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WMS Summer Locker

  1. 1. The LockerThe Wellesley Middle School Newspaper Summer 2011 th The End of An Era: Bin Laden is Dead Sunday, May 15 , 2011 After Death of Bin Laden, What is Next for al-Qaeda? Future of al-Qaeda is Uncertain After Death of Bin Laden NEWS By Matthew & Keenan COMICS On May 1st, 2011, at 11:40 PM EST, US Navy SEALs killed worldwide terrorist leader Osama STORIES bin Laden. They raided his compound in Abbottobad, Pakistan based off US and PakistaniEDITORIALS intelligence information. Bin Laden had been tracked there by ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence, Pakistan) and CIA (Central Intelligence Agency, US) operatives using information obtained at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Bin Laden’s death marked the end of a ten year international manhunt. Now that the terror leader is dead, it is unclear what the future will hold for al-Qaeda and the rest of the world’s war on terror. Editors: Operation Neptune Spear Bill Under interrogation in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, Khalid Sheikh Muhammad, a terrorist involved Noor in the 9/11 attacks and the murder of journalist Daniel Pearl, revealed the name of a key courier Melanie working for Osama bin Laden in 2007. Two years later, the CIA learned his location and beganStephanie tracking him. Over the next year, they learned that Bin Laden was most likely hiding in a compound in the city of Abbottobad, Pakistan, with a population of over 90,000. This location, just north of the Pakistani capital of Islamabad, was contrary to many experts’ beliefs that heAssistant Editors: was hiding in the caves of the northwest border of Afghanistan. Molly Athenee Beginning in August of 2010, the CIA, with the assistance of the ISI, began to perform Abby surveillance missions on the compound of interest. The compound, an acre wide with 18 foot walls, was over five times the size of nearby homes, and close to a highway, however it had noFaculty Advisor: phones. It did, however, have multiple computers, which were later discovered to be the Lynne Johnson computers Bin Laden used to record messages and commands to his flashdrive, which he then gave to the courier of interest, who relayed them to al-Qaeda operatives around the world. President Barack Obama gave the order for Operation Neptune Spear to commence, in which he sent two dozen Navy SEALs with CIA operatives into the city of Abbottobad and to bin Laden’s compound. As a result of the firefight that ensued, Bin Laden and three of his sons were killed, all armed with automatic weapons. No US operatives were injured during the raid. Bin Laden was reported to have used women nearby as cover during the firefight. Computers were found inside the compound, with their hard drives torn out. The location of these hard drives, and their content, is unknown. Pakistani Intelligence Doubts The US said that they did not inform Pakistan about Operation Neptune Spear because of the risk of the operation being compromised due to corrupt government officials. There have been continuous doubts regarding the integrity of Pakistan’s government and intelligence agency, ISI. Continued on page 2...
  2. 2. The End of An Era: Bin Laden is Dead continuedfrom cover story…Currently, an investigation is being conducted into howBin Laden was able to live undetected for possibly six to the WMS Class of 2011years in a highly populated city so close to the capital of May all your dreams come true…Pakistan, Islamabad, and Pakistan’s military training Good Luck!center in Abbottabad. The compound was at least fivetimes the size of any house in the area, and had a tallperimeter fence as well as opaque windows.Due to the relatively obvious and conspicuous locationof the compound, questions have arisen as to whether ornot there is corruption in the Pakistani government, orthe ISI is simply ineffective.National CelebrationsAs soon as it was announced that Bin Laden had beenkilled, thousands of Americans lined the streets of NewYork City and Washington D.C., waving American flagsand celebrating. The lawn of the White House wascrowded with people, cheering as they