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  2. 2. I like the fact that in these posters the face of the creatures are kept ambiguous to the audience, which iswhy the audience go to watch the film to find out who the character is. I also like the fact that the phoneplays a key feature in the one missed called poster, which suggest that the phone may be a key object in thefilm. I took this to consideration for my trailer which involves a supernatural creature and also includes aphone.
  3. 3. General convention ofmost film posters by The tree brancheshaving the title of the suggest to thefilm at the top of the audience where theposter. The colour location of the film willscheme will be black be, which will in theand red which is a woods.convention used inhorror posters.Music notes with The phone, whichred blood dripping suggest to thedown, which gives audience that it willthe audience a hint be a key object into the narrative of the film. This ideathe film. was inspired by the one missed callI want to make the postercreature the centre ofattraction by makingthe image large, the Tagline which is used toface of the creature attract the audience,will also be kept also putting theambiguous to the audience in a hot seataudience. asking them a questionCompany logo and they know nothingother information
  4. 4. I want to use these magazine covers has an inspiration for my magazine cover because of theaspects in which they include such as; the font colour Red which is a Horror convention and alsoa colour that stands out in each of these magazine covers, it catches the attention of the reader. Iwill be using Empire as my brand name because of its reputation, and lastly I like the fact that ineach of these magazine covers they also focus on a object which conveys to what the film isabout e.g. Gun and a Wand which is something I will be taking into consideration for mymagazine cover.
  5. 5. The colour scheme Repetition of the filmsfor my magazine tagline which will becover will be red and used to attract and drawblack so that it the audiences interestmeets horror about the film featuredconventions and on the magazine.also so that it can beidentified has anhorror film to the Exclusive preview ofreader. other films which will alsoThis is where other attract fans of these films.articles will be advertisedto what the magazine has The main focus of thisinside, this is important to magazine cover will beattract readers to buy the the hand and the objectmagazine and to read which will leave themore about the articles audience ambiguousinside. wanting to who is calling and reading more about the filmThis is to make sure that inside.the reader flicks throughthe pages to find out who This is where I will putis calling. the Barcode.
  6. 6. These are my inspirations for my Demon Poster, I like how the figure of batman is shownwith its dark feature. In the wilderness poster since my film is based in the woods I could use the background of my location (woods) and put and like this poster add my film title,however I still think its plain. The Blair Witch Project poster is one that really stood out tome, it simple but at the same time draws the audiences attention to what is going on, which is something I took into consideration for my poster.
  7. 7. I was not sure which poster to pick for my film, both posters include inspirations from filmsWilderness (Left poster) and Blair Witch Project ( Right poster). I decided to go for the poster onthe right because I felt that it conveyed more about my horror film than the other poster, I foundthat the other poster was too plain.
  8. 8. The colour scheme ofmy poster will be black Background of the woods and white. which illustrates where the film will be located and creates a sense of isolation. The creature will be at theThe title of the film will centre of the poster, his facebe located at the bottom will remain covered to createof the poster which is a mystery, long shot photo ofgeneral convention used the creature will be used to in most horror poster, show its dark features. and also the title of the film will be largest to A hint of the storyline will catch the audiences be given to the audience, attention inspiration of this came from The Blair Witch Project. The production Website which the audience company will go can go to, to reveal more here. information about the film
  9. 9. I also chose this photo for my poster because this is the main character that will appear in all stages of my marketing campaign, I wanted the face of the character to remain unknown to the audience to build tension with the audience wanting to know who it is, This inspiration came from horror posters like scream.I chose these two photos for my film poster because I felt that they related more to my second draft trailer of demon wood, whilst the other photos Ithought had to do more with my first draft Pick Up. I wanted the photo of the woods to be the background of my poster , this inspiration came from other Horror trailers based in the forest or woods where they would use the background to suggest the location of the film. I chose this photo also because it creates a sense of isolation and suspense. 10
  10. 10. These are where all the inspiration for my magazine cover will come from, I looked at Empire magazine specialissues and covers of when Empire are promoting a film, they would change the general Empire logo and subject it to the theme of the film they are promoting. One Empire magazine I looked at had a film poster advertised inside which gave me some ideas. I took all these aspects into consideration for my magazine cover.
  11. 11. The information of themagazines edition will go My empire logo will be here which is a general subjected to the theme convention. The colour of the magazine which scheme of my magazine is horror films based in cover will be black and the woods. I will usewhite with a splash of red. branches as the My film Poster will background for this be here, with the font. largest image so that it is the centre of Names of other Horror attraction and the films based in the woods name of my film will will be disorientated the biggest. around the magazine because magazines tend not to have structure. I will use the plus sign rather than text, inspirations of this came Barcode will go here. from the silver surfer empire cover. Extra features of the magazines theme will go below it.