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Nationbuilding pbl


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  • 1. Nation buildingWorld History PBL
  • 2. Please help me with my revolution. My name is not important. I am a leader of a revolution for my country. This is the most important thing that has ever happened in my life, but I’m afraid I will not be able to see it through to completion. I am very ill, and I must go into hiding until I am well again.
  • 3. Many citizens of my country are unhappy and suffering. They areready to rise up and make permanent changes to the way thiscountry is run. You agree with them. There needs to be change, andit needs to happen soon. People have been protesting on streetcorners and in public parks for the last year, but nothing has reallychanged. What do they want to happen? It seems like most of them don’t really know. They are unhappy, so they protest. This revolution needs guidance that I will not be able to give. This revolution needs a leader.This revolution needs you.
  • 4. Help these revolutionaries find their focus.Help this revolution find success. Prepare a nationbuilding portfolio to guide them on their way. This portfolio should contain: 1. A profile of a past revolution 2. A declaration of revolutionary ideals 3. A letter of advice to the revolutionaries 4. Industrial goals for the new country 5. Imperial goals for the new countryRemember that understanding the past is thekey to our future. Sincerely …
  • 5. Where in the world is the greatest risk of revolution in 2013?
  • 6. You are going to build a nation. What do we know about building a nation? What does it need?
  • 7. What makes people want revolution?
  • 8. What makes people want revolution?• Few political freedoms +• Social gains –education –middle class –technology
  • 9. This is a company that studies this risk.• Do you want to invest in a company based in North Korea? Or Canada? Or Taiwan?• Which would be the safest investment?
  • 10. Would you invest in a country that is about to have a revolution?
  • 11. This is why we study the past.
  • 12. Now get to know your nation. Begin your research!
  • 13. Choose one of the following countries to revolt and rebuild.Egypt Syria VietnamChina Colombia GuatemalaNorth Korea Netherlands QuatarThailand Nigeria VenezuelaGreece Iran AlgeriaKenya Russia TunisiaPortugal India SpainJapan Philippines Germany
  • 14. ProjectBasedLearning