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WMS Locker ~~ Fall 2009

  1. 1. The Locker The Wellesley Middle School Newspaper Fall 2009 Women and Our Rights: We’re Still Fighting By Alice The History The first meeting that discussed women’s rights was 168 years ago in July 1848, in Seneca Falls, New York. Surprisingly, women today, even in the 21st century are still fighting for their rights about everything! In the past, women have always had less rights and career opportunities then men. Even though in the 20th century, women have earned their rights to vote and their right for a better education, but it wasn’t always that easy. Women were even sometimes considered the ‘weaker’ gender. They were said to not be able to perform tasks requiring knowledge or strength. They were left with caring for children and milking cows and washing cloths. They were wrong, because it has been proven that women have a greater tolerance for pain and live longer than men. Fighting for a Vote Women first started wanting their rights back in 1848. Elizabeth Cady Stanton even wrote “all men and women are created equal”. Women worked during the Civil war to end their suffrage, as well as for black people too. The black people got their rights but women still did not. A protest was presented in every congress meeting in 1878 but they all failed. Finally, an amendment was made in 1920, the nineteen amendment. “The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex. Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.” Contents Still Fighting Today Now, you may be thinking, hey this isn’t happening now, right? Activity Pages It’s all over. Nothing to worry about… You are wrong. A few Comics weeks ago, October 5, 2009 in Los Angeles, a woman was fired News from Wal-Mart because she asked to be paid the same as her male Stories colleagues. That is called discrimination. It’s still happening, even today. She sued Wal-Mart and got back $2 million. So girls, Sports don’t let the fact that we have to work ten times harder than guys “The Locker” is produced by to make a good living stop you. Work hard, get good grades and the current members of the WMS Newspaper Club. WMS prove history wrong that women are important!! students who would like to contribute to future editions should listen to the school Resourses: announcements for future club http://www.globalissues.org/article/166/womens- meetings! rights#WomenWorkMoreThanMenButArePaidLess Editors: Yuto and Alice http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nineteenth_Amendment_to_the_Uni Assistant Editors: ted_States_Constitution Bill, Noor, Stephanie, Melanie , and Haruki http://abclocal.go.com/kabc/story?section=news/national_world& Faculty Advisor: id=7049886 Lynne Johnson
  2. 2. Three Brick Walls The second wife, Anna, was and always has been jealous of my mother. Wanting the power for herself, trying to produce a male By Alyssa child, and creating wild experiments no one but I knew about. She tested her experiments on male monkeys and birds. Nothing would Three brick walls led to a magical world, a life with no turn out how she wanted even if they were the slightest bit human famine, disease, or distress. But too much of this world would looking. make you greedy, selfish, and friendless. Tyler Gregory learned this lesson the hard way. He was poor, selfless, and During my father’s crisis he confined himself to his room all day confused. He wanted a better life for himself. He got up at everyday leaving the second wife to control the land, exactly what four a.m, started baking loaves of bread for the day, then sat in she’d wanted. Then the tragedy happened. My father died. No one the back of his tiny shop, waiting for customers. Only three knew how, when, or what caused it. My father had started screaming when the clock chimed midnight. I had never heard a scream so came in on a good day. He gave away the rest of the bread to agonized before in my entire life. Just as surprising as his scream the homeless. He worried he would be homeless too soon. came, it stopped so immediately, that all the people in the residence NYC is not a good place to be alone. But as he was sitting in knew something was terribly wrong. The maids and the wives rushed the back of his shop on a cold December morning, he noticed to his bedside to find him turned into stone. Nobody could figure out something. As he pushed his chair back on the brick wall, it how this happened or why. However the only wife that didn’t come disappeared. He did it twice more on the other two brick walls rushing to their husband, was the second