finally receivedclosure for the loved ones they had lost ten years ago. InBoston, BU students gathered at Boston Common tocelebrate.For some, the death of Bin Laden was looked at as a stepin the right direction, but not a significant change.Despite the closure many have received, some stillbelieve that the war on terror has not ended, and thedeath toll of terror will continue to rise.Al-Qaeda Going ForwardNow that Bin Laden is dead, the most likely successor tobe leader of al-Qaeda appears to be Ayman al-Zawahiri.Zawahiri has been bin Laden’s close associate since theirpre-9/11 plots to kill Americans through terror attacks,based in Saudi Arabia and Sudan. However, Zawahiri isnot the ideal leader for al-Qaeda. Despite having deepmotivational beliefs, he is known to be unpleasant and isnot well-liked within al-Qaeda. He lacks the naturalleadership and appeal Bin Laden had possessed.Zawahiri is also known to be less careful than Bin AcrossLaden, has nearly been killed several times. 1. large star that heats the world 3. holiday with fireworksCounter-terror experts say that this change could result 4. getting together and grilling foodin a significant weakening of al-Qaeda. Despite the 5. season without schoolapparent lack of leadership within the al-Qaeda central 8. trip to a different placecommand, related groups like al-Qaeda in the Arabian DownPeninsula are threatening even more terror attacks than 1. necessary to avoid burnshave taken place previously. They said, “America will 2. water that separates continentslong for the time of Bin Laden.” 5. fun place to spend a month 6. sandy seashoreOnline News Sources: CNN, CBS, NBC, TIME, ABC, and 7. temperature of weatherthe Department of Defense.
  3. 3. “Oh, no!” Daisy yelled. She reached for the woman’s arm. Daisy could see her ankle had been twisted. The rain roared in Daisy’s ears and lightning flashed through the sky. Daisy reached for the woman’s arm and cried, “Lean on me! I’ll take you home!” The woman shook her head. “Get help! You’re too weak! Don’t hurt At H ollis Ma nsion (Part 4) yourself.” But, Daisy didn’t hear. She pulled the blanket from around herself and wrapped the woman in it. The rain soaked Daisy to her By Noor skin but she couldn’t care. Daisy heaved the woman until she could stand on one leg. DaisyIt was the third night of constant pounding rain, flashing lightning, supported the woman who was already blacking out from the pain ofand roaring thunder. Daisy was positive that no human being could her ankle. Daisy grabbed the woman and began to hobble towards theever sleep through such racket. Daisy rolled over in her bed for the front door. The rain blinded Daisy and it was nearly pitch blackseventh time. She looked over at her digital clock. 10:37. except for occasional bursts of lightning. Almost there, almost there… Daisy thought, breathlessly. The womanCRACK! looked thin and delicate but it was hard to carry her and the heavyDaisy bolted upright. The crack sounded like it had come from a tree. blanket. Daisy’s knees began to give out and just when she thoughtThere was one tree that was quite close to her bedroom window and she would collapse, the door appeared seven feet away from her.Daisy was positive she would die if that tree fell on the house. Daisy Daisy took a deep breath and staggered toward the door. She shovedthrew off the covers and ran to the window. She could see nothing it open and collapsed on the wooden floor. Rain began to puddle onfrom the sheets of rain that were pelting the muddy ground around the hallway floor.Hollis Mansion.A blinding streak of lightning lit up the grounds of Hollis Mansion “Mom!” Daisy yelled, weakly. “Dad! Help…”for a split second. Daisy was shocked to see a huddled figure, The woman’s eyes were shut tightly from the pain of her ankle. Daisycrouched beside the wall of the mansion. It looked oddly like Daisy’s laid her gently on the floor and closed the door. She locked it andmother, with long brown, curly hair. Daisy could not believe her looked at the mess she had made. Despite all her pain, the womaneyes. Who would be out in a storm like this? What was her mother had managed to hold onto her gardening tools and the