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2010/2011 Exam

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Wt4603 expp10 11

  1. 1. UNIVERSITY of LIMERICK OLLSCOIL LUIMNIGH DEPARTMENT OF MANUFACTURING AND OPERATIONS ENGINEERING (M&OE) FACULTY OF SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING END OF SEMESTER ASSESSMENT PAPER MODULE CODE: WT4603 MODULE TITLE: Wood Processing Safety and Practice SEMESTER: Autumn Semester 2010-2011 LECTURER: Mr. Joseph Lyster EXTERNAL EXAMINER: Professor Eddie Norman DURATION OF EXAM: 2 Hours 30 Minutes GRADING SCHEME: 35% Examination / 65% CourseworkINSTRUCTIONS TO CANDIDATES:Students MUST answer TWO questions from SECTION A (2 x 25 Marks) ANDStudents MUST answer ANY 10 questions from SECTION B (10 x 5 Marks)NOTE FOR SECTION A:LM094 – (Materials & Architectural Technology) must answer question 1 in Section A and may not answer question 2LM067 – (Wood Science & Technology) must answer question 2 in Section A and may not answer question 1
  2. 2. SECTION A1) LM094 - (Materials & Architectural Technology) ONLY. a) Outline your approach to demonstrating the safe and efficient use of wood processing machines appropriate for use by Junior Certificate Materials Technology Wood students. (5 Marks) b) In a Junior Certificate Materials Technology Wood class, students are required to use the Chisel Morticer, Pillar Drill and Scroll saw as part of their design project activity. Outline 4 possible hazards which may arise and discuss the risk magnitude and possible risk control measures of each. (20 Marks)2) LM067 - (Wood Processing & Technology) ONLY. a) Outline the duties of employers and employees in relation to health and safety management in a wood machining workshop environment. (5 Marks) b) Identify at least 5 potential hazards that may arise while using the following machines and outline suitable risk control measures for each. In your answer, make reference to “risk magnitude” and “the hierarchy of risk control”. i. Bandsaw with blade guard. ii. Surface Planing Machine with bridge guard. (20 Marks)3) Surface Planing Machine. a) Using notes and sketches explain the terms “clearance angle”, “peripheral cutting speed” and “cutter pitch”. A 4 knife cutter block is revolving at 4400 rpm with a feed speed of 24m/min. Calculate the pitch distance and outline an appropriate use for the processed material. (15 Marks) b) The knife clamping mechanism is an important feature of modern cutter block design. Explain using a neat annotated sketch how modern cutter block designs utilise forces that are created when in use and also outline the safety aspects of such cutter block designs. (10 Marks)4) Rip Saw. a) Using notes and sketches explain the terms, namely “hook angle” and “clearance”. (10 Marks) b) Name the circular saw blade tooth configuration parts outlined in figure 1. Fig1. (4 Marks) c) A saw blade of Ø750mm is driven at 1300 rpm. Calculate the rim speed of the saw blade. Also discuss the implications of setting an incorrect peripheral cutting speed for a saw blade. (11 Marks)
  3. 3. SECTION B1. Explain, using a neatly annotated sketch, the purpose of a chip breaker in relation to circular cutting blocks. (5 Marks)2. Outline the names of two key legislative health and safety policy documents pertaining to second level technology education and the work environment. (5 Marks)3. Using notes and sketches outline the appropriate method of setting the rip fence for both ripping and cross cutting of material. (5 Marks)4. Explain what the CE marking represents. (5 Marks)5. Given a plank of rough sawn material, outline the procedure for planing the material all-round. (5 Marks)6. Indicate using arrows, the internal and external feed direction of the router relating to the work piece in fig.2. Also describe the consequences of incorrect feed direction when processing material with a hand router. (5 Marks) Fig.2 (Re-draw in Answer booklet)7. Identify and explain one reason why kick back can occur when ripping material. (5 Marks)8. Compare and contrast the tungsten carbide (TC) and high speed steel (HSS) cutter knifes used in circular cutting blocks for surface planing machines. (5 Marks)9. Discuss the use of PPE as a means of risk control. (5 Marks)10. Using notes and sketches demonstrate the necessary hand positions and movement of material when surface planing. (5 Marks)11. Using notes and sketches outline the purpose of a riving knife when ripping material. Also outline the position of the riving knife in relation to the saw blade. (5 Marks)12. Discuss how the collet design contributes to the stability of the cutting bit during the routing process. (5 Marks)13. Using notes and sketches discuss two types of start/stop mechanisms related to wood processing machinery. (5 Marks)14. Identify and explain any 3 mechanical hazards that may arise from using a circular sawing machine. (5 Marks)15. Outline 3 safety considerations that must be taken into account when using the thicknessing machine. (5 Marks)