wife. and he felt the warmth of sunshine, and the smell of pastries. He was greeted by the call of birds, and rushing water. There Anna had become the Duchess. She had all the power and changed was a tiny town. He was in a dream town, that had apparently everything. Our lives were structured to how she wanted it, the food, taken and divided among the rich saving only an eighth of the been there for the five years that he was running his bakery. remaining crops for the villagers. She even controlled the amounts and gender of children. Villagers were instructed to get up at six AM, “Why I don’t believe it. It’ s the dead of winter and there in be at the fields at seven AM, farm for six hours, receive lunch and the back of my shop, bright as summer!” break for an hour, work until seven PM, returned home at eight PM after bathing time, and receive dinner. Our land had become an Tyler stayed there for three months. He ate like a king every equilibrium. night, and slept in a room the size of a one floored house. He forgot about the homeless without any bread. He forgot about The maids and servants of the Duchess were on the lucky side. They his hope that today would be a better day. In fact he woke up were served food and a home in Swan House; as long as they did as thinking that nothing would be as good as the day before. they were told. That’s what happened to me. Like I said he became selfish and greedy. He ordered, and bossed the people of the town around. The next day the tiny The Duchess had two major goals in her life. The first was to have a son. The second was to kick me out of the house. Since I’m the town started to fade. By sundown, it was almost gone. Tyler daughter of the ruler of the land, I’m supposed to inherit all the land ran to his room and fell asleep hoping it would all be back to and rule it myself. However, my father’s will was never found. normal in the morning. But when he woke up, he was in his chair, in the back of his bakery. Tyler was wondering if it was So there I lay, with possibly one or more broken ribs. “The stones are a dream. But there was a sign on the wall that read… not straight! What did you think you were doing? Making what you thought was a pathway? Did you not even look at the plan for the YOU TOOK ADVANTAGE OF YOUR SECOND CHANCE pathway? Go back to the maid’s headquarters and send another here ,SO YOU MAY NEVER VISIT IT AGAIN. to clean up your mistakes. Actually, I change my mind. Clean up your stones and do not come in to the house until you finish laying So he never did visit the tiny perfect world again. He learned the stones perfectly. You can just forget about dinner tonight!” to cope with his little apartment, and his little bakery. Great. No dinner for the third time this week. I limped back to the maids storage closet to get a shovel or something to pull the stones out of the ground. Just as I reached the closet, I heard a bang and turned around just in time to see something small come darting The Cinderella Life Part I towards my head. By Melanie To be continued in the winter edition… “What are you doing?!” One moment I was laying stones for the pathway to our house, the next I was on the ground with a 90% possibility of a broken rib from my step-mother. But living at Swan Only Jack House wasn’t always this harsh, especially for the daughter of the By Alexa owner. The last house on the dead-end street was empty and the When my mother died, my dad went into a crisis. His first wife (my people on the street planned on keeping it that way. There was mother) used to be in control over the house while my dad, the rich nothing particularly scary about the house. It was well kept wealthy owner of the land, ruled the village people with laws, and looked like the others on the street but something, a regulations, taxes, and all that stuff with economics. The second wife, lurking presence, kept the people away. Only one person had who was second in power, was second important. Then came all the ever gone in that house; a little girl named Ruby. Her story other wives, a total of fourteen. I have only one step-sister and one went something like this: Late one afternoon Ruby was brother who was sent away for education. My mother was the first and only wife who produced a son; which is also why she’s First playing catch with her two older sisters Matilda and Olivia. Wife.
