) 232,293 313% Ghost Sniper (幽灵狙击⼿手) 204,208 273% Temple Run Oz (神庙逃亡: 魔境仙踪) 413,525 192% 9 10
  18. 18. Wandoujia Gaming Partner Showcase
  19. 19. I’m MT 263,110 downloads 102 RMB ($16) in the first week of the exclusive launch ARPPU Industry Avg = 90 RMB When LocoJoy released its smash hit I’m MT for Android, they partnered with Wandoujia for an exclusive launch. A special landing page drove over 250,000 downloads in the first week, and Wandoujia currently contributes over 70,000 DAU to the game. Source: Wandoujia data, September 2013, Game developer data for distribution channels
  20. 20. About the China App Index China is the world’s largest smartphone market, by far. But it’s a black hole for app data. Mobile research firms use Google Play data, which works for most of the world, but not for China. Nine out of ten new smartphones sold in China run Android, but developers are left in the dark. Here at Wandoujia, we decided to change that. As an Android app store with over 250 million users, we decided to shine a light on the market. We hope it will encourage more foreign developers to come to China. Methodology: • • • • Top new: Launched within the last 60 days. Fastest-growing: Highest growth-rate this month, relative to an average of the previous 3 months. App data is carefully screened to eliminate ‘zombie downloads’ All data is from the Wandoujia App Store, with 250 million+ Android users in China.
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  23. 23. Case Study: Flipboard in China When Flipboard came to China in June 2012, it partnered with Wandoujia on the launch. 150,000 downloads “ in the first week. Our China launch with Wandoujia was a big success. A few short days after we got in contact, we were ready to launch with a nicely designed campaign that fit with our brand image. Wandoujia has delivered hundredsof-thousands of downloads, including some of our highest-quality users in China. -Alvin Tse, Product Director at Flipboard China
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