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Tips & Tools for Facebook Marketing Success

Tips & Tools for Facebook Marketing Success



Facebook has become a focal point of many companies’ social media and marketing strategies and it’s on marketers to keep up with Facebook’s constant changes and best practices. Facebook ...

Facebook has become a focal point of many companies’ social media and marketing strategies and it’s on marketers to keep up with Facebook’s constant changes and best practices. Facebook marketing can range from very simple to very complex depending on the level you’d like to use it. Regardless of how much Facebook plays into your overall marketing strategy, there are certain things about Facebook marketing that every marketer ought to understand.

Join WTWH Media’s social media team as they explain the different parts of a Facebook page and how to best utilize your efforts there. They’ll cover topics such as: the design & set-up of a Facebook page, what types of posts have the best chance of being seen by your audience, lessons learned from Facebook ads and their best practices, and how to navigate Facebook insights and use the information Facebook gives you to your advantage.

Attend this webinar to learn:

The intricacies of the design of a Facebook page and what you need to have filled out to have a complete profile
What is Facebook Edgerank and how it plays in an important part in what types of content you post to your page
How to use Facebook ads and their best practices to zero-in on your target audience to drive traffic to your site and/or increase the number of fans for your page
How to use Facebook Insights to learn what things work best for your page and what is resonating with your audience



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  • Affinity score: clicking, liking, commenting and sharing certain objectsEdge weight: Photos and videos carry more of a weight than links and statuses – people seem to interact with them more, giving them more of a weightTime decay: just like it says… if you post a story on Monday by Friday it will be less visible as its getting older
  • Facebook is continually changing, but the EdgeRank algorithm stays the same, just the name has changed
  • Photo uploads total 300 million per day
  • Edgerank checker: Connect your facebook and this site will help page admins understand how their page interacts with the news feed Infogr.am: allows you to plug in your data and then creates an infographicMemegenerator.net: choose a photo and then insert your text to create your very own memeYouTube:
  • Frequency: Post 1-2 times per dayLength: ???Discuss scheduling: super easy to schedule right through fb or even using third-party tools which we’ll discuss later
  • Target your post by gender, location, job titleYou can also pay to promote a certain post which will increase engagementAlways be sure to @tag a company in a post if necessary – this will notify the company they’ve been mentioned in a post on your page, ultimately giving your page even more attentionFacebook recently implemented the use of hashtags in posts --- FINISH this thoughtBe sure to always include a call to action in your posts – whether it is click the link below, sign up for our newsletter, join our group – people tend to interact more when they are told what to do
  • When responding to comments do so in moderation. If a conversation gets lengthy or maybe inappropriate, move it to a private message or an email conversationBe diverse in your posts – though its great to post photos and videos to increase your edgerank score, maybe think of turning the title of an article into photo and then posting the link to the article in the text box – this way you’re still using the photo but still able to drive the traffic back to your websiteBe transparent and be human– photos of people tend to do the best – for example, if you’re having a company potluck be sure to post a photo this not only will do extremely well for your edgerank but will also show your fans you’re human
  • HootSuite: Free and paid pro versions – manage and schedule out posts for LI, TW, FBSprout Social: Paid application – offers a full report and analytics page, connect your FB, TW and G+ account, allows you to schedule and manage postsHubspot: Paid application – monitor, schedule posts, shows clicks on links and best times to post
  • Point to landing/reveal pages when applicable.
  • Don’t have to be 100% relevant to ad text - Key is to CONNECT with your audience

Tips & Tools for Facebook Marketing Success Tips & Tools for Facebook Marketing Success Presentation Transcript