  3. 3. One of the tosses went over Ruby’s head and soared onto the “Wait!” Jack said, turning towards her again, his eyes staring lawn of the house at the end of the street. deep into hers. “I have something to give you.” He tilted his head and smiled in the most devious way. “Come here, child.” “I’ll get it,” said Ruby and she headed towards the end of the street. When she reached the ball, she picked it up and just as Back at home… she turned to run back, she glimpsed movement in the upstairs window. That’s odd, thought Ruby. Nobody lives here. The “She’s still not back!” Cried Ruby’s mother as she wrung her caretaker only comes on Tuesdays and today is Friday. hands nervously. Her breathing shivered along with her voice. Suddenly, Ruby dropped the ball and ran to the front steps of “It’ll be okay Mother,” Matilda and Olivia said soothingly. the house. On the way there, the thorn from a rosebush snagged the bottom of her dress. She fell to the ground, a Suddenly, a bloodcurdling scream broke through the air. cloud of dust rising up around her. Quickly, she got up, brushed herself off, then continued running towards the door. “That sounds like Ruby!” Ruby’s mother exclaimed. A second When she reached it she turned the knob slowly, then flung later she was out the door and in the street. Matilda and Olivia the door open. No one. Cautiously, she stepped inside and were at her heels. looked around. There was no furniture, no pictures on the “It’s coming from the house at the end of the road! Oh, my wall, no nothing. Just the empty shell of a house. poor little Ruby! Someone rescue her! Help!” Ruby’s mother Ruby took a few more steps and called out “Hello? Anyone?” shouted repeatedly. “Help! Someone! Call the police!” No response came. The sound of her footsteps echoed Hearing the shouting, all the people on the street were outside throughout the house. Remembering she had seen the grumbling things like “What’s the matter?” or “What’s all the movement upstairs, she began climbing the ornate staircase noise?” or “Who’s screaming?” just as dusk settled over the sky. Halfway up the stairs, she heard a noise above her head. The attic! Ruby thought “Someone call the police! Please!” Ruby’s mother said, then excitedly and hurried up the remaining stairs. She flew up the she sank down to the ground and began to cry. “My daughter! next flight leading to the attic but when she reached to the top, She could be hurt!” She sobbed. Matilda and Olivia comforted the sight that greeted her eyes was filled with cobwebs, dust, her. and a few old boxes that were crumbling away. Then, a man came up to the group and said, “I called the Ruby walked towards one of the boxes and opened it up. Bits police, ma’am.” of the box fell off into Ruby’s hand. She threw them aside and continued opening the box. It was full of dolls of all shapes “Thank you, Ruby’s mother said softly. A few minutes later and sizes. There were boy dolls and girl dolls in clothes that the police arrived and searched the house at the end of the had long since lost their color. street. All of the sudden, Ruby heard a shuffling noise. She looked “We didn’t find your daughter Miss, only a box of dolls.” up. “Hello?” And in that box of dolls you see, was a doll that looked like a “Hello,” a voice answered. “My name is Jack. Are you here to little girl and she wore a dress with a tear at the bottom. visit me?” Even now, people still talk about what happened to Ruby. Ruby didn’t answer. Instead, she asked, “Where are you?” They blame ghosts and witches and curses, but both you and I know it was only Jack. “I am behind the box of dolls,” Jack replied. Ruby walked over to the box and found a Jack-in-the-Box sitting there. He was bathed in pale moonlight that illuminated his velvet jester’s hat and collar, his pointed chin, and his mischievous A Vanishing Act grin. By Stephanie “I didn’t see you when I looked at the dolls before,” Ruby said Chapter 1: Stolen suspiciously. Ignoring her statement Jack said, “Oh, do you like my The case was in utter ruins. Glass shards cluttered the floor, collection? It took a long time to gather all of them.” imbedding the leather pillow. There was an indent in the pillow, like it had once held something. Which was true. “That’s nice,” Ruby said listening intently. “They are very detailed,” she said to Jack. “Where did you get them?” Jack Thud, thud, thud. was silent. He looked away from Ruby, fearing she might see his expression. Ruby didn’t pursue the question further. Footsteps. Shoot. Someone would find me soon, and I’d only Instead she said, “Well, I should get going. Good-bye.” been here for five minutes-hardly enough to do some hardcore investigating.
