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A presentation given at ALA Midwinter Jan. 25, 2014

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  • Established in 1745, the library maintains and provides access to vast and varied collections of print materials, newspapers, maps and atlases, and rare books that tell the history of Pennsylvania and its people. The library has chosen to digitize selected rare and Pennsylvania specific items in an effort to make them more widely available, both through our own website and now through Internet Archive.  The State Library is now located in the Forum Building, immediately behind the Capitol in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania but we haven’t always been there.The first volumes owned by the Commonwealth make up the 420 volumes that comprise the General Assembly Collection. In 1745, Benjamin Franklin, as Clerk of the Assembly purchased the 7 volume set of the British Common Law Statutes at Large. In essence, the State Library was Ben’s other library. The first, of course, being the Library Company of 1731. Since these books were housed in Independence Hall, Philadelphia from 1745-1779, it is likely that these very books were consulted by the members of the Continental Congress during their Philadelphia tenure. The fact that these books are still in existence and many, in their original bindings, is in itself miraculous.
  • The various components of the collections which comprise the Rare Books Library have survived several disasters over the last two & half centuries including:RAVAGES OF TIME & HISTORYWarInvasionFireMoistureRelocationBritish Invasion:Collection hidden in the fields of Easton PA when Philadelphia fell to the British.Continental Congress sending dispatchers to retrieve books to right laws to prove we were a civilized country to FranceCivil War:Moved from Hbg. to Phila. in ear shot of Lee’s TroopsCapitol Fire:The 78 year old Capitol Bldg burned to the ground in less then four hours and smoldered for several days after.It was the Senate Librarian Miller who pulled the Fire Alarm at 12:30 pm 2/2/1897, by 4 o’clock pm the building collapsed.Shortly after the initial firm alarm was activated it was realized that the Capitol would be a complete loss, as many records as possible were removed from the Capitol to the Annex Bldg directly adjacent to the burning building.At that time the Annex Bldg, which did housed the State Library, was thought to be “fire proof”.Only the heroic and untiring efforts of the Hbg. Fire Dept combined with a veering of the wind saved this building from the same fate as the Capitol.Transferred from Building to Building:The State Library Collection were transferred from the Annex Bldg to its new home in the Education/Forum Bldg in 1931-32.Minor Move within Building:Within the Education/Forum Bldg the Rare Book Room was relocated from its original location on the Ground Floor due to structural and other problems from that location to another on the second floor of the building.
  • The State Library has the most extensive collection of Pennsylvania newspapers from Colonial times to the present. This is one volume of bound newspapers from the early 1750s published by Benjamin Franklin and also containing his famous Kite and Key experiment on page 2!
  • 2014 01-25 scripto-presentation

    1. 1. Crowdsourcing the Civil War At the State Library of Pennsylvania Alice L Lubrecht, Director of Library Services William T. Fee, Digital Collections and Authority Librarian January 25, 2014 American Library Association
    2. 2. Session Agenda 1. Library Background Digital Efforts Software Selection and Implementation Results to Date January 25, 2014 American Library Association
    3. 3. Mission: The primary role of the State State Library of Library of Pennsylvania is to collect, preserve and provide Pennsylvania access to materials for, by and about Pennsylvania for the information and research needs of all branches of state government, libraries and the public. January 25, 2014 American Library Association
    4. 4. Origins of the State Library • Traces origins to 1745 • Ben Franklin and the General Assembly • The Statutes at Large and English maps • First housed in Independence Hall Philadelphia, PA January 25, 2014 American Library Association
    5. 5. Dauphin County Court House circa 1820 PA State Capitol, Burning Feb. 2, 1897 Annex Building, Capitol Complex circa 1930 January 25, 2014 American Library Association Main Entrance to the Forum/Education Building 5
    6. 6. Ben Franklin’s Kite & Key Experiment 19 October 1752 – Pennsylvania Gazette January 25, 2014 American Library Association
    7. 7. Digital Projects of the State Library • Online collection of historical documents, articles and publications • Full-text resources on Pennsylvania history, including the Civil War, Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln and Fort Necessity January 25, 2014 American Library Association
    8. 8. Focus in the Last Year? Gettysburg Materials January 25, 2014 American Library Association
    9. 9. Researching Crowdsourcing http://manuscripttranscription.blogspot.com/2011/02/2010-year-of-crowdsourcing.html January 25, 2014 American Library Association
    10. 10. WinXP as a test box • Commonwealth standard • Not Linux or Unix – – – – No apt-get or sudo commands Completely wrong file structure Permission problems Only certain versions of programs and underlying dependencies are usable • Missing documentation – Zend version – Installing Scripto – Can require a knowledge of both Linux and Windows structures, etc. January 25, 2014 American Library Association
    11. 11. Testing • Bitnami stacks – Multiple Apache servers – One dependency fails, they all do • Encyclopedia of Life – Underlying dependencies failed – Wouldn’t fully install • FromthePage – Git client from GitHub – Installed somewhere – Never found it January 25, 2014 American Library Association
    12. 12. Scripto • Requires Zend 1 framework – 2 weeks to get an answer • • • • • • • Documentation assumes Linux knowledge Little to no information on Windows install Documentation scanty Eventually installed in Drupal Moved to outside servers due to firewalls and security Outside server techs installed WordPress version Registration through MediaWiki January 25, 2014 American Library Association
    13. 13. Scripto main page https://civilwardiaries.klnpa.org/ January 25, 2014 American Library Association
    14. 14. Scripto registration page (MediaWiki) https://civilwardiaries.klnpa.org/wiki/index.php?title=Special:UserLogin&returnto =Main+Page&type=signup January 25, 2014 American Library Association
    15. 15. Scripto image page January 25, 2014 American Library Association
    16. 16. Scripto image page (2) January 25, 2014 American Library Association
    17. 17. Scripto transcription page January 25, 2014 American Library Association
    18. 18. Questions? Contacting us: Alice Lubrecht alubrecht@pa.gov 717-783-5968 Bill Fee wfee@pa.gov 717-783-7014 Thank you January 25, 2014 American Library Association