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Katrina Cheong: Conserving our oceans
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Katrina Cheong: Conserving our oceans


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Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Conserving our oceans By: Katrina Cheong
  • 2. Conserving our oceans is very important. Without oceans we wouldn’t have fish to eat or beautiful coral reefs without oceans we might not even be alive right now.
  • 3. Why is the ocean important?  -The salt can still be removed from the water so we can still drink it.  -If there aren’t anymore oceans, we will have no more fish or sea animals to eat.  -If we destroy the ocean we are destroying God’s beautiful creation.  -If there are no oceans there will be no water cycle because the water cycle starts from the oceans or seas. If there is no water cycle it will not rain anymore and we will run out of water.
  • 4. How do we conserve our oceans?
  • 5. Do not use the ocean as a trash can because the fishes could eat the trash and die. if the ocean is polluted we also cannot swim in it anymore because of the trash.
  • 6. Pick up the trash you see in the oceans so that you can contribute to ocean conservation
  • 7. Tell people not to go dynamite fishing because it also destroys the coral reefs which is the fishes’ habitat so other fish cannot live there anymore.
  • 8. Do not cut down trees because when the trees aren’t there all that’s left is soil. When there are strong winds the soil gets blown to the ocean and it gets polluted.
  • 9. Fun Facts -Desalination is the process of removing salt from oceans so that we can drink the water. -Even though the ocean is polluted it has managed to clean itself. -The ocean is blue because the water reflects blue light. -68% of the earth’s water is in oceans and seas. -The sea is salty because there are rocks in the ocean, rocks have minerals which have salt.
  • 10. Bibliography Title of Book: Can We Drink the Ocean? Author: Gidget Roceles- Jimenez Title of Book: Conservation of the Sea Published by: Sterling Press Private Limited Title of Book: Eyewitnes Water Author: John Woodward Title of Book: Science Spectrum Authors: Rebecca Fallaria, Nenita Apolonario and Jesse Ronquillo