  4. 4. “Is anyone there?” the museum guard called, coming closer. There had been a piece of wool lying on the case. Some glass Thud, thud, thud. He made so much noise the halls seemed to was imbedded in it, and it looked like it had been used to echo with it for ages. And when he reached the room I was in, punch through to the Ruby Tiger’s Eye. It wouldn’t help me it was empty. much (it’s at times like these I wish I could track scents as well as dogs could), but it was something. For now, I have My first thought as I landed on the ground below the window quite a lot of wandering to do. was, If all the guards are like that, then no wonder the thief wasn’t caught. He or she could’ve heard those footsteps a mile I found myself in an alley when the moon was dangerously away! low in the sky; I only had a few hours left. I’m not sure why I was here, but I was. Then I ran. I didn’t want to know what would happen if I was caught. It was the middle of the night, and hard to see. The The wind howled past me, whistling like an ominous warning. area around the museum was shadowed and had absolutely no A warning of what? What would happen if I went inside? I street lights, so it always looked rather haunted at night. mean, it was pretty dark, but so was the rest of town. I took a During fall, the ground would be littered with slick, wet tentative step forward so that shadows swallowed me up. leaves; I slipped on several of those. It wasn’t easy, but I managed to get away from the museum before someone could Thud. yell at me for making such a racket. I jumped. In a museum, footsteps aren’t so bad, unless it’s the ...Oh. I’m getting ahead of myself again, aren’t I? Let me middle of the night and they’re five feet away. In a dark explain. alleyway, though, where anything and anyone could jump out at you, they’re positively eerie. I peered out into the murky The morning newspaper had caused an uproar in town. It was night. the biggest one since...oh, who am I kidding; there has never been an uproar here. Anyways, it was because the Ruby A pair of eyes stared back. Tiger’s Eye had been stolen. Not the news a groggy mind I gasped, rubbed my eyes, looked again. Nothing. But if wants to hear first thing in the morning. someone-or something-had been there, they’d left something. The Ruby Tiger’s Eye is our town’s national treasure, the one A single piece of paper, folded four times. One word was thing that actually draws other people here rather then them scribbled on the outside: passing us by without a second thought. It’s a fist-sized red stone with black stripes decorating its surface. Because of its Viva. rarity, people were always trying to get their hands on it. Its original owner (who lived years and years back) eventually What does the paper say? Who is Viva? And most of donated it to the museum. Traps and alarms were set, and all...who stole the Ruby Tiger’s Eye? Find out in the winter eventually even a security camera was installed. edition of The Locker! ...The camera. Shoot! I totally forgot about it. Lucy's Thanksgiving ...Uh...where was I? Oh, yeah, the traps and stuff. Someone Megan managed to get past all of the security (again, the guards Lucy is 9. Her brother Max is 7. Max and Lucy have been would have been no help) and steal the Ruby Tiger’s Eye. And really close their whole lives. Lucy is one of those kids who I’m trying to figure out who did it. just keeps wanting new things until she has to clean her closet. I probably should leave it to the professionals, shouldn’t I? I Max is different. He is always thankful for what he has. He just can’t resist a good mystery, though, and this is the worst always with his toys until they break, so his mother doesn't thing that’s happened in our town. Ever. There always seems have to go and buy him more. Lucy always thought that Max to be a screaming siren in the air now, and panicked citizens was silly for thinking like this. Max and Lucy were on the way running to and fro. to school when Max complained of a headache. Lucy decided it was nothing and brought him to the nurse. Later, during ...I’m getting off-topic. But aside from totally forgetting about science (Lucy's favorite subject) Lucy got called to the office. the security camera, I had managed to get inside the museum She saw her mom there crying. (slipping inside after a rather careless guard), study the glass case for some two or three minutes, and even snag a "What is wrong Mom?" Lucy asked. " Lucy asked. “souvenir”. "Just come with me to the car Lucy."
