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Presentation on Worldschooling - a way of exploring the world, no matter where you are! Please feel free to find us at

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World schooling

  1. 1. WorldSchooling Dr. Jessie Voigts & Ed Forteau
  2. 2. WorldSchooling – what is it?• One of the most important terms in international education and intercultural learning is a new term - Worldschooling. Coined by Eli Gerzon, worldschooling is "when the whole world is your school, instead school being your whole world.“ /worldschooling-eli-gerzon.html
  3. 3. How do you WorldSchool?• It’s easy!• Include the world in what you’re doing.• If you’re reading, read about other cultures – or books from other cultures.• When you cook, cook international meals, and talk about the culture while you’re eating.• If you can, travel as much as possible – whether local, national, or international.• Be Curious. Explore!
  4. 4. How do you WorldSchool?Ideas:Explore ethnic neighborhoods, grocery stores, and restaurantsCook international foods – make it a week from a different country!Explore photos and videos from around the worldLearn new languagesHost international students or visitorsRead books from other culturesLearn about and play sports from other culturesWhat causes/subjects interest you? Explore those, globally (animal shelters, music, photography, weather, anime, textiles, etc.). Can you help, visit, make new friends, join an online community?Listen to international news and tv shows – youtube is an excellent resource for this.Do what you love – just expand it to include the world!
  5. 5. Worldschooling families around the worldHere’s a list of worldschooling families, and their thoughts on worldschooling:Raising Miro: unschooling/ life-learning/ Project -
  6. 6. More WorldSchooling FamiliesFamily on the Loose – part-1/Family on Bikes – better-education/ dad 1 kid -
  7. 7. More WorldSchooling FamiliesEscape Artistes - children-learn-from-travel/ Adventures - for-summer-vacation/ Family - worldschool-leaving-home/ - world-schooling-is-becoming-a-more-and-more-attractive-alternative-for-us/
  8. 8. More WorldSchooling - there-yetq.htmlTravellerspoint - - Top 10: Unschooling social media recap, world schooling, learning differently: recap-world-schooling-learning-differentlyWandermom - road-schooling-or-home-schooling.htmlDiscover Share Inspire - travel-the-ultimate-guide/the-art-of-family-travel-what-about-education/ – its-best-.html languages.html
  9. 9. WorldSchooling ResourcesRaising Miro video: worldschooling-video/Books:Our kindle book, Bringing the World Home: A Resource Guide to Raising Intercultural Kids intercultural-kids.htmlFamily on the Loose: The Art of Traveling with Kids, by Ashley Steel & Bill Richards New Global Student: Skip the SAT, Save Thousands on Tuition, and Get a Truly International Education, by Maya Frost.List of worldschooling books, from At Home in the World: books/Teaching Geography through Literature (by Jenn Miller from the Children’s Library -
  10. 10. Resources for Learning about the worldPodcasts:Radiolab - blogland/2012/dec/12/mapping-the-bilingual-brain/Irish Fireside – http://www.IrishFireside.comAmateur Traveler - http://amateurtraveler.comRaising Miro - Slideshow:BBC’s Human Planet -
  11. 11. Resources for Learning about the worldVideos:Crash Course – our favorite – history, literature, science, and more from the Vlog brothers. Ed – All kinds of global learning. Start with one of our favorites, which follows a teen around Ancient Rome. in-ancient-rome-ray-laurenceGlobal Views – learning about cultures, all around the world: Films – watch free independent films, from around the world:http://www.snagfilms.comFor instance, you can learn about the slums in India: the_slumsAcademic Earth – free classes, from universities, on a variety of subject matters. Get your kids interested in international relations, learn Arabic, or another field:
  12. 12. Resources for Learning about the worldWebsites:Macaulay Library, Cornell Lab of Ornithology is the world’s largest archive of animal sounds – over 7,500 hours of birdcalls from almost 9,000 birds (75% of the world’s bird species) – including google maps to see where they are! Also insects, fish, frog, and mammal recordings. Culture - Free Online Courses, Free Certificate Courses, Free Audio Books, Free Movies, Free Textbooks, Free Language Lessons, Free Kids Education, Great Science Videos, Smart YouTube Channels, Intelligent Video Sites, Free Sci Fi Classics, Life Changing Books. World Citizen – creative ways to explore the world from home. Highly Recommended!http://kidworldcitizen.orgOxfam - look at what families around the world eat. Ask your kids – how does your family stack up? families-eat-in-one-week/Tripping – A social hospitality site (like couchsurfing) – host people from all around the world, or meet them for coffee and a playdate!
