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Benefits of using seamless Cool Roof Systems_ Slideshow Presentation

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  • What Is Cool Roofing? Unlike conventional roofs, cool roofs stay at or near ambient temperatures even on the hottest summer day. Cool roofing is defined by properties known as solar reflectance and thermal emittance. A cool roof has a higher solar reflectance and higher thermal emittance than a non-cool roof. High solar reflectance and high thermal emittance of a cool roof combine to keep the roof surface much cooler than a traditional roof, with peak temperature reductions of 30°F -60°F [1]. Achieving this type of drop in roof surface temperature will reduce the overall heat gain through the roof and reduce a building’s annual cooling needs.
  • Commercial and industrial buildings in California account for over half of the total electricity use in the state. Heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems not only comprise almost 30% of the electricity end-use in commercial buildings, but also become a significant source of electricity demand during peak periods . Cool roofing can be a cost-effective way to save air-conditioning-related energy use and to reduce demand usage during peak-periods for those buildings.
  • COOL ROOFS SAVE YOU MONEY! if I could show you how to save 20-40% on your electric bill … would you be interested? Cool Roofs can and will improve our environment and save your company money. Installation of a cool roof can result in energy and demand savings, monetary savings, increased human comfort both indoors and outdoors, and significant positive impacts on urban environmental quality. Energy savings due to installation of cool roofs have been demonstrated and measured over a wide range of climates and roof types. Typical air-conditioning electrical savings have been in the range of 7% to 34% [5]. Cooling energy savings are greater in hot and sunny locations. A cooling energy demand reduction as high as 38% has been measured in a field test . Demand savings are slightly higher. A reasonable energy savings expectation for a typical low-rise commercial building is 10% to 20% of the air-conditioning electricity usage.
  • 1) NOBODY ever answers YES to that question. If I could show you how to save 20 – 40% on your electric bill - - Would you be interested? 2) Cool Roofs…a Cost Effective approach to extending the life of your roof system and saving money.
  • Cool Roofs Eliminate the requirement of tearing off old roofs and transporting to land fills. Environmentally Responsible.
  • AB 811 – What ’ s in it for you?    You as the owner of residential or commercial real property, immediately enjoy a greatly reduced electric bill with no out-of-pocket expense to you    If you sell your home or business, the new buyer can assume the payments, as you benefit from the increased equity at sale    Loans have a minimum of $5000.00 and no maximum limits    Loans are not subject to credit ratings or credit checks    The interest rate is fixed and paid bi-annually through your property tax   Loans can be used on a variety of energy efficiency improvements and the material and labor required to install them properly Went into effect on January 1, 2010. Provides cities the authority to finance the installation of “ Energy Improvements. ” Repay through an assessment levied against your property, which is payable in semi-annual installations on property tax bills.
  • Cool Roof Systems can extend the life of an existing roof system, and provide a 10 Year Renewable Warranty and are energy efficient systems. Installing cool roofs also has positive environmental impacts. At a community scale, increasing the solar reflectance of roofs can effectively and inexpensively mitigate an urban heat island . An urbanized area can be about 2-9°F hotter than the surrounding rural area. Increasing the solar reflectance of roofs transfers less heat to the ambient environment than do non-cool roofs. The resulting lower outdoor air temperatures can slow urban smog formation.
  • Electricity savings and peak demand reductions yielded by cool roofs can reduce power-plant emissions of NOx, carbon-dioxide and undesirable particulate matter, especially when peak demand reduction decreases the use of inefficient peak-power plants.
  • Cool roof coatings are commonly used in re-roofing projects. They apply mostly bright white paint-like materials to traditional roofs or metallic surfaces. The coating extends the life of the underlying roof materials and greatly increases the solar reflectance.
  • Sensible and Responsible Recycling
  • Benefits    Can be installed directly over properly prepared substrates.  Cost effective, reduce the frequency of painting materials and labor.  Elastomeric materials remain flexible, allowing the material to expand and contract. Has a seamless membrane with superior adhesion.  Elastomeric coatings are a breathable membrane that allow trapped moisture out but will not allow moisture penetration.  Resists fading, discoloration, chipping, cracking, and peeling.  Non-toxic and water based with very low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds)  Energy savings – coating systems help keep heat in your buildings in winter and heat out during the summers.
  • Cool roof slideshow_04132012_ppt

    1. 1. Welcome toW . L . V ic k e r s C o n s t r u c t io n , In c
    2. 2. W. L. Vickers Construction, Inc Quality Tested Products Renewable Warranties Exceptional Customer Service Environmentally Green Products
    3. 3. What is a Cool Roof ?The use of Solar Reflective andThermal Emissive materials. Cool Roof Systems have a high Solar Reflectance to bounce heat off roofing surfaces.
    4. 4. Seamless fluid applied Cool Roof Coatings are not new technology, but rapidly becoming the wave of energy efficient applications. Commercial and industrial buildings in California account for over half of theelectricity use in the state. Cool roofing can be a cost-effective way to save air-conditioning-related energy use and reduce demand during peak-periods.
    5. 5. Cool Roof Advantages  Cool Roof Systems Save Energy, Improve the Environment and Save Money  Cool Roof Systems help eliminate Urban Heat Islands
    6. 6. Are you happy with your current electrical costs?Studies confirm the ability of a Cool Roof System can reduce the load on HVACequipment and compliment other energy systems such as solar… reducing energy costs.
    7. 7. Cool Roofs eliminate the need to“tear-off” the old roof …benefitingthe negative impact upon land fills.
    8. 8. What’s In It For You? As the owner of commercial property, you can reap the benefits of saving energy immediately. Rebates specific to Cool Roof Systems are available from the Federal, State and Local City Governments – as well as Financing Energy Projects.
    9. 9. S e a m le s s C o o l R o o f C o a t in g s a re te s te d to A S TM S ta n d a rd s , C R R C a nd T it le 2 4 C o m p lia n t .R o o f R e f le c t iv e C o a t in g s t h a tp r o v id e w a t e r p r o o f in g t o h e lp p r o te c t yo u r p r o p e r ty a n d a s s e ts .
    10. 10. Cool Roof Systems Provide:Excellent Waterproofing….
    11. 11. Seamless Cool Roof Coatings bridge roofing cracks due to stress & weather and will move with the element changes.
    12. 12. Perfect for Commercial BuildingsIncreasing the solar reflectance can effectively mitigate urban heat island effects.
    13. 13. Ideal for Industrial Building Roofs
    14. 14. Cool Roof Coatings protect your property from the weathering elements and endure extreme weather conditions.
    15. 15. Seamless Fluid Cool Roofs
    16. 16. Environmentally Green, Safe and Responsible
    17. 17. C O O L R O O F B E N E F IT S Environmentally GREEN Environmentally SAFE Environmentally Responsible
    18. 18. Environmental responsibility todayWill help to improve the environment for our children tomorrow
    19. 19. W. L. Vickers Construction, Inc CA Contractor License: 880476 909-910-2643 (Walt)