  •  This webinar will be available afterwards at marketing.wtwhmedia.com & email  Q&A at the end of the presentation  Hashtag for this webinar: #SMWebinar 2
  • Lance Brown @WTWH_SocialGuru Heather Centorbi @WTWH_SocialXprt Stacy Combest @WTWH_SCombest 3
  •  Design & set up  EdgeRank    Posting best practices   Facebook advertising tips “New” Facebook Insights Role of Tabs Tips to grow your page 4
  • Renewable Energy Engineering 27 million 3 million 3.1 620 million thousand Solar Energy 4.4 920 million thousand Wind Power 1.2 280 million thousand 5
  •  Potential customers look online  Customers want to be heard 6
  • What is your goal in creating a business Facebook page? 7
  •  Improve SEO  Engage community  Strengthen relationships 8
  •  Relationships are seen by all  ROI-related metrics 9
  •   Keep your posts organized Help from repeating content 10
  •  Evergreen content Just-in-time/ Trending content   Top priority  Repurpose content 11
  •  Logo ◦ Rarely change  Cover image ◦ Be creative! 12
  •    Page name Category = Better results About section ◦ Keep it short ◦ Add website first 13
  •  Custom URL ◦ Like the name hard to change  Basic info ◦ Company overview ◦ Awards, Products..  Contact info 14
  •  What is it? ◦ Search that filters people & businesses based on phrases or combination of keywords  How to use it: ◦ Identify and learn about fans, potential business partners and competitors 15
  •  Build your audience  Increase brand loyalty  Identify the people to connect with your brand 16
  •  Post settings  Moderation blocklist  Privacy gating  Notifications 17
  •  Manager  Content Creator  Moderator  Advertiser  Insights Analyst 18
  •  Feature other businesses and profiles  Interact with other pages ◦ Comment ◦ Like ◦ Share 19
  • 20
  •  What is EdgeRank?  Based on: ◦ Affinity Score ◦ Edge Weight ◦ Time Decay 21
  •   Still uses EdgeRank algorithm Popular page posts have a higher chance of being shown even if they are a few hours old 22
  •  Photos & videos vs. text & links ◦ Stock photos ◦ Memes ◦ Infographics 23
  •     EdgeRankChecker Infogr.am Memegenerator.net YouTube 24
  • 25
  •  Frequency  Time to post  Scheduling Thursday and Friday’s engagement is 18% higher. 26
  •      Targeting Promoting Tagging Using hashtags Including a call-to-action 27
  •  Use reasonable moderation  Be diverse  Be transparent  Be human 28
  •     Sprout Social Hubspot HootSuite Spredfast    Socialoomph Seesmic Buffer 29
  • 30
  •      Increase fans Site traffic E-newsletter subscriptions Promote event/news/app, etc. Branding Facebook Ads: https://www.facebook.com/advertising 31
  •   Say NO to blues & whites Say YES to “pop” colors 32
  •       Simple Contrast Faces Humor Close-up Relevant Our Best Ad to date 33
  • 1. 2. 1. 3. 2. 3. Credit: http://mashable.com/2013/09/10/facebook-ad-bigger/ 34
  •  A/B Test ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ Test, Test, Test! Images Headlines Copy Call-to-actions 35
  •  The Cloud Technique ◦ Interests  (don’t forget to include your competitors’ pages) ◦ Geographies ◦ Workplaces ◦ Job Titles Be Creative & Use Combinations 36
  •  NEW TOOL! ◦ Facebook Conversion Pixels Step-by-step guide: www.socialmediaexaminer.com/how-to-track-your-facebook-ad-conversions/ 37
  • 38
  • Overview Posts Page Page Likes Post Reach Page Visits When Fans are Online Total Likes How Many Saw Posts Tabs Viewed Days Net Likes Likes, Comments, & Shares Actions on Page Times Where Likes Came From Hides, Reports, & Unlikes People Post Types Stats of Your Fans People Reached People Engaged External Referrers All Posts Age & Gender Age & Gender Age & Gender Geography & Language Geography & Language Geography & Language Total Reach 39
  • QUESTION ANSWER (tab) When is optimal time to post? “When Your Fans Are Online” Who is liking my page? “Your Fans” Who is engaging with my page? “People Engaged” What days are my fans engaging? “Post Reach” What are people looking at on my page? “Page Visits” What is my engagement rate? “Posts” (Drop-down menu) 40
  •  Be creative to answer the “non-obvious” Q: What is the optimal number of times to post per day? Track your unsubscribe and unlike rates each day Measured against what you’re posting and how often Find point at which fans begin unsubscribing 41
  •  Measure traffic back to site using Google Analytics 42
  • 43
  •          Contests Videos Exclusives E-news Blog E-Commerce Support Tools Promotions 44
  • Pagemodo Static HTML: iframe Tabs •Lots of free, easy-to-edit templates •Completely customizable tabs using html •Paid option offers more tabs •Free and offers online support Woobox Grosocial •Free “Like” gate tabs •Can do most anything tab-related, drag-n-drop design, templates, gates, etc. •Sweepstakes app - $29/mo. •30-day free trial, $19.95/mo. Lurjure Shortstack •Easy Drag-n-drop design with “Like” gates •“Fan favorite” of #Toolchat group •7-day free trial, $25/mo. •Free options, plans start at $15/mo. 45
  •   Website Content (Whitepapers, PR, etc.)    Print ads Email Signatures Business cards       Event Banners Online ads E-Blasts Social Ads Vehicles Embedding Posts Free social media icons: http://social-icons.com/50-free-social-media-icons-mixed-designs 46
  •   Auto-play videos Facebook for business Blog https://www.facebook.com/business/news 47
  • If you never did, you should. These things are fun, and fun is good. - Dr. Seuss 48
  • WTWH Media WTWH Media WTWH Media lbrown@wtwhmedia.com Phone: 440.234.4531 ext. 108 Twitter: @WTWH_SocialGuru hcentorbi@wtwhmedia.com Phone: 440.234.4531 ext. 115 Twitter: @WTWH_SocialXprt scombest@wtwhmedia.com Phone: 440.234.4531 ext. 119 Twitter: @WTWH_SCombest Lance Brown Heather Centorbi Stacy Combest WTWH Media Marketing Blog http://marketing.wtwhmedia.com 49
  •  This webinar will be available at marketing.wtwhmedia.com & email  Tweet with hashtag #SMWebinar  Join us for future webinars on various social media topics  Learn more about WTWH Media’s social media services: email socialmedia@wtwhmedia.com 50
  • 51