Online Image Editing with picnik


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Online Image Editing with picnik

  1. 1. Photo Editing :: picnik | An online photo editor that allows you edit images from your computer and online  using only your web browser.  Tags: picture  ★ Goals • Open a photo on your computer in picnik • Apply basic photo edits and add some text to a photo • Save a photo to the local computer • Familiarity with the ways picnik can save to and from popular online sites • Familiarity with picnik browser add-ons that allow direct editing of images and screenshots of web pages ★ Editing a Photo ➡ Open . You will be greeted with this screen. Click on Get started now! ➡ You will now see the Home screen. To imme- diately start using picnik, click on one on the four sample photos located in the bottom, right hand corner. This will immediately open the photo in the Edit tab.
  2. 2. ➡ The Edit tab allows you to ad- just all kinds of properties of your photo. Play around with some of the tools listed, such as Auto-fix, Crop, and Colors. Once you have finished, click on the Cre- ate tab. ➡ The Create tab allows you to add Text, Shapes, Frames, and vari- ous Effects to your photos. With the free version, most of these are un- available, although you can add some worthwhile basics, such as making a picture black and white, as well as adding text labels, thought bubbles, and a couple of basic frames.
  3. 3. ★ Saving a Photo and Opening a New Photo ➡ With your demo photo still open, click on Save & Share. Save to Computer is the de- fault option and it allows you to name the file, set its size, and file format. The default set- tings work really well for most photos. ➡ There are convenient one- click methods to share and send out photos; most re- quire an account at another website (Flickr Slideshow, Email to Website, all under the More menu). Email Photo and Print Photo do not require accounts. ➡ Click on the Photos tab at the top of the screen. You will be greeted with this screen. The default way to locate an image for editing is to upload it from your computer. Click on Get Photo to browse your computer’s hard drive and select an image just as if you were opening a file in any other program.
  4. 4. DEMO :: Many people keep their images online. If you do, a free picnik account allows you to link to photo sharing sites (input your login and password for the other site once). Once that’s done, you can browse and edit your photos even more easily than you can those on your own computer. ➡ If you expand the browser window, you will see additional options. If you click on Get from Web Site, you can input any web site URL or the URL for an image on a web site, and edit it. The Yahoo Search allows you search for images using Yahoo. Flickr Search isn’t working yet, but soon you can search Flickr photos. If you have a webcam, you can allow picnik to control the webcam and directly import webcam photos into picnik.