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Managing Your On-line Persona
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  • 1. Social Media & Online Networking
    ACVT8 Your Career! April 23, 2010
    Emily Scott & James Barraclough
    WU Career Services
    123 Morgan Hall
  • 2. Evolution of the Web
    Web 2.0
    refers to a perceived second generation of web development (roughly since 2001) and design, that facilitates communication, secure information sharing, interoperability, and collaboration on the World Wide Web (from Wikipedia).
    • How many of you are using Web 2.0?
  • Features of Web 2.0
    SEARCH – keyword searches on individual sites
    LINKS – embedded guides to important pieces of information
    AUTHORING – ability to create constantly updating content over a platform that is shifted from being the creation of a few to being the constantly updated, interlinked work (wiki’s and blogs)
    TAGS – categorization of content in simple, one-word descriptions to facilitate searching and avoid rigid, pre-made categories
    EXTENSIONS – automation of some of the work and pattern matching by using algorithms (amazon.com recommendations)
    SIGNALS – use of RSS (Really Simple Syndication) technology to notify users with any changes of the content by sending e-mails
  • 3.
  • 4. Creation of On-line Social Media
    Photo-sharing: Flickr
    Video-sharing: YouTube
    Audio-sharing: imeem
    Virtual Worlds: Second Life
    Online Gaming: World of Warcraft
    Social news: Digg, Reddit
    Reviews: Yelp, e-pinions
    Microblogs: Twitter, Pownce
    Events: E-vite
    Social Networking Services:
    Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn
  • 5. What is Networking?
    Connecting with others
    gathering information, and
    building *professional* relationships
    As a Job Search Strategy…
    70-90% of jobs are “never” posted
    Survey of 45 large companies suggests that….
    Most positions are filled internally, but…
    Referrals are the number one source of external hires
    Cripsin, G. & Mehler, M. (2009) http://www.careerxroads.com/news/sourcesofhire09.pdf
  • 6. Benefits of On-line Networking
    • Branding Your Professional Image
    • 7. Research & evaluate employers
    • 8. Connect with companies of interest
  • 4-Steps to Successful Online Networking
    Clean Up Your Image
    Create “You” – What’s Your Brand?
    Get Connected!
    Maintenance is Key
  • 9. Be Squeaky Clean
    Are employers really searching for me online?!
    83% use search engines
    45% use social networking sites
    11% plan to start using them soon
    35% reported not hiring a candidate based on negative online content
    18% reported that positive online content helped a candidate
    CareerBuilder.com (2009)
  • 10. Rinse and Repeat
    Tips to get clean…
    Delete Inactive Accounts
    Remove all your dirt
    Utilize Privacy Settings
    Get the word out
    In this case, D.R.U.G.will help you get clean!
  • 11. Personal Branding
    Focus on what makes YOUnique
    Why should employers want to hire you?
    What makes you an asset to employers in your field?
    Visit PersonalBrandingBlog.com for more info.
  • 12. Personal Branding Cont…
    Establish a profile on a site where professionals in your field “hang out.”
    Become an active user of LinkedIn.com
    Start a professional blog
    Add a link to your “branded” site
  • 13. Finding Contacts
    Reach out to…
    People You Know
    Your Extended Network
    Relevant Online Groups
    Company Social Networking Sites
  • 14. Researching…
    “Follow” Twitter feeds of companies
    Become a “Fan” of company Facebook pages
    Message recruiters using LinkedIn
    Visit company YouTube channels
  • 15. Maintain Your Image!
    Update Often
    Google Your Name
    Keep It Clean
  • 16. Next Steps
    What can you do today to jumpstart your online networking efforts?!