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Orbital managed billing_presentation
Orbital managed billing_presentation
Orbital managed billing_presentation
Orbital managed billing_presentation
Orbital managed billing_presentation
Orbital managed billing_presentation
Orbital managed billing_presentation
Orbital managed billing_presentation
Orbital managed billing_presentation
Orbital managed billing_presentation
Orbital managed billing_presentation
Orbital managed billing_presentation
Orbital managed billing_presentation
Orbital managed billing_presentation
Orbital managed billing_presentation
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Orbital managed billing_presentation


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Shop Around! …

Shop Around!
There are many different merchant account providers online today. In order to find the right one for you business, you need to research and compare the various programs. It is important to have an idea of everything out there to make the most informed decision. Check out the options offered from banking facilities, independent organizations.

Published in: Business, Economy & Finance
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  • 1. Managed Billing An Orbital Gateway Solution TM
  • 2. Product Overview The Value of Flexible Payments
    • Merchants have used flexible payment models for years, with proven successful results.
    • Recurring payments programs deliver higher lifetime customer value, decrease sales costs and generate more predictable revenue streams.
    • Installment and deferred payments increase average order value and capture more sales. They also attract new customers with appealing financing terms.
    • Your merchants benefit by ensuring timely payments, providing uninterrupted service and elimination of late payment fees
    • Consumers like the convenience of flexible payments, eliminating the time and expense associated with manual payments
  • 3. Product Overview Types of Flexible Payments Type Common Uses Recurring – used for ongoing services which the customer pays for on a regular basis Membership fees, subscriptions, services, insurance premiums Installment – customer agrees to a set number of payments over a specified period of time Direct marketing of products; decrease ticket size – “5 easy payments of $19.99” Deferred – a single billing triggered at a pre-defined future date. Enables customers to make a purchase and pay for it at a later time Incentive programs, increase average order value – “Buy now with no payments for 90 days”
  • 4. Product Overview Why Use Managed Billing?
    • A simple, convenient way for your merchants to collect payments automatically, and on a regular schedule
    • A true automated solution that handles your merchants’ flexible payments
        • Ongoing Recurring
        • Installment
        • Deferred
    • Merchants can integrate all their payments through our Orbital Gateway
  • 5. Product Overview Benefits of Managed Billing
    • E-commerce retailers will be able to:
    • Improve cash flow – Receive payments on time and faster than mailed payments
    • Capture more revenue – Reduce lost revenue by up to 30 percent with effective decline management
    • Increase efficiency – Eliminate cash handling and other manual processes
    • Minimize risk – We store your sensitive account data, lessening your risk of security breaches
    • Forecast with more certainty – More predictable timing of receipts, enables more accurate revenue projections
    • Convert quickly – Integrate easily with our XML, batch or Virtual Terminal interfaces
  • 6. Product Overview Managed Billing at a Glance
    • Driven by Customer Profiles
    • Automated authorization capture and settlement based on defined schedule
        • Recurrence
        • Deferred
    • Authorization Recycling
    • Automated E-mail Service
    • Scheduled Reporting
  • 7. Product Overview How it Works
    • Merchant establishes customer profiles
    • Merchant provides billing parameters to Chase Paymentech
    • Authorization recycling captures potentially lost sales
    • E-mail tools improve the merchant’s customer service
    • Comprehensive reporting simplifies management of their flexible payments
  • 8. Key Benefits Customer Data Storage
    • Merchants can store customer data within the Orbital Gateway
    • Deliver customer information within the transaction, as a separate file, or manually through the Virtual Terminal
    • Reduces risks associated with customer data storage
    • Eliminates manual re-entry of repeat customer transactions
  • 9. Key Benefits Authorization and Settlement
    • Set parameters:
      • Billing frequency
      • Amount
      • and time range
    • Authorization and capture are automatic
    • Settlement with the merchant’s other transactions
  • 10. Key Benefits Authorization Recycling
    • Automates re-authorization attempts for transactions that receive soft declines
    • The merchant determines all options for their account
      • Number of attempts
      • Frequency between attempts
      • Soft declines to be recycled
    • Optional service
    • Available for all Orbital Gateway processing, not just Managed Billing
  • 11. Key Benefits Automated E-mail Services
    • Streamline customer service issues with automated e-mail tools
    • Four options:
      • Expiring Card
      • Declined Transaction
      • Pre-notification of Billing
      • Successful Billing
    • Optional Service
    • Merchant-Controlled Message and Delivery
    • Merchant supplies customer e-mail addresses
    • E-mail addresses are associated with the merchant’s customer profiles
    • Easy address change via Virtual Terminal or file submission
    • With editable content, the merchant controls message and branding
    • Personalized “sent from” e-mail address
  • 12. Key Benefits Reporting
    • Scheduled and ad hoc reporting helps merchants manage flexible payments
      • Profile Activity – Reports authorization status of all Profiles
      • Scheduled Billing – Reports next four months of receivables
      • Suspended Profile – Lists all Profiles in a suspended state
      • Ad hoc reports can be run through the Virtual Terminal
    • Merchants Access Payments Data Their Way
    • 2 Formats
      • PDF
      • CSV
    • 3 Delivery Methods
      • Virtual Terminal
      • E-mail
      • SFTP
    • 4 Encryption choices
      • ZIP
      • PGP
      • GPG
      • ASC
  • 13. Key Benefits Easy Integration
    • Multiple Integration Options:
      • Virtual Terminal
      • XML Interface
      • WEB Services (SOAP)
      • Batch Interface
    • Documentation available for review and download at:
    • Managed Billing Reference Guide helps establish merchants’ flexible payments programs
  • 14. Closing Next Steps
    • New merchants – complete Chase Paymentech application and Managed Billing Addendum
    • Choose integration method
    • Certify integration method and/or establish Virtual Terminal access
    • Once access is established, the merchant will be able to use the Managed Billing Administration Tools to set up all aspects of their Managed Billing
  • 15. Closing A Complete Payment Suite
    • The Orbital Gateway Service offers much more than flexible payments
      • A conduit for merchants to submit all their payments – in any supported currency and payment method
      • Virtual Terminal is an easy online interface to process payments and/or manage exceptions
      • Merchant Selectable Response gives merchants flexible control over their company’s risk exposure
      • Quick credit provides a simple customer credit mechanism without the need for customer profiles