  5. 5. When they got to the car, Lucy's mom told her what happened. better to do so I said yes, hoping none of the other kids from Max couldn't see when he went to the nurse. He got knocked school were there to see me hanging out with him. out and had to go to the hospital. They got there and Max was immediately diagnosed with a brain tumor. Lucy was Rob’s mom pulled outside my house and beeped her horn. I devastated. ran out carrying a towel and five dollars my mom gave me. I hopped into the car ad Rob’s mom headed off to the pool. "Where is he mom, where is Max," Lucy cried. We swam and splashed each other for a while; it was actually " He's in the intensive care unit, they are had to do surgery kind of fun. Then we got out and Rob’s mom gave us some quickly so he will get better." She said. money to buy lunch. That night, Lucy awoke in the waiting room, wondering why I walked up to the snack counter and realized I still had a she was there. Where were mom and Max? But she water football that Rob and I had been tossing around earlier remembered and sobbed and sobbed. in my hand. It was a mini football, so I ordered pizza and clamped the water football in my teeth so I could pay. Will, a "He will be okay." She kept telling herself. kid who was in my math class at school ran up behind me. Max was still in the hospital when thanksgiving came around. “Dude, gimme the ball!” He said loudly, I realized I didn’t They spent the day in the hospitals dining hall. Max decided really have a choice so I put my five dollar bill on the snack he wanted to give thanks. Lucy realized she needed to counter and reached up to my mouth for it, he was too fast. He appreciate life more. If Max could she could too. Three whipped his hand up and before I had a chance to relax my months later, Max's tumor was gone. Lucy was so thankful for grip on the ball, he ripped it out of my mouth for me. him and her mother. She really learned a lot from an unfortunate event. Lucy didn't ask for another toy that whole My mouth tasted all salty, blood. I reached up to my mouth year. Instead, she and Max donated all of their unwanted toys and felt inside. Some thing didn’t feel right. I ran into the to a foundation that helped kids in the hospital by giving them men’s changing rooms and looked in the mirror. My two front little friends. Lucy was always thankful for everything after teeth were gone and there was blood dripping from the corners that because she realized that the most important things in life of my mouth. I looked like a vampire. I grabbed some napkins cannot be bought. and shoved them in my mouth to try to absorb some of the blood. Then I ran out to ask Rob’s mom to drive me home so I could avoid further embarrassment. The Teeth Will was waiting for me as I exited the locker rooms. By Charlotte "Dude, what happened to your face?” he laughed as all his I hate summer. I don’t understand why everyone thinks it’s friends walked up behind him. I recognized them. such a big deal, the weather is mostly too hot to do any thing “You look like a vampire!” they all laughed at me. I turned and every one sat around fanning themselves, yeah, sounds away and ran towards Rob and his mom, who both looked like fun right? worried. Rob’s mom said “I think its time to go” She picked The phone rang. I was too lazy to look for a handset so I just up all our stuff and hurried off towards the parking lot. Rob pushed the speaker phone button. and I followed. I ended up in the emergency room for oral surgery most of the night. “Hullo?” I said, waiting for someone to ask for my mom or my sister. I never got phone calls. When I walked into school the next morning, I was greeted by Will, who looked almost happy to see me. “Dave?” “What’s up vampire kid?” He said so loud, I was sure “Hey” I said. everyone could hear. I glared at him as everyone around snickered and giggled. “Hey yourself.” He replied. I snickered to myself about his weird greeting. That day at lunch, as I exited the lunch line I looked for a table to sit at. Will saw me looking and said, “Yo vampire kid, It was a kid from school, Rob. Rob was a pretty dull kid. He come and sit with us!” I knew he just wanted to make fun of didn’t have many friends, but neither did I really. He asked if I me. I continued to scan the lunch room for places to sit. I wanted to go to the pool with him and his mom. I had nothing