  13. 13. Resources for Learning about the worldApps – there are THOUSANDS of great apps that let you explore the world!National Geographic Today – news, videos, photos and more from around the world. Great to use as a discussion point – or explore further.Kid Planet Discovery - In this app you will find cultures, animals, music, dresses, geography... and much, much more to learn all about our Planet.Explore the World – great information about countries around the world.Tiny Countries – teaches geography via a cool game.European Exploration: The Age of Discovery – explore the New World – and learn budgets, history, geography, and more. Mount expeditions, send out explorers, discover the world.Oregon Trail and Oregon Trail American Settler. Hit the Oregon Trail! Once you get there, play the second game and built a settlement.USpeakHD – learn Spanish for free!Convert Units – converts kilometers, grams, etc. – useful for thinking about how people measure things, around the world.Museums Mobile – information on thousands of museums (and collections) around the world.Tripso – free, location guides. Explore the world without leaving home!
  14. 14. Resources for Learning about the worldOpportunities:Project Unschool Peru - 2- 30th, 2013Experience the magic of Perús Sacred Valley during a 4-week retreat in June 2013. Together, we create a temporary learning community, co-creating natural learning opportunities surrounding archaeology, ethnobotany, sacred plants & medicines, agriculture, sustainability, Andean mysticism, and much more!Wandering Educators Youth Travel Blogging Mentorship Program – education/resources/wandering-educators-youth-travel-blogging- mentorship-program.html
  15. 15. Worldschooled TeensIt’s cold. Painfully cold. So cold, I begin to question the logic behind my thrill seeking madness. It’s these sort of crazy people that end up on the news, right? The headlines screaming American Found Frozen Between Tectonic Plates, Iceland. The water is only up to my ankles, and already, a string of eclectic language has escaped my lips. It’s now or never, though. The frozen body of a Hawaii teen was located in the chilly waters of Iceland… I double-check that my mask is on tight, dry suit valves are locked and closed. ‘Oh god,’ I mumble as I plunge into the unknown.Wedged Between the Tectonic Plates: Snorkeling Under the Midnight SunWorldschooled teen Austin Weihmiller
  16. 16. Worldschooled TeensWorldschooled teen Austin Weihmiller’s suggested book list:• Elephant run, Roland Smith (Burma)• The thief lord, Cornelia Funke (Venice)• The undrowned child, Michelle Lovric (Venice)• The peco incident, Des Hunt.. writes great fiction for the area (South Island, NZ)• A canoe in the mist, Elsie Locke (North Island, NZ)• Under a war-torn sky, L.M. Elliot (WWII France)• Hiroshima, John Hersey• Boy in the striped pajamas, John Boybe (WWII concentration camp)• Farewell to Manzanar, Jeanne Wakatsuki Wouston and James D. Houston• The land I lost, Quang Nhuong Huynh (Vietnam)• Seven little Australians, Ethel Turner (outback/rural Australia)• Walkabout, James Vance Marshall (outback Australia) - AMAZING• Year of impossible goodbyes, Sook Nyul Choi (N. Korea) - A MUST!!• Forbidden city, William Bell (1989 Beijing)
  17. 17. Worldschooled TeensFor many, summer vacation consists of a trip out of town, or a few consecutive days spent achieving a luxurious tan (or sunburn, as the case may be) on the beach. Maybe you’ll enroll in sports, or if you’re feeling adventurous, take a drive across the country. For me, summer has always been a continuation of our life on the road. You could say that our entire life is one long vacation. Of course, being on the road can have its’ moments of being less than enjoyable, but then again, so can staying at home.We spent this summer traveling around Southeast Asia, where we will be staying for an undetermined amount of time. It’s a very beautiful part of the world, with lush green rice paddies and miles of jungle blanketed mountains. Elephants trundle through the hills, now carrying tourists as often as logs. Muddy men behind even muddier water buffalo plow the rice fields. Tentative green sprouts poke out of the water, carefullyplanted by wrinkled old grandmothers in pointedsun hats. Tall temples stand proudly in the forests,shining as the sun reflects off of thousands of piecesof colored glass arranged into spectacular mosaicson the walls. It is a land of enchantment.A Summer in Southeast AsiaWorldschooled teen Hannah Miller
  18. 18. Resources for Learning about the worldOur book, Bringing the World Home, a Resource Guide to Raising Intercultural Kids, will be free on Amazon February 7-9, 2013.You can download it and read it with any kindle reader (available for computers, smartphones, and more).
  19. 19. WorldSchoolingWant to learn more? Follow any of the many worldschooling families online (links at the beginning of this slideshow)Join the Worldschoolers or the Families on the Move Facebook GroupsAnd most of all, BE CURIOUS ABOUT THE WORLD!Contact us!WanderingEducators.comFacebook: WanderingEdsLinkedIn: our free class for teen travel bloggers:Wandering Educators Youth Travel Blogging Mentorship Program