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our new product: multipurpose dustbin

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Multipurpose dustbin

  1. 1. OPM 530 INTRODUCTION TO OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT FACULTY OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT BM229 BBA(HONS) ISLAMIC BANKING “MULTIPURPOSE DUSTBIN”Presented by :Mohammad Iqbal bin Md SubadiJuliana bt TajuddinSiti Nur Nadhira bt Muhammad NafizonLatifah Shaqirah bt MisniWan Nur Hasyimah bt Wan Hanafi BM229 2A
  2. 2. CREATIVE ART CORPORATION ORGANIZATION CHART EN. Mohammad Iqbal bin Md SubadiCIK Latifah CIK Juliana bt CIK Wan Nur CIK Siti NurShaqirah bt Tajuddin Hasyimah bt Nadhira bt MUHD Misni Wan Hanafi Nafizon
  3. 3. 1.0 INTRODUCTION BACKGROUND OF COMPANY Creative Art Corporation a.k.a Creative Art and abbrv. C.A Co. , is a multinational plastic manufacturer headquartered in Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan. C.A Co. was incepted to produce, manufacture and sell plastic-based products. is a specialist made of more than 200 kinds of products include outside & inside plastic furniture, bucket, dustbin, household et cetera. In 2004 Creative Art Corporation with its core focus on dustbin manufacturing. was founded by Dr. Ir. Ahmad Saifullah in 1988 as a spinoff from his fathers company Saga Manufacturing to create bio-degradable plastics. C.A Co. is the plastic business unit and the parent company of the Creative Group, which is engaged in business through its four operating segment.
  4. 4.  January 1 2001, C.A Co. is fully operated by 5 young entrepreneur namely; Mohammad Iqbal bin Md Subadi, Juliana bt Tajuddin, Siti Nur Nadhira bt Muhammad Nafizon, Latifah Shaqirah bt Misni, and Wan Nur Hasyimah bt Wan Hanafi. Presently, C.A Co. concentrates in the manufacturing of multipurpose dustbin and other plastic parts. C.A Co. has established manufacturing plants in Johor, Malaysia, Changzhou and Hangzhou in China. C.A Co. consists of a team of dedicated staff and workers and visionary managements.
  5. 5. BACKGROUND OF PRODUCT A waste container is a container for temporarily storing waste, and is usually made out of metal or plastic. a lot of attention is paid to the furniture pieces, furnishings, color palette, et cetera and there is one item that is often neglected in nearly every single corner – DUSTBIN. Bathroom dustbin - small, simple, and preferably covered. The material of the dustbin should can withstand humidity and water splashes. For the office area or the living room, dustbins have come a long way. All sorts of modern materials are being used to produce dustbins for the living room and the office as the trash in these rooms is low. Outdoor dustbin is usually used to throw dry leaves, trimmed branches, dust, et cetera.
  6. 6. OLD PRODUCT large steel waste receptacle The design - use of space and safety is to provide at least as much space as the older round bins, whilst reducing the risk of injury caused by moving it. risked injury through lifting the traditional bin or from sharp, or possibly contaminated objects in garbage bags. lifted by the lip at the front which must be designed for maximum stiffness and mechanical strength. These bins are sometimes separated into different categories (usually represented by colours) which determine what materials can be inserted into the bin then to be brought to recycling plants.
  7. 7. NEW PRODUCTC.A Co. has invented a brand new dustbin - “Multipurpose Dustbin”.designed with silica gel.Silica gel is made synthetically from sodium silicate.as a desiccant to control local humidity in order to avoid spoilage or degradation of goods and prevent the breeding of bacteria in the closed-dustbin that can causes the unpleasant smell.mineral that is purified and processed into either granular or beaded form
  8. 8.  users can throw rubbish in the Multipurpose Dustbin either it is wet or dry trash was created with a portable and user-friendly trash can for wet-trash and dry-trash. The dustbin is comfortable to be use as the two different form of trashes are separated and make it odorless. A refresher is use in orderto reduce the unpleasant odor.
  9. 9. SCOPE OF PROJECT The main purpose for C.A Co. to redesigning the old dustbin to “Multipurpose Dustbin” is to produce a brand new dustbin which is odorless and to separate the rubbish from the wet- trash and dry-trash. derived as the ordinary dustbins have a very awful smell and brought the unpleasant environment to the surrounding. People have problems with the awful smell in their household waste dustbin and the watery-trash has leaked out into the bottom of the bin, housewives had the problem with the nappy/diaper‟s unpleasant smell surrounds the whole room and for most offices or air conditioned space, the smell odor disturbed the concentration of worker, thus the company management is worried with their workers‟ performances due to the unpleasant odor. The ordinary dustbin required people to throw rubbish without considering the type of the rubbish, either it is wet-trash nor dry-trash. The mixture of these rubbishes caused the „thickest‟ unpleasant smell comes from the dustbin. advantages to redesigning the ordinary dustbin to odorless and separated trash-can named: “Multipurpose Dustbin”. C.A Co. produce the dustbin with varies of design, colors and pattern with the requirement of offices and households.
  10. 10. 2.0 Product Decision RATIONALITY OF PRODUCT DECISION To reduce an unpleasant smell that comes from the dustbin Can save our time Makes our target market feel easier( suitable for office, home, and school) Can eliminates and reduce thequantity of bacteria
  11. 11. CHARACTERISTICS THAT WE HAVE IN OUR PRODUCT Medium size Silica gel (That can absorb an unpleasant smell) Light (can put it anywhere) Comes out with a few colors (black, green, blue and pink) Doesn‟t tarnish easily Strong durability User friendly
  12. 12. Product Strategy Option Differentiation Strategya) Our product is unique from any competitors because it comes out with special value added.b) Comes out with unique design, colours and size. Low cost strategya) We also can maintain our costs, because we can get our material with lower price from our supplier.b) So, our company can sell this Multipurpose Dustbin with reasonable price.