  6. 6. spotted Rob, sitting alone as usual. I walked right passed Will, They spent a few more minutes gazing at the beautiful park when with my head held high, and sat myself next to Rob. Mrs. Horvan interrupted, “Come, girls! Let’s go! No time to waste!” Alicia, Lynn, and Myra got up. They continued tramping down the “Hey” I said. sidewalks for six minutes when Alicia burst out, “MOM! I left my purse on the bench! Oh, no! It was the one Grandma gave me…!” “Hey yourself.” He replied. I still thought his greeting was a little weird, but this time I just smiled. Lynn could see Alicia was close to tears. “I’ll go back and get it!”“Nonsense, we’ll all go.” Mr. Percy proclaimed. “Let’s go.” Mystery in New York “No, no, I don’t think so.” Mrs. Calvin said. “The restaurant is right Noor there!” “Woo-hoo!” Lynn cried, swinging her bag on her hotel bed. “I can’t “We’ll go and get it.” Myra offered. “We’ll run there and get believe we’ve made it!” it.”“Now, girls, that’s out of the question—” Mrs. Horvan cried, loudly. “I know,” Myra cried, excitedly. “We’ve arrived!” “Look, why don’t we go into the restaurant?” Mrs. Calvin said. The three girls—Myra, Lynn, and Alicia had arrived at their “Alicia, it’s just a purse—” destination: New York City! Together, the girls and their families would spend a whole week in the city, staying in a grand hotel. “PLEASE?” Alicia cried. “We’ll run there, get it, and run back. Myra and Lynn will come. We won’t lose sight of each other.” “Girls,” Alicia’s mom, Mrs. Calvin, peeked in. “Get dressed. We’re going out to dinner, okay?” “They are fourteen.” Mrs. Calvin said, looking doubtfully at the others. “I suppose. But, COME RIGHT BACK!” “Where?” Alicia cried, sighing as she unpacked her suitcase. “I brought nothing that isn’t fancy.” “We will!” Alicia smiled. The three girls raced down the sidewalk when the heard a, “Wait!” A small blond girl, age three, stumbled to “Dear, it’s only a restaurant. Not even that fancy,” Mrs. Calvin the girls. “Me lost.” She announced. smiled at her daughter’s enthusiasm. “Just get ready.” “She’s … lost?” Alicia asked, slowly. “Well, what will we…?” Lynn, Myra, and Alicia all slipped into pretty but not-too-fancy “Where will we take her?” Lynn echoed.But, Myra’s soft heart clothes. In seconds, they were outside in the brisk, dark night. “We’ll melted. “No! What can we do? She’s so cold and—” walk,” Mr. Horvan, Myra’s father, announced. “It’s not very far from The Grande Hotel. Let’s go!” “Look, we’re NOT supposed to take strangers home. What if her mother comes home?” Lynn demanded. “Really, Myra!” The party of eleven trooped down the brightly-lit sidewalk. The girls passed hundreds of flashy store signs, all that read: BARGAINS! Myra’s eyes drooped and she said softly the girl, “We’ll help you.” “Oh my goodness!” Mrs. Percy, Lynn’s mother, sighed. “Look at that “I’m getting my purse!” Alicia announced. beautiful park. It’s lit up with lights, decoration, and flowers!” But, Myra wouldn’t leave the girl. “Let’s go closer and have a peek.” Mr. Percy suggested. Finally, all four plodded into the park. Alicia ran to the bench, As Lynn neared the park she realized white, beautifully shaped angel- stunned. “It’s gone! Who would want to rob a child’s purse?” statues were resting around the park. She rushed to one angel and sat down on a bench, peering at all the sights. The dark park was filled with eerie shadows. Old, silent people sat on benches eating dinners. A few homeless sat in the empty doorways of Alicia followed and set down her purse. “Wow! Lynn, did you see shops, staring into the park. that humongous tree? It’s so big and they’ve decorated it so much! Look!” “Maybe this is the wrong bench.” Lynn suggested. Suddenly, an eerie moan echoed through the park. The girl clung to Myra’s hand. “I know!” Myra rushed over, her lilac skirt fluttering behind her. “They even stuck fake presents under the tree!” Lynn reached for Alicia’s arm to pull her home when she couldn’t find one. Afraid, she whispered, “Alicia?” then louder. “Alicia!” “Fake?” echoed Lynn. “ALICIA!” Myra cried. “Yeah. I know because my younger sister, Amelia, tried to open one. Of course, it didn’t open. Now she’s crying over there with Dad. Their friend was gone in the scary, creepy, shivering park. Alone. See?” The girls laughed. To be continued in the winter edition...
  7. 7. Chocolate Chocolate Chip Bundt Cake By Katrina From an old family recipe… Ingredients: • 1 package of fudge cake mix • ¾ a cup of Wesson oil • ¾ a cup of water • ½ a cup of sour cream • 1 package of instant chocolate pudding mix (don’t make it, just throw it in the batter) • 4 eggs • 10 oz package of semi sweet chocolate chips Instructions: Mix all of the ingredients together except for the eggs and chocolate chips. Add the eggs one at a time. Next add the chocolate chips. Then pour the batter into a well-greased bundt pan (Pam for Baking works great!) Bake it at 350 degrees for 50 minutes. Then let it cool in the bundt pan before removing. Sprinkle powdered sugar on the cake if you want that. Lastly, ENJOY!