blanket. Daisydoing? held her flashlight. She flicked on the hall light just as her mother appeared at the top of the steps. She thundered down the stairs andDaisy waited for another bright flash of lightning but she only heard ran to Daisy.thunder. “Daisy, what on earth is the matter? And who is this lady?” sheDaisy decided she had to save her mom. She threw her blanket asked, gaping at the woman lying on their hallway floor.around herself, grabbed a flashlight and ran down the hallway. She In a rush Daisy explained everything that had happened. In the midstthundered down the stairs and opened the big, heavy wooden doors of the explanation, Mr. Brick appeared too. He was stony and silentthat led to the garden. when Daisy admitted she had run outside in a violent thunderstorm. Now that it was over, Daisy began to sob about how scared she hadImmediately she was drenched by showers of rain. Daisy splashed been. Mrs. Brick splashed cold water on the old woman’s face andthrough the muddy water. The lightning blazed and thunder shook the helped her sit up. Mr. Brick began to bandage her ankle and apply antrees. All Daisy’s mind could think was I have to save Mom! I have ice pack. While they were doing this, Daisy sat in a kitchen chair andto! Daisy heart pounded as she neared the figure. watched.“MOM!” she yelled through the rumbling thunder. “MOM! Come Finally, the old woman was able to speak. “I … I thank you … so, soback! Mom!” much, young lady… I … I’m old and—” The woman stopped andThe figure did not respond. It appeared to be planting flowers. But, in accepted a glass of water from Mrs. Brick. “I… I was worried aboutthe pouring rain? Daisy couldn’t believe it. my plants and…”She dashed closer. “MOM! Stop! Forget the flowers! Come inside!” “Whoa! Who is she?”Daisy ran closer and closer to the figure. The rain blinded her and she A voice came from the top of the stairs. It was Nathan. He ran downcould barely see. The blanket was soaked. Daisy ran to her mother the stairs and hid behind his father as he peered at the worn, white-and tugged at her collar. “Come back inside, Mom! You’re soaked!” haired, mud-soaked elderly lady sitting in a chair.The hooded figure looked up. Daisy gasped. It was not her mother. It Mrs. Brick was cleaning up the mud mess by the front door whenwas an entirely different lady. Daisy began to introduce and explain about her family. “We areOh my goodness! What did you DO, Daisy!? Who were you kidding? staying her for the summer. We came here on—”What are you doing in a storm like this? Daisy thought, wildly. She “Oh, I know,” the lady interrupted. “I saw you come. Every day I sawturned around to run, but she couldn’t help staring at the woman’s you. You’re Daisy,” she pointed, “and you’re Nathan.”eyes. She looked familiar… She was a lady from one of the portraits Mrs. Brick stopped wiping up the mess and stood up, sharply. “Howin the house! Her beady eyes, her small nose! Daisy recognized her do you know this?”immediately from a picture that hung in the living room. “I live here,” the lady said. “I’ve lived here ever since my father died and my mother inherited this mansion.”The woman got up. “My, you’re wet, dear. And why are you “Wait a second,” Nathan said, thoughtfully. “Are you Eleanor Taylorscreaming for your mother?” Stone?”Daisy gulped and turned around, but the woman grabbed her by her “I am,” the woman agreed. “And how do you know, young man?”shoulders. Nathan grinned. “We read your diary.” “Ohhhh, that’s right! I was in the attic, looking for my mother’s old“I need to get home!” Daisy yelled. “I need to … I need to—” hoe when you two came charging up. You opened up my old box fullThe woman knelt and picked up her gardening tools calmly. Now of things from my room, an’ you opened my diary and quilt and whatDaisy could tell that she was covering them in a sheet of plastic so a ruckus it was!”they wouldn’t be harmed by the violent storm. Just as she was getting “Oh, I’m sorry … Mrs. Stone,” Daisy mumbled, embarrassed. “I hadup, the woman slipped and fell back. Her wrinkled face was no idea you were still alive! We, uh, wouldn’t have opened that if—”contorted with pain. “It’s all right,” Mrs. Stone smiled. “I forgive you.”
