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Pat Mcgowan casestudy

  1. 1. Diesel Power Products Case Study By: Pat McGowan, Washington, USAAbout WSI Consultant, Pat McGowan:I have been a WSI Consultant since September 2004. My business is based in Spokane, WA.Prior to WSI, I came from a 15-year career in pharmaceutical sales and management.About the Client, Diesel Power Products:The client, Diesel Power Products, is a full-time online retailer and wholesale supplier. Thebulk of his business is retail online sales. The product line is after market performanceproducts for diesel light duty personal trucks. They carry a full line of gauges, exhaust kits,turbos, programmers, air intakes and full product lines. The lead came to me through anetworking group I am part of. I followed the typical WSI pathway for the sales process.Summary of Project:When the client bought the business, it came with a very poorly designed and limited site.He wanted a fully functional, dynamic, interactive and easily administered site. He wantedto feature all products in an easy to search cart, to provide information on the products andthe industry and numerous ways for client contact and interaction. We provided all of theservices required for this client, including template design, logo design, and installed variousmodules such as an e-marketer, shopping cart, document management system, etc.Objectives:The objective was to produce and provide a very detailed, complex and user friendly e-commerce solution. This was accomplished by detailing through a tactical plan every detailof the shopping experience as well as other functionality of the site. Once established theprogrammer and designer at the Production Center took over.The Solution:I choose the SMT product from Radius 3 due to the flexibility of the product, the ease inmodifications, customizations and the simplicity of the administration of the site. With theexception of the template and logo design, all of the customization was performed on theshopping cart. We installed three different payment gateways (YourPay, PayPal and GoogleCheck Out with Google being installed currently). We also added a discount code feature,installed UPS shipping options and auto calculations, added additional areas for customerinformation such as vehicle specifics and optimized the card by applying a program thatdynamically creates and continually updates an XML map such that the cart database is fullysearchable by the engines. This is a key addition for any data base driven cart in that if thisis not done the search engines will not pick up the cart or any of its items.I have all of my production work done by Radius 3 now. They are very responsive, easy towork with, are very flexible to meet my needs, especially with customizations, and approach
  2. 2. Diesel Power Products Case Study By: Pat McGowan, Washington, USAeach project as unique - no off-the-shelf or cookie cutter approach when it comes toadditions and customizations. The initial ROI for me was in the rage of 45% profit. As thesite has evolved, I continue to realize solid residual profit from this client.Screenshot Images:Results:The client has more that quadrupled his sales and profit since the site launch. His averagemonthly sales are in the high five figures. Current trends will have sales of over six figuresmonthly realized in the next few months. The client was and continues to be very pleasedwith his site. He appreciates the fact that he can make changes as needed by himself, thatit is easy to administer, the various databases for tracking and client call backs, and that wecreated a site that met his every need. We never said no or that can’t be done to this client.Conclusion:This was a fun and exciting project not to mention profitable. Sites like this do take a gooddeal of time but the pay off is both profitable and gratifying. If I were to offer any advice inthis type of project, it would be to consider any and every shopping scenario that may comealong and include those in the cart. Keep the user experience as simple as possible but besure to cover every base. In addition, the design and a call-to-action right up front is key tosuccess for the client.