  8. 8. Fall Word Search By: Joanna Wu F Q B W N R C U C S K A W F N C P F I G H A T W M E M O T L M T U G N Q L U W Z L T L E J B M F L T E K C A J I S C Q L I S V L C M E A B O N U R Y A U T U M N O X W Y E E K O U R R O X P P E T Q R L S U M L N T A T L A H F F N U D L G E W L Z T D Z P R S P D V S U H M J I W D F Y V B W O E C P W B V H P L P T C B Q R S X P W M S L H S A U Q S X K U R M E P T D S O H E N X E A Z M D K I R U G J K Z E J F S M M H O L J T P I N K R P K V R E B M E V O N A C P D T Z A E D A G N R F Q U V D B C J R T A I J C Y O S N C T R E E Q C V M Y D V O M S O H F G R T O U R F K X X D I U R E B H R D M R O C W H Q Z I W N X E R U U S E N O E O C B S E U H K J L S L M G P O T R D V Q I A X P I U O E E I R K H L H G I B L S J Z Q O X O A Q P B R Y D K I C U E A B C T X Q Z F R T U Q L O C V S P L T G O W X ACORN APPLES AUTUMN CIDER COLORFUL CORN FALL GOURD HARVEST JACKET LEAF MAPLE NOVEMBER TREE TURKEY OAK OCTOBER PILGRIM PUMPKIN RAKE SEPTEMBER SQUASH New WMS Locker Advice Column! The WMS question box is in the main office – feel free to write for advice in the next issue :0) Question: What should you do if you think your friends are using you because they need help with homework? ~ Used Dear Used, If you think you’re friends are just using you for homework help, don’t help them. If they say they won’t be your friends anymore, then you’ll know that they aren’t truly your friends. Hope this helps! ~ Paige Dear Used, You should see if they are really your friends and if they aren’t stop helping them with their homework and if they are, help them with their homework less often. If you can’t tell, do their homework less and see what there reaction is and that should help. ~Your friend Parker
  9. 9. Random Facts By Julian and Rishi 1. Odontophobia is the fear of teeth 2. In the average lifetime, a person will walk the equivalent of 5 times the equator Autumn 3. The most money ever paid for a cow at an auction was 1.3 million dollars Red, yellow, orange 4. A Neanderthal’s brain was larger than yours is leaves, 5. The three best-known western names in China: Jesus Christ, Come drifting to the Richard Nixon, Elvis Presley ground 6. The human heart creates enough pressure to squirt blood 30 feet Twirling slowly, 7. American car horns beep in the tone of F (road rage) falling. 8. The United States have never lost a war in which mules were used 9. The average person spends about 10,950 minutes, 182.5 hours, or Children playing, around 7.6 days a year on the toilet, assuming you are on the toilet laughing, for 30 minutes everyday Running in the cool 10. ¾ of all flights in the United States are delayed autumn air As a cool breeze whispers in the Which fact is false, in other words which is the lie? treetops. Answer: #10 The source we got this information from was www.cs.cmu.edu/~bingbin/ The smell of pumpkin pie fills the air As well as the smell Word Search Solution of burning leaves And of fires in the F + + + + R C + + + + + + + + + + + + + fireplace. + A + + + E + O + + + + + + + + + + + + + + L + + B + + L T E K C A J + + + + + + + + L + M E + + O + + + + A U T U M N Up high in the + + + + + E K + + + R + + + P + + + + + treetops, + + + + + T A + + A + F + + U + + + + + Trees with leaves + + + + + P R + P + + + U + M + + + + + and + + + + + E + P + + + + + L P T + + + + Trees without + + + + + S L H S A U Q S + K U + + + + Bend and sway in + + + + + E + + E + + + + + I R + + + + the autumn wind. + + + + S + + H O L + + + + N K + + K + R E B M E V O N A C P + + + A E + A + + + + + + + + + + + R T A + + C Y O + N + By Olivia Boyd T R E E + + + M + D V O M + O + + + R + + + + + + + + + I + R E B + R + + R O + + + + + + + + + + R + U S E N + E + C + + + + + + + L + + + G + O T R D + + + + + + + + + E + + + + + L + G I + + + + + + + + + A + + + + + + + I C + + + + + + + + + F + + + + + + + + + P + + + + + +
  10. 10. NBA 92, NL West last place Arizona Diamondbacks. The team whose closer only had 24 saves. The team whose team leader’s batting By Alex average (Justin Upton) barely hit .300. The team who was in the bottom half of the league in batting average, runs, runs allowed, As the NBA season starts I am very interested in seeing how the new ERA, and opponent batting average. Enough said. signings come out, especially the signings that happened over the off season. I think the signing of Rasheed Wallace will help the Celtics In the summer edition, I recommended that the Red Sox send a lot. As well as bringing in Marquies Daniels who can play three struggling star David Ortiz down to the minor leagues. The following diffrent positions. That gives Doc Rivers, (Celtics head coach,) a lot month, Ortiz proceeded to hit .320 with seven home runs. After of options with the lineup and allows some rest for the Celtics big hitting just .185 with one home run and 18 RBIs in the first two three including a healthy Kevin Garnett who is coming off of knee months of the seasons, he hit .264 with 27 home runs and 50 RBIs the surgery. rest of the way. On the other side of the East, the Cavs gain Shaq from