  4. 4. “You guys ready?” Zack asked. Zack was eighteen and was exactly“Just where have you been living?” Mr. Brick asked, suspiciously. four years older than me since we had the same birthday. Bruno was“In this house?” a year younger.“Oh, no, sir!” Mrs. Stone seemed to have gathered her strength after a “Ecstatic,” Aaron yawned, too tired to say or do anything as usual.tall glass of water. “I have my own place out back. I have a garden Bruno rolled his eyes at him.and a nice shed with a bed and a stove.” “I’m glad you guys have some humor right now,” Coach grumbled as“But, why?” Mrs. Brick asked, curiously. “Why not live here?” he walked over. “You better get serious during the game. These are the finals. Play hard and play well.”Mrs. Stone was quiet for a moment. Mr. Brick went to the kitchenand brought back steaming bowls of soup for everyone. We all waited for some encouraging words but none came.Finally, Mrs. Stone said, “I had no money. My son wanted me to live “What are you waiting for? Get out there and shake hands with thewith his family but I didn’t want to leave the house. So I decided I’d other team!” Coach shooed us off the sidelines and into the court.live out back and rent out the mansion. I could keep an eye on it and We walked by the net shaking hands with the other court. One guyget my money.” crushed my hand and waited to see me wince. I just smiled and“But the travel agency said no one had been in here for fifteen crushed his until his eyes flickered.years!” Daisy protested. “That was a lie!”“No, not really,” Mrs. Stone responded, cleverly. “They said no By the end of the first round, our scores were tied. During our break,family had lived there. It had just been me. I do not consider myself a Coach called us over.‘family.’ I’m just one person.” “Okay, team. You’re doing well out there. Keep it up. Uh…“Where you the one who kept sneaking into our house?” Nathan Starling… did you grow a long strand of hair or something?” Myasked, curiously. eyes widened and I touched the back of my neck. A long lock of“I was not sneaking,” Mrs. Stone said, a bit sharply. She rubbed her brown hair had snuck out. Coach, Bruno, and Zack came to aankle and winced in pain. “Before you moved in, I had brought my realization. Jordan’s, Aaron’s, and Craig’s eyes grew frantic.most treasured possessions to my cabin so you would not find them.But I had forgotten one: a letter from my father to me before he had “Star?” Coach’s eyes widened. I winced as Zack found the clip andpassed away. It was something very important and I did not want released my wig. The hair net under the wig had ripped so my hairanyone to throw it out.” spilled over my shoulders. I tried to maintain my guy voice.“Oh, I would never!” Mrs. Brick cried. “Uh… It’s not what you think, Coach-” “Don’t ‘Coach’ me! You… You lied! You pretended you were aMr. Brick looked at the clock. “Oh, wow! It’s nearly midnight. I boy!”think we should all turn in now. Mrs. Stone, we would not mind at all “Y-You wouldn’t let me on the team! I needed to do something,if you spent the night here. It’s still storming outside and it wouldn’t anything!” I shot back. Coach’s face turned red.do to hurt your ankle again.” “Get out of here, and never come back.”“Why, thank you,” Mrs. Stone smiled gratefully. “I can’t, Coach! You guys need me!” I shouted.Everyone got up and began to collect their dirty plates. Just as Daisy “We don’t need a g—”was gathering Mrs. Stone’s dish she heard from upstairs: “Yes we do, Coach. She got us up here, and she’s going to keep us upCreeeeee-aaaaak. Creeek. here. Let her play,” Zack said. Everyone else agreed.Everyone had heard it, even Mrs. Stone. “It’s against the rules, she could get us disqualified!”Mrs. Brick looked at Mrs. Stone expectantly. “Do you know of any “She could. But having only five players will definitely getother hideaways living in this house?” disqualified,” Craig countered. Couch was at a lost for words. THE END “The team needs her,” Jordan whispered. Everyone, even Coach knew that. Hit it (Part 4) “Get your wig back on, Star. If we lose, it’s on your conscience.” Coach got up and walked away. Craig put his arm around me as I let By Melanie the guilt grab onto my head. Bruno handed me my wig back and Zack gave me five rubber bands from the information desk. I smiled andFinals, I thought. I couldn’t believe our team had made it to the put the wig back on.volleyball tournament finals.“You ready, Star? Or should I say, Starling?” Point. Point. Point.Craig, my best friend, handed me my blond-spiky wig. In order toplay volleyball on the guys’ team, I had to pretend I was a guy, hence Craig and I served the winning blow.the name Starling.I smiled and took the wig from him. I clipped it on top of my hairnet. Jac k in t he Box (Part 4)“Let’s do really well tonight!” Jordan exclaimed. Jordan and Aaron, By Amandamy other two best friends, stood behind Craig. They were already intheir volleyball uniforms.I nodded, silently agreeing with them. The two other people on the Day 121 in The Box:team were already upstairs with Coach Ned. I shut my locker and Listen carefully...walked with my best friends upstairs to the court.We met up with Bruno and Zack upstairs. Bruno and Zack had been Part 3 Summary:playing much longer than us and were indeed, much better than us as Jan’s dad catches Jan befriending Jack, a female fairy. She waswell. going to be terminated, but Jan protest. Ultimately for aggravating his dad, Jack is shut into a more torturous box.
