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WUSC LC, 2011

WUSC LC, 2011






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    WUSC LC, 2011 WUSC LC, 2011 Presentation Transcript

    • World University Service of CanadaLeadership Meeting PresentationAugust 19th, 2011
    • WUSC’S MISSIONTo foster human development and globalunderstanding through education and training
    • WUSC IS...+ A non-governmental organization (NGO) that develops and delivers development projects in 13 countries around the world Canada Afghanistan Nepal Haïti Senegal Vietnam Mali Sudan Guinea Cambodia Guatemala Burkina Faso Sri Lanka Peru Ghana Bolivia Malawi Uniterra and other WUSC Programming Botswana Non-Uniterra WUSC
    • WUSC IS...+ The only Canadian organization directly linking post-secondary students, faculty and institutional leaders with development issues
    • WUSC MEMBERS+ Canadian universities and colleges … AND MANY MORE!
    • WUSC MEMBERS+ Over 80 Local Committees across Canada+ International Committees in West Africa
    • WUSC MEMBERS+ Alumni • Former overseas volunteers • Past local committee members • Former SRP sponsored students • Donors • ... Who are now in public service, business and community leaders
    • WUSC GOVERNANCE+ Board of Directors • 16 volunteer members • Includes post-secondary leaders, WUSC alumni, students and development experts Seeking New Board Members... Get Involved! + WUSC is currently seeking nominations for five regional representatives and a Treasurer. + Those interested in submitting a nomination must read the Call for Nominations to the Board of Director + Nominations for the elected positions must be received at WUSC by 5:00 pm EST Saturday, October 22, 2011.
    • WUSC STRATEGIC PARTNER+ WUSC and CECI jointly offers individuals and organizations the opportunity to make a difference in developing countries. In 12 countries and in Canada, these people are helping improve the future of communities by acting on five issues that affect people around the world
    • WUSC STRATEGIC PARTNER+ Supports broadcasters in developing countries to strengthen small-scale farming and rural communities.+ Works in direct partnership with approx. 330 radio broadcasters in 39 African countries to fight poverty and food insecurity.+ www.farmradio.org
    • WUSC ON CAMPUS IS…An opportunity for students to:+ Educate and Advocate+ Sponsor Students+ Refugees+ Learn Overseas
    • WUSC ACTIVITIES:ON CAMPUS AND OVERSEASAs Local Committee members, students onCanadian campuses can get involved in anynumber of interesting campaigns and programs…
    • WUSC ACTIVITIES:ON CAMPUS AND OVERSEAS … And all of these campaigns and programs are connected with and contributing towards WUSC’s overseas development projects.
    • EDUCATION: GIRLS AND REFUGEES ON CAMPUS OVERSEASLocal Committees are raising awarenessand funds to support refugee girls’education in Kenyan camps, usinglight-themed events, like flashlight mobs. In some refugee camps, boys outnumber girls 4:1 WUSC is providing after school classes and secondary-school scholarships for promising girls
    • EDUCATION: PUBLIC EDUCATION AND YOUTH ON CAMPUS OVERSEAS INTERNATIONAL LOCAL COMMITTEE NETWORK + The WUSC Local Committee Network has expanded globally, with active LCs in Burkina Faso, Ghana and spreading elsewhere + WUSC provides a uniqueBEYOND 2015: SYMPOSIA SERIES opportunity to collaborate across borders with other engaged youth+ By bringing together local towards jointly-identified goals (MDGexperts, returned volunteers, students #8: Institute a World Partnership forand faculty, an educational symposium Development)can be a catalyst for action
    • LIVELIHOODS: BUY INTO CHANGE ON CAMPUS OVERSEAS Carmenlina Carranza Diaz Producer of Fair Trade and Organic Coffee, GuatemalaGIVING A HUMAN FACE TOECONOMY + Carmelina derives most of her income from the Fair Trade and organic coffeeLocal Committees can participate in: she produces. In 2011 (record year), she1. the sale of Fair Trade products, gains $25,000 from her crop. With2. Reverse Trick or Treating it, Carmelina can sustain her family and3. Be my fair Valentine send her seven children to school
    • HEALTH: HIV & AIDS ON CAMPUS OVERSEAS + Bicycles and bike-ambulances are of great assistance to those living with HIV and AIDS in rural Malawi. • Bikes purchased with Bike 4 AIDS + Through Bike 4 AIDS, Local funds are distributed to Community Committees fundraise to purchase Based Organizations that work with bikes while raising awareness on HIV HIV and AIDS sufferers. and AIDS issues. • HIV and AIDS caregivers travel to neighboring villages to care for those affected. With a bicycle, they reach 5 times as many patients.
    • EQUALITY BETWEEN WOMEN & MEN ON CAMPUS OVERSEAS Our partners seek to eliminate barriers to participation for women in community clinics in Bolivia and girlsWomen and girls have asked the world education in Ghana.for recognition and respect of theirrights. They do their part; help them Echo their voices… in your communityensure equality for all.INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY!• Hold a coffee house or an open micevent to echo women’s voices•Organize a “Her Challenge, YourChallenge” public exhibit, use videos
    • LIVELIHOODS: FOOD SECURITY ON CAMPUS OVERSEAS + Work with you campus radio station to air stories from FRI scripts and MP3 recordings + Organize events and raise funds to help FRI purchase digital MP3 recorders for African broadcasters’ FRI provides support for radio efforts to benefit farmers and fight programs on practical, low cost and poverty sustainable solutions that reach millions at a cost of less then a dollar per listener.
    • VOLUNTEER OVERSEASSTUDENTS WITHOUT BORDERS™A WUSC program that offers the abilityto apply academic theory and knowledgeto a practical work environment inAfrica, Asia and South America during anacademic term or upon graduation. INTERNATIONAL SEMINAR For almost 65 years, WUSC’s annual International Seminar has provided Canadian students with their first in-depth experience in a developing country. The goal is to engage a group of Canadian students and host country students in collaborative community projects. Get involved: 2012 Seminar in Mali!
    • WUSC INTERNATIONAL FORUM Join Us! + New Forum that will gather student leaders, academics, and development experts + November 10 to 12, 2011 in Ottawa + New features: • More prominent presenters from around the world • University and College exhibition • Research Seminar • Gala and Awards • www.forum.wusc.ca
    • NEWS FROM WUSC!+ Check out our new website coming out this Fall!
    • “What an amazing impact WUSC has “Before I had no hopehad on my life and the lives of so many for the future, butothers! The people I met and the now, with theconferences I attended inspired me to knowledge, skill andtake on initiatives that I will continue tools that I got, I knowto develop for the rest of my life.” that I can have a better future.” - WUSC Local Committee chair - WUSC vocational training graduate, Sri Lanka“I would like to thank WUSCfor making my life time dream cometrue. When you helped me, you helpedmy entire family. Now the sky is thelimit as you opened the closed door tomy life. Once again, thank you WUSC.” - Former sponsored refugee student
    • Thank You!