Packing Cargo Handling Factsheet


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Packing Cargo Handling Factsheet

  1. 1. Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics Guidelines for Packaging Cargo
  2. 2. The safest way to the destination At Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics, we are dedicated to the safe and careful transport of different types of cargo across the seas and on land. As we take pride in delivering our customers’ cargo safely to the intended destination, we follow closely all regulations stated by international and regional authorities. IMO*, the International Maritime ments for all cargo onboard. From Organization, the main governing 2004 the new regulations have body for maritime matters, has been affecting by all shipping lines. codified the guiding framework for These instructions form the basis safety at sea in the SOLAS Conven- for how Wallenius Wilhelmsen tion (Safety of Life At Sea). IMO has Logistics prepares and handles all issued a set of regulations for the cargo that travels across the seas safe stowage and securing require- on our vessels. *IMO – established by the United Nations in 1948. Motion at sea IMO Regulations A vessel at sea is exposed to then combined into three different Vertically (10 m/sec2 =1,0g). six different movements, these accelerations that must be taken Cargo must be secured with at movements can occur simul- into consideration for securing least 100% of the cargo weight. taneously. The motions are of the cargo. Sideways (8 m/sec2 = 0,8g). Cargo must be secured with 80% of the cargo weight. Forward, Backward (4 m/sec2 = 0,4g). Cargo must be secured with at least 40% of the cargo weight. Depending on the trade for the vessel IMO have stipulated require- ments on what accelerations the Roll Pitch loaded cargo must be secured for. Similar acceleration requirements exist for road, air and train trans- ports. Sway Surge Yaw Heave
  3. 3. The key factors of safe cargo handling All cargo onboard our ships is handled with great preci- sion and care. More than 140 years at sea have built a unique experience in handling a wide range of cargo efficiently and expertedly. Our modern fleet is designed for flexible handling and tailor-made transport concepts, giving us a solid foundation for taking cargoes safely to its destination. Quick Reference Check List Securing points well distinguished for shipping packed static cargo and properly marked for “lashing only” 1. Plan your shipment as early as 5. It is advisable that heavy 8. It is always the Master on- The securing points shall be attached directly to – The securing point is accessible and of possible – deliver the packed covered cargo is fitted with board the vessel that has the the unit inside the box/crate. This may be done in sufficient size for the hooks on the lashing chains. cargo well in advance of load viewing panels for inspection final decision whether to load a variety of ways. The important points are: If the securing points are not designed for lifting it date in order for us to ensure and must be supplied with the cargo or not. – That the method used is strong enough to is of utmost importance that this is marked. proper packaging. information including contact secure the cargo onboard the vessel. To be able to ship your cargo on list in order to verify that 2. Properly package, label and the planned vessel we need to contents have been properly prepare your cargo – clearly have the cargo in the port in secured. mark/label with name of advance of the vessels load date. consignee, ID-number and 6. Packed cargo must be se- The reason for this is that we Port of Discharge cured inside the packaging so need time to inspect the cargo, that the cargo under no cir- unitise the cargo onto rolltrailers, 3. Crated cargo shall be clearly cumstances can move inside arrange cranes to discharge the marked with dimensions, of the packaging. The packing cargo etc. weight plus the centre of must be of such strength that gravity. it withstands all forces it can Contact 4. Access for lashing directly be exposed to in ports, by Contact your local Wallenius from the cargo to the deck of lashing and forces caused by Wilhelmsen Logistics office the vessel must be provided the vessels motion at sea for cargo delivery times and for all four sides of the cargo (SOLAS). information. which is over 10 000 kgs. For contact information see: 7. Ensure wood packing com- The securing points must be plies with regulation, ISPM well marked. officesAgents Standard and marked accord- ingly.
  4. 4. Securing cargo is a necessity at sea The SOLAS Convention delineates proper handling of cargo. The convention constitutes the cornerstone of the handling requirements defined by Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics. All cargo is loaded, stowed and secured throughout the voyage in strict compliance with the Cargo Securing Manual. Marking on cargo Information required on the unit Other markings where suitable Port of discharge ID numbers Center of gravity Port of transit (if applicable) Gross Weight Length x Width Wood treatment x Height. Name XX - 000 stamp YY and address of consignee where suitable Lifting points SOLAS Chapter VI taken during loading and transport written statement explaining how of cargo units on board RoRo the securing inside the case/ “The shipper shall provide the ships, especially with regard to the package has been arranged, the master or his representative with securing arrangements onboard explanation must be attached and appropriate information on the such ships and on the cargo units accessible on the unit alternatively cargo sufficiently in advance of and with regard to the strength of the case/package should have in- Cargo carrier loading to enable the precautions the securing points and lashings.” spection openings to verify securing or Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics A rolltrailer is a cargo carrier that can be used for a wide variety of cargo types. Packed cargo is which may be necessary for proper Cargo Securing Manual reserve the right to open the case/ mostly unitised on roll trailers, unless the size, weight, shape and customers requirement allow us stowage and safe carriage of the package and inspect the cargo to handle the cargo with forklifts. This means that the height of the cargo increases with the cargo to be put into effect. Such ”Packed cargo must be secured securing. Units weighing 10 metric additional height of the rolltrailer by approximately one meter. information shall be confirmed in inside the packaging so that the writing and by appropriate shipping ton or more must have securing cargo under no circumstances can documents prior to loading the points directly connected to the unit move inside of the packaging. As a cargo on the ship.” itself and accessible for securing general rule all cargo shall be safely the unit to the vessel. The securing bolted to bottom support beams of “Cargo and cargo units carried on points must be marked. Exceptions sufficient strength and dimension. may be granted by authorized or under deck shall be so loaded, The packing itself must be of such Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics stowed and secured as to prevent strength that it withstands all forces Operation personnel if specific as far as practicable, throughout it can be exposed to in ports, by information and/or visual inspection the voyage, damages or hazard to lashings and forces caused by the show that cargo is safely secured the ship and the persons onboard. inside the packing.” vessels motion at sea. Shipper Appropriate precautions shall be must provide a drawing/picture or
  5. 5. From factory to dealer Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics is factory to dealer, or anywhere in offices in the Americas, Asia, the leading independent provider between. Our services include Europe and Oceania. Together, of outbound logistics solutions for ocean transportation, terminal and we operate a seamless network manufacturers of automotive and technical services, inland distribu- that adds to our customers rolling equipment. We offer global tion and supply chain management. competitive power and agility. and integrated solutions from We have 3,200 employees and This product is approved according to the Nordic countries common environmental marking system (the swan) which includes both the paper and the printing.