The Superintendency:  The Good, the Challenges and the Rewards
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The Superintendency: The Good, the Challenges and the Rewards



Dr. Roberta Kramer

Dr. Roberta Kramer
Riverside School District



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The Superintendency:  The Good, the Challenges and the Rewards The Superintendency: The Good, the Challenges and the Rewards Presentation Transcript

  • The Superintendency: The Good, The Challenges and the Rewards WSU Superintendent Cohort Presentation August 11, 2011
  • A Quote to Lead By
    • In the essentials,
    • unity
    • In the non-essentials, freedom
    • In all things,
    • clarity
  • The Good : Creating the “right” conditions
    • Finding the “right” Board – understand how it changes over time
    • Different way of leadership
    • Employee Relations
    • Strategic Planning
    • Hiring “right” and admitting when you’ve done it wrong
    • Pace
    • Strategic leadership
  • The Good: Leading for Learning
    • “ Just right” size
    • More conclusive data
    • Instructional influence
    • Support “options”
    • Creating the conditions
    • Learning is the work
    • Inspiring the next generation to greatness: Fearlessness gets us there
  • The Challenges
    • You are “The Terminator”
    • Getting the board “on board”
    • Employee relations
    • Knowing what can be “managed”
    • Influence, but little control
    • Budget
    • Time becomes different
  • More challenges
    • Levy/Facilities Needs
    • Communication
    • Maintaining your beliefs under pressure
    • Asking for advice and following through on it or not…
  • The Challenges: Leading for Learning
    • Small group of leaders, same amount of work
    • Drastic changes stand out
    • Mandates
    • Program changes
    • Reading and learning enough
    • Thinking out loud
  • The Rewards
    • If you’re looking for frequent flier miles, get a credit card
    • Student learning
    • Measures of “adult achievement”
    • Community engagement
    • It’s up to me
  • Things I never thought about before being a Superintendent
    • How to hire an attorney
    • How to fire an attorney
    • How to deal with the enormity of budget cuts in a relatively small district
    • Employees groups and FOLLOWING the contract
    • How it would feel if the Supt’s child got in trouble at school
    • How to negotiate my own contract
  • Top Ten Things to Remember as a Superintendent
    • Never underestimate the collective wisdom of colleagues
    • Give yourself breathing room…few decisions require an immediate response
    • 8. Don’t forget what it was like when you were a …
  • Top Ten Continued
    • Admit your mistakes before someone has a chance to point them out
    • 6. Don’t throw down ice melt
    • 5. Keep your sense of humor healthy
    • 4. Time spent in the schools and classrooms is the time best spent
  • Top Ten Continued
    • 3. Be the most positive person in the entire district
    • Learning “is the thing”
    • 1. Remember what you stand for
  • The unexpected
    • Loving the work
    • Trust
    • Leave nothing to chance
    • Respect the outcomes
    • Life is a succession of lessons, which must be lived to be understood.
    • Ralph Waldo Emerson