  5. 5. It’s been one hundred days since I last saw Jan. One hundred days ofpure torture. Stuck in another dank and dirty box, I barely can take Haunted? (Part 4)the waiting. A disgusting salted rag covers my mouth. Salt is By Margaretpoisonous for fairies, but in small doses, it just weakens them. I canfeel the bristles of the unyielding fabric on my tongue and feel the When we last left our heroines, they were trapped in thecold droplets of liquid hanging on the tips of my eyelashes that seals school overnight. Finally, morning is coming, and they seeshut my eyes. I cannot see or speak. All I can do is listen. the first teacher. Then Maggie notices something different. Eager to hear her theory, the girls cluster around her. They areAn annoying tapping sound has been going on for hours. Tap,taptaptap, tap, tap. Who is out there? I’m in enough torture already. tired, and their patience is thin, so they are eager to hear a Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, taptaptap. I doze between the annoying possible solution...sounds that never subside. Finally, it comes to me. The sound isrunning a rhythmic pattern. Of course! Morse code! On alert, my ears "Well? What is it?" Lottie asked.twitch. Tap, taptaptap, tap, tap. Listen... taptaptap, taptaptap, "Look at her! Shes ...smiling!" Said Maggie.taptaptap, taptaptap. Listen to...taptaptap, taptaptap, tap. Listen tome! It must be Jan! More follows. The tapping continues. I answer They whipped their heads around the corner to peer at thewith my own. Jan tells me how to get rid of the rag and liquid. My teacher. She was smiling as if someone had just told her asenses return with pleasure. We create a plan... wonderful joke. She passed by them and headed down the stairs.“Do you think she’s dead?” asked Jan. “I mean, she’s been living inthere with no food for since forever!” "Lets follow her!!" said Diana, full of never-ending energy and enthusiasm as always. They groaned, tired, but started off.My mouth turns slightly upward. It’s working! They crept down the hallway, just in time to see her go into the main office.“Nah- never. She’s too strong,” answers a Them. I deflate.“Oh, really? Do want to make a bet on that?” asked Jan. There was a quiet rush to the tiny window in the door. They“Well that would mean that we would have to open her box.” saw her talking to more of the staff, all of them laughing their“So be it,” answers Jan. heads off.The Man sighs, but agrees. He can’t refuse a challenge. Just then, Maggie sneezed. Everyone gasped and ducked, butThey approach my box. I quickly curl up into a feeble ball, feigning they were too late. One of the teachers was walking to thedead. Creeeaaak, goes the door. Through my half-closed lids, I see door.Jan and Him peeking their heads through. I wait for Him to stepinside. "What do we do?"Polly hissed. "Dont talk to them!"Emmy hissed back.“Wow, she is dead.” The Man eyes my “dead” body.“Great! Now, I’ll just-” His foot steps through the door. That’s all it The teacher stuck her head out the door.takes. I lunge- grabbing him and pinning him down on the floor. Jan "Happy Joke Week! This is the farthest its ever gone. Yes, weappears and with a screwdriver in hand, he disables Him. certainly have never had students overnight before. Good jobUnfortunately, I overlooked a detail- an alarm. It rings like an echo in keeping at it, girls- no one else had been this brave!" she said,a cave. Dang, I have to leave now, I thought. her eyes twinkling. Chuckling, she shut the door and walked“Come on, Jan! Let’s go!” away.“Um, actually Jack, you can go without me.” His brown eyes look "Joke Week?"Ellie said scornfully." We spent the nightsad, but determined. running around the school for Joke Week!?" "But wait!!" Diana said, a smile starting to spread over her“What? Why?!” I ask in panic. face."Todays only Thursday, right? So it still is Joke Week!" "Are you guys thinking what Im thinking?" Mia said.