Pheonix, and, Coaches always say to learn from your mistakes, which I feel I have. the Lakers resign Lamar Odom as well as picking up Ron Artest, a That’s why I say with the utmost confidence, Baltimore 24, New deadly three shooter who could be a big help to the Lakers if Kobe Orleans 20 in the Super Bowl. Bryant goes out. He is also a go to shooter when they are in need of scoring. Then there is Pau Gasol grabbing rebounds and also scoring. One other team that made there mark last season is the Home Town Achievement Orlando Magic. Before losing to Kobe and the Lakers in the Finals, they pulled a stunning upset by beating the heavily favored Cavaliers Written by Matt in the semi finals. But with all star and defensive player of the year Dwight Howard leading the way, they are a teriffic up and coming As the MLB season comes to a close, many of you sports fans have team. turned to other sports such as football and hockey. One local story this year has been the career beginnings of Wellesley native and I think that this year will definetly be full of competition. As for the former WMS student Nate Freiman who is steadily moving up the rookies, Tyler Hansbrough has some unmistakable talent, but many ranks of the San Diego Padres organization. I recently got the chance people say Blake Griffin is best. I can’t wait to see who comes out to interview the 1st basemen about how growing up in Wellesley on top. I also want to see another guy do well, his name is Stephen made his dreams come true. Curry. He has been taught by his dad, another great NBA three shooter. With his father and a great college career behind him, I wonder what impact he will have on the NBA this season. Nate Freiman grew up playing Wellesley Little League and attending the public schools. He then went on to Duke University where he majored in History, was selected 3 straight years to the All-ACC academic baseball team and led the team in 2008 with a .381 average, Sorr y, I Guess I Was Wro ng 11 home runs and 46 RBIs all in 39 games. He was drafted by the San Diego Padres in the 2009 MLB draft. This season, he produced By Jonathan the most home runs and RBIs for the Class A Eugene Emeralds of Oregon. Last year, I wrote four articles in the paper, each with strong opinions about what I thought about certain players or teams. A columnist’s When asked about his inspiration, Nate told me that he started job is to have an opinion and express it to the reader. On the other playing baseball at 5 years of age and loved it. At the middle school hand, when a columnist is wrong, he ought to say so. So . . . OK, th he played on the 8 grade baseball team under Mr. Kelton. He had a maybe I was wrong: great time on the team, and during his 3 years at WMS he had an awesome experience. Nate’s childhood in Wellesley created who he In last year’s fall edition, I wrote that the Red Sox trading Manny is today. Ramirez for Jason Bay was a highly successful trade, as Bay would turn out as a better player than Ramirez. This year, Manny batted After the high school, Nate attended Duke University and majored in .290, while Bay batted only .267. In the post-season, Manny batted History. With the preparation he got at Wellesley High School, Nate .281 with a home run and four RBIs and led his team to the NLCS, was awarded with academic accolades such as the ACC conference while Bay went just 1 for 8 without an RBI or extra-base hit as the academic honor roll. When he wasn’t playing baseball or working Red Sox got swept in the ALDS, the first round of the playoffs. hard in school, he was writing for the WMS newspaper formerly called “The Spot” or editing for the “Bradford” in high school. His In the winter edition of last year’s paper, I wrote about the then- life in the Wellesley Public Schools prepared him for great numerous reasons why Brett Favre should have retired a long time achievements at Duke. ago. I argued that Favre threw too many interceptions (1 to 1 touchdown to interception ratio, throwing 22 of each last tear) to be a Nate’s message to kids today is that whatever you’re doing “is starting NFL quarterback, never mind a star. This year, through week supposed to be fun” and that “if you’re not having fun, it’s not worth six, Favre’s touchdown to interception ratio is 6 to 1, as he has it.” He has lived by this and look where he is now. You can follow thrown at least one touchdown in every game, totaling 12 Nate’s career on the San Diego Padres websites and the official site touchdowns to just two interceptions. Favre completion percentage is of the Eugene Emeralds. at 69.7 % (third in the NFL), the highest it’s ever been, including  1996, the year his Packers won the Super Bowl. The Vikings are 6-0, just one of four undefeated teams and one of two six win teams in the Bibliography NFL, and are second in the NFL with 189 points scored. Nate Freiman Bio - Duke University Blue Devils | Official Athletics Site - GoDuke.com In the spring edition, I wrote predictions for the 2009 baseball season. Eugene Emeralds: Home My World Series champion: the Arizona Diamondbacks. Yes; the 70-