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Shine a Light 2010 2011

  1. 1. 2010-2011
  2. 2. Education Changes the World Education is a powerful tool and without it few of us would reach our full potential. In refugee camps very few girls have the opportunity to pursue their education beyond primary school and without education these young people have no way out. Shine A Light - Overview
  3. 3. Education Changes the World Shine A Light - Overview Let’s Shine a Light on what girls can achieve if they overcome the challenges they face in accessing education in the refugee camps. With your help we can provide these girls with the tools they need to learn, to strive, and to succeed.
  4. 4. Education Changes the World Shine A Light - Overview For over 30 years, the WUSC Student Refugee Program has been providing opportunities for young refugees to pursue higher education in Canada. Among the students sponsored by WUSC, men greatly outnumber women because few girls finish high school. This is a situation we aim to change.
  5. 5. Education Changes the World Shine A Light - Overview Expected to help with domestic chores and the care of siblings, the girls in the camps often miss school or discontinue their studies altogether. Many girls can only find time to study after dark in camps that lack electricity. The first phase of our campaign focused on raising money for safe, cost-effective solar lamps to enable girls to study at night.
  6. 6. Education Changes the World Shine A Light - Overview Thanks to generous support from Local Committees, former sponsored students, WUSC alumni and the general public, our first goal was achieved. Our next goals are to financed after school programs training that will help the girls to make up the schooling they missed out on, provide them with needed school supplies and finally offer scholarships for promising young refugee girls in Kenya.
  7. 7. Education Changes the World Why Girls? • 62 million girls of primary age worldwide are out of school. • The gender gap in education is biggest in sub- Saharan Africa, with 23 million girls completely missing out on school. • In many African countries, only one in four girls receives a secondary education. At the post- secondary level, there are twice as many male students as female ones. • Barriers can be religious or cultural, but are more often simple constraints such as lack of teachers, uniforms, textbooks, or sanitary supplies.
  8. 8. Education Changes the World Education: A Positive Force for Girls • Educating a girl dramatically reduces the chance that her child will die before age five. • Educated women are more likely to have healthy, spaced pregnancies, which leads to healthy and educated children. • Educating a girl improves her ability to support herself and make informed decisions about her own life. • Educating a girl provides her with the confidence to value her body and appreciate her self-worth. This allows her to have a say in the wellbeing of herself, her family and her community. • Educated girls can secure better jobs that provide benefits to the entire family.
  9. 9. Education Changes the World Phase 1: Solar Lamps - $10,000 300 safe, cost-effective solar lamps were provided to primary and secondary schools to enable girls to study at night Phase 2: After School Programs and School Supplies - $70,000 Every $20 donated will enroll one more girl in 1 month of remedial classes. Phase 3: Scholarships - $20,000 Every $1000 raised will support one girl through secondary school outside of the camps. Fundraising Goals
  10. 10. Education Changes the World What You Can Do
  11. 11. Education Changes the World What You Can Do Web Actions Help spread the word about Shine A Light and encouraging people to check out the website. Here’s how: • Tweet about Shine A Light on Twitter • Share one of our banners on your Facebook, Myspace, blog or regular web page • Embed our campaign video on your social networking sites • Post a video testimonial on our YouTube channel
  12. 12. Education Changes the World What You Can Do On Campus Actions • Light is a powerful metaphor, and something we often take for granted. Organize a “blackout” or “lights out” event in your classroom or library to raise awareness. • Organize a concert, talent show or dance where the main lighting is from flashlights throughout the audience. Get people to bring flashlights and donations.
  13. 13. Education Changes the World What You Can Do On Campus Actions • Partner with a local light themed festival or event to fundraise for SAL • Be creative and involve you professor in your activities since this year goal is to provide girls in the camps with After School Programs.
  14. 14. Education Changes the World Last year 20 Flashlight Mob were organized through the country. These Flash mob consist in sitting in a busy walkway reading books by flashlight. The scattered pods of light created a surreal and intriguing distraction for What You Can Do Flashlight Mob!
  15. 15. Education Changes the World While some of them read books the other participants pass Shine A Light cards and answer the passers-by questions to raise awareness. What You Can Do Flashlight Mob!
  16. 16. Education Changes the World Shine A Light – On The WEB To stay completely up to date with progress made on the Shine A Light Campaign, visit the website:
  17. 17. Education Changes the World Available Resources Find all of the following Shine A Light resources in our Supporter Toolkit at: • Shine A Light banners • Shine A Light campaign video • Twitter post suggestions • Instructions on how to use all of the above
  18. 18. Education Changes the World Sign Up! Sign up to participate in the Shine A Light campaign by logging in to My Committee!
  19. 19. Education Changes the World Thank You!