“It’s just that if I leave with you, my Dad will come after both of us.We’ll always be on the run and I know you won’t like that.” They grinned, and ran down the hall laughing.“I’ll always be running either way, you know.” Diana took charge. Maggie ran to her locker to get the sheet she had used as a toga in her Greek play. Mia grabbed her“Well...ok, it’s also because He’s my Dad. No matter how much I phone. Lottie, Lulu, and Janie, spread out the sheet andhate what He did to you, He’s still my family. I can’t leave him.” It attacked it with black markers. Ellie and Julia got the moptakes me a couple of seconds before I realize he’s really serious. from the janitors closet, and Emmy, Elise, and Polly got the flashlights. What they did with all this, we can only begin to“Fine. Good bye Jan. Maybe I’ll see you in the future.”“Maybe,” he whispers. “Good bye, Jack.” guess.I turn away from him and spread my deep magenta fey wings. Onestroke brings me to the foot of the door. Two, and I’m out. Three, andthe sky surrounds me. Free forever.
  6. 6. Driving MusicBy Lachlan Davidson From Squiggly’s Playbox online
  7. 7. 
 Wellesley Middle School is also doing this to save money, as everyone seems to be doing these days. 
 Surprisingly enough, this was a rather big event since it was in the Wellesley Townsman. Hit the web, and it’ll
 be likely people will be questioning it, and then people E‐Books
 start to not care anymore. Life isn’t actually changing. It’s that people will eventually forget about things and By
 go back to bouncing hot dogs off the floor (if the hot
 dogs are still bouncy, of course.) The reasons, I’veMillions of electronic books have been sold since they heard, for closing the snack bars so much lately are thatfirst came out. The Kindle, the Nook, and others are very maybe the employees just can’t get to work with all thepopular. The question is: Is it worth it? stress, or that they don’t have enough people to work there. Another reason could be that they are doing extraRegular books have been around forever, starting with work. Bella T. Wong (Superintendent and schoolEgyptian hieroglyphics. They have their good points committee chairman) isn’t exactly all that excited aboutagainst their modern cousin. The paper, for one thing, giving lots of information on the subject. For now, wefeels nice. The E-book is cold and hard, and breaks will just have to wait and see just what will happen.easily. Secondly, in a regular book, you can dog earpages, or open randomly and start reading (One of myfavorite things to do). And, since it’s harder to publishthem, only books that are good get published. With aKindle, anything is available. Plus, no electricity meansno charging, and no running out of power on yourtwelve-hour flight. E-books can be taken advantage of. Iknow some people, when they are supposed to bereading, actually are playing chess. No one will everknow!E-books, however, have their merits too. For one, theydon’t use paper, saving a lot of trees. Plus, there are somany books, right there, wherever you are. The thin E-book is stored easily, ready to go anywhere. And whileover a hundred dollars is considered a good price for anE-book, the books cost very little! Regular books cancost $12, but it’s only $1.50 on a Nook.Looking at the facts listed above, I think old-fashionedbooks are better than their modernized relatives.
Do you bring lunch? Do you buy it? Are you dieting?The school, of course, has a lunch vendor, but nowthey’re looking for a different one. They sent out fiverequests and three responded by the deadline. Why? It’spartially for better food. The school wants to have betterservice, better quality food, and more of a variety.