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  1. 1. Photo ShootReviewUnit 57: Photography andPhotographic PracticeTask 4 Selection of finalimages & review
  2. 2. Aim of ShootFor this shoot I went to Salford quays to take pictures of the urban landscapearound the area, Salford quays was a good place to go to take my imagesbecause I wanted to capture all the different textures of the urban landscape,for example the water and reflections from the buildings around in it. Also all theinteresting buildings around Salford Quays, I find them more unique than thenormal straight up, straight down buildings. I produced around 35-40 pictures ofthe things around Salford quays and also used some of my own that I had takenpreviously at different locations.
  3. 3. Description of shootFor this shoot I took a FinePix S5800S800 Digital Camera to take thepictures with, I didn’t use a tripod as Iprefer working without one. When Ioriginally went out for the shoot Iwanted to get pictures of thereflections of building in the waterbut when I actually went for theshoot I ended up taking morepictures of the buildings and bridgesaround rather than the reflections. Ithink that the shoot went wellbecause I managed to get a goodnumber of images for me to gothrough and pick the ones that Iwanted to edit. I used a variety ofsettings on my camera, one of thembeing Macro and I also changed theshutter speed to get this image ofthe lights on one of the bridges.
  4. 4. Contact Sheet
  5. 5. Final Imagesheregths /hyou
  6. 6. Final ImagesThese and the images on the previous slideare some of the images that I edited, Ichose to edit these pictures because Ithought that these were the ones thatshowed the most technique.For these images I used depth of field andrule of thirds.For one of the images I used shutter speed,this effects the amount of time that light isallowed to reach the camera sensor.With all these images I thought about thecomposition, the alignment of the things inthe pictures is done well and I used the ruleof thirds in some of them.Another techniques that I used was macro,a setting on the camera that enables you totake close up pictures without losing any ofthe detail from the subject.
  7. 7. Editing effectsFirst I changed the Hue and Saturation of the image, Hue referring to the tone ofthe colours in the image and Saturation the intensity of a selected colour andhow much grey the colour contains. This made the leaves on the trees slightlymore red while still keeping the greens visible. It also made the lily pads standout more on the water as they were also given a red tinge. Here the reflection inthe water did start to stand out a little more. After I had changed the Hue andSaturation of the image, I changed the brightness slightly and the contrast. Thisis what made the reflection stand out more on the water, it also made the treesand bushes more edgy and eye catching. Changing the contrast of the imagemade each thing in the picture stand out .
  8. 8. Editing effectsThe first thing I did to the picture was change the brightness andcontrast, I did this to make the lights clearer and to make them stand outmore. I then changed the colour balance, I raised the green and blues inthe images, this made the lights stand out even more. The last thing I didwas to change the brightness slightly, to make the light stand out more.
  9. 9. Capture logSetting -Shutter Speed – 1/300Aperture – 3.6 (max)ISO – IOS-200Setting -Shutter Speed –1/180Aperture – 3.6 (max)ISO – ISO-200Setting -Shutter Speed –1/250Aperture –2.97 (max)ISO – ISO-80
  10. 10. Capture logSetting -Shutter Speed – 1/170Aperture – 3.6 (max)ISO – ISO-800Setting -Shutter Speed – 1/75Aperture – 3.6 (max)ISO – ISO-400Setting -Shutter Speed – 1/45Aperture – 3.6 (max)ISO – ISO-800
  11. 11. Capture logSetting -Shutter Speed – 1/220Aperture – 3.6 (max)ISO – ISO-64Setting -Shutter Speed – 1/450Aperture – 3.6 (max)ISO – ISO-64Setting -Shutter Speed – 4 secAperture – 3.6 (max)ISO – ISO-100
  12. 12. Rejected ImagesThis is one the images that I took at a park(can’t rememberthe name) I rejected this images because although I likethe contrast in colours between the purple flower and therusty coloured leaves in the background I think that I couldof done this better if I had a steadier hand and used amacro setting which I don’t think I did in this image.This is another image that I rejected, this one isfrom my Salford quays shoot. I rejected thisimage because I didn’t achieve what I antedto when I took it. This on one of the firstattempts I made when changing the shutterspeed.
  13. 13. Aims for next projectFrom this shoot I have learned that it is better to always have a plan of whatyou want to take pictures of, you need an aim that will help you with theoutcome. Next time I do a shoot I will make sure I know what I want to show inmy images and what I want to take pictures of, this will save time and willmean that I can get more images. I will put more thought into whattechniques I can use before I go out and i will also look into the camerasettings more and get more use out of them. I could take a tripod out with meto try and get straighter steadier pictures.