Siegfried gerlach cooperative transportation management vision or illusion)-world tourism forum lucerne 2009

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World Tourism Forum Lucerne 2009

World Tourism Forum Lucerne 2009

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  • 1. Cooperative transportationmanagement – vision or illusion?Siegfried Gerlach © Siemens Schweiz AG 2009
  • 2. Megatrends – the toughest questions of our time Demographic Urbanization Climate change Globalization change Climate change is a Global economicWorld population will Today, half the fact. It is a serious growth is unequallycontinue to grow world’s population man-made environ- distributed amongrapidly (up 26% by lives in urban areas. mental challenge, the world’s indivi-2030). In addition, The number of me- threatening huma- dual regions.societies in both gacities with more nity as well as the Globalization leadsdeveloped and emer- than ten million inha- biosphere. to growth and pros-ging nations will bitants has in- Innovations are the perity in those coun-continue to age. creased tenfold in strongest levers to tries that participate the last 50 years. combat its negative in this process. consequences. page 2 Siemens Switzerland Ltd
  • 3. Megatrends pose urgent challenges to cities Demographic change Urbanization Climate change Globalization Growing demand for Increasing mobility health- and elder care  Traffic congestion on city streets in Western  Urban air pollution causes an estimated 130,000 Europe will increase 188% by 2010 premature deaths each year in developing countries (Source: WHO) Increasing scarcity Growing demand for of natural resources safety and security Growing need for  Cities directly or indirectly account for 60% of environmental care  Malfunctions of critical infra-structures pose high worlds water use risks to urban economies: in 2003 3-day power  Cities cause 80% of the outage in New York City caused loss of 1 bn USD greenhouse gases, but they cover only 0.4% of the earths surface page 3 Siemens Switzerland Ltd
  • 4. The forecast: The demand for mobility will constantly rise Annual growth rate of Annual growth rate of passenger traffic 2000–2030 freight traffic 2000–2030 Growth rate (in percent) 4 3 2 1 OECD OECD OECD Eastern Total Asia Africa Middle India former Latin China Pacific Europe North Europe East Soviet America America Union Passenger traffic worldwide will post an annual growth rate of 1.6% up to 2030, while freight traffic is expected to increase by 2.5%.** “Mobility 2030” report compiled by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), the International Energy Agency (IEA), and the CRA International page 4 Siemens Switzerland Ltd
  • 5. Railway country Switzerland in the European comparisonKilometer per person for each Rides per person for each habitanthabitant in the year 2006 in the year 2006Luxemburg France UK UK Germany Germany Austrian Austrian France LuxemburgSwitzerland Switzerland 0 500 1000 1500 2000 2500 0 10 20 30 40 50 Source: Railway Statistics, Synopsis 2006page 5 Siemens Switzerland Ltd
  • 6. SBB Infrastructure capacity Source SBB © Siemens Switzerland Ltd 2009Page 6 Siemens Switzerland Ltd
  • 7. Infrastructure capacity © Siemens Switzerland Ltd 2009Page 7 Siemens Switzerland Ltd
  • 8. 50 % of the passengers travel during 25 % of our operating hours  Massive differences in demand between the morning/evening rush hours and the rest of the time.  Market growth further accentuates this disparity between different periods of the day.  The concentration of transport volumes at specific times of the day is not a phenomenon specific to public transport. It is also a feature of road traffic.1 Percentage of passenger volume per hour. Occupancy of trains at Zurich HB. Source SBB © Siemens Switzerland Ltd 2009 Page 8 Siemens Switzerland Ltd
  • 9. Making the rails more attractive –with comfort and efficiency Attractive trains  61 S-Bahn double deck trains Zurich Combino Bern and Basel  convenient boarding thanks to 100 % low flow design Fast an thrifty  Velaro consumes equivalent of 0,33 litres per seat over © Siemens Switzerland Ltd 2009Page 9 Siemens Switzerland Ltd
  • 10. Making the rails more attractive –with comfort and efficiency Good news for the environment  the Syntegra bogie uses no oil, is lighter, makes less noise and is energy efficient Fewer stops mean less energy consumed  the dynamic automatic route setting system ensures optimum line utilisation Valuable braking  Sitras mobile energy storage system © Siemens Switzerland Ltd 2009Page 10 Siemens Switzerland Ltd
  • 11. VisionWe develop sustainable mobility solutions that network different transportsystems with each other in an efficient and customer-friendly way, andtransport people and goods efficiently, safely and ecologically. © Siemens Switzerland Ltd 2009Page 11 Siemens Switzerland Ltd
  • 12. Complete Mobility Integrated solutions are the key to safe, clean and reliable mobility!Intercity & Airport Metropolitan & Integrated Fleet PostalHigh Speed Transport Solutions City Security Traffic Management Management Automation Commuter & Urban Parking Freight Transport & Regional Transport Transport Management City Tolling Cargo Management page 12 Siemens Switzerland Ltd
  • 13. Illusion?Different players with too different interests? Politics Federal government Cooperative transportation management Centers Cantons Fringe regions Business Local authorities © Siemens Switzerland Ltd 2009Page 13 Siemens Switzerland Ltd