  13. 13. continueRapid Response Strategya) Always up-to-date about the customer needs and wantsb) Must alert about environment factors. So our company take a quick action by redesign this product
  14. 14. 3.0 Redesign Project DESIGN PROCESS
  15. 15. First Step• We need some kind of material such as dustbin equipped with a lid. In addition, we also need a hanging basket. Besides, is the egg-box. Next, we also need the plastic garbage. We also need some silica gel.
  16. 16. The silica gel
  17. 17. Trash bin plastics
  18. 18. SECOND STEP• After that, two holes will be drilled in the wall of the dustbin. It is use to hang on the hang basket on the wall of the dustbin. Hook is also supplied with hanging basket earlier and used as a hook to hang the basket in the dustbin.
  19. 19. Hanging basket
  20. 20. THIRD STEP• Next, we will combine a hanging basket in the dustbin. hanging basket is to be combine in the dustbin should not exceed the surface of the dustbin. It is easier the dustbin‟s cover can function properly when to close it.
  21. 21. FOURTH STEP• Then, the egg-box has been cut to the size of the bins shall be placed in the dustbin. The another egg-box also should be placed on the hang basket. The egg-box seeks to put the silica gel and also as a barrier from the silica gel from the break. The egg-box has an uneven surface and allows the absorption of water can occur because of the air space effectively
  22. 22. egg-box
  23. 23. LAST STEP• Next, put the silica gel into the egg-box in the dustbin and the hang basket. Then, appropriate plastic garbage to be pricked with a needle to have an effective air space for the absorption of water to function effectively.
  25. 25. SOCIAL FACTORS Customers buy our product because it solves a problem in their lives There are several factors that we have to consider which include the awareness, interest and the customers
  26. 26. DEMOGRAPHIC Demography refers to the study of human populations in terms of size, density, location, age, gender, race, occupation, and other statistics The demographics factors is one of the major interest to marketers because it involve people, and people make up the markets
  27. 27. MARKET PRACTICE In order to market our product, we have first know about the marketing factors which include the learning, need, visibility ,and compatibility Encourage Malaysians to throw whatever rubbish that they produce in this new innovation dustbin
  28. 28. CULTURAL ENVIRONMENT Cultural environment refers to the forces that affects a society‟s basic values, perceptions, preferences and behaviors Consumers are vary in their attitudes toward the society which influence their consumption patterns and attitudes toward the marketplace
  29. 29. 5.0 New Ways to Market the Product Method to market product Person survey Make a promotion in supermarket to make them know about our new product and also get feedback from them about our product. Opinion and suggestion. Online Cheapest,save time and easy. Details information about its colour and size. Show customers opinions about this product. customer can make an order by email.
  30. 30.  Advertisement promotion in radio,television,newspaper & magazine. Show photo of the product and information. Phone Some problem when we promote product because they can not accept this product and they dont know it. Make an order in phone. Home-to home Promote from home-to-home & office-to-office More challenging Know their problem and try to introduce our product.
  31. 31. Challenges To confident customer try explained to the customer about the differentiation of our product than old product or the product that had in the market. Customer take time to accept new product Do not confident and they think its useless. Ignore and no respond when we try to introduce product.
  32. 32.  Place & time do not suitable Choose supermarket that have many customer. Promote in weekend because more housewife and also officer. Competitor supplier will also try to make or produce the same product and promote to consumer at the same time. Competitors product more good in quality and more cheaper than our product. Need to compete in term of quality,price,ways promote product.
  33. 33. 6.0 CONCLUSION redesigning the old dustbin into a brand-new dustbin named “Multipurpose Dustbin” by Creative Art Corporation is fulfilling the customer‟s need and requirement. It reduces the unpleasant odor of the dustbin and prevent the mixture of these rubbishes that caused the „thickest‟ of unpleasant smell comes out from the dustbin. Multipurpose Dustbin can be use in air-conditioned offices, at households, lounge, et cetera. It is user-friendly product as it can be use by all communities, regardless of their ages and abilities. This product can be use by disable people as it is very portable and easy to perform. Moreover, Multipurpose Dustbin is environmental friendly (eco-friendly) as the dustbin is manufactured using a bio-degradable plastics material. It does not cause the thinning of the ozone layer, pollutions and save to flora and fauna. Creative Art Corporation penetrates the market by produce brand new dustbin that give convenience to customers. Creative Art Corporation believes that the manufacturing of this dustbin can change communities‟ mind set and behavior to throwing the rubbish properly and effectively. Moreover, Creative Art Corporation is in process to educate communities to care about environment and their surrounding. “Multipurpose Dustbin” is a highly must-have product that communities must have. With the low-cost, suitable to all stage of communities, user friendly, environmental friendly and attractive appearance.
  34. 34. RECOMMENDATIONS FOR7.0 Recommendations IMPROVEMENT contain poisonous substances. keep away from small children < 2 years old. if consume unlikely to cause acute or chronic illnesses. seek medical treatment immediately. the silica gel will expand easily (based on the amount of trash). the silica gel need to be replaced at least 3 times a month; the silica gel can be find at local stores and supermarkets. the egg-box easy to be moist the egg-box must be replaced; company will